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  1. The Simply Heavy Preset Pack. This pack includes 5 presets using my favorite and go-to amp models, stock helix cabs and minimal fx blocks. This pack was designed to fit in the mix using the various cabs and mic selections we have within our helix devices and because of that, they will all work on all of the Line 6 Helix family of products including Helix Rack, Helix Floor, Helix LT, as well as the HX Stomp variants.
  2. One of my biggest musical inspirations and a personal hero of mine is Devin Townsend. In this video, we explore a tone I created in the Line 6 Helix rack inspired by Devin and his sound.
  3. Another long one for you guys. I go ahead and demonstrate how I would build a Metal Tone from scratch, right inside of the POD Go. We also create Snapshots and integrate an external pedal (Horizon Devices Precision Drive)
  4. I got my hands on a Line 6 POD Go and this thing rips. It uses the same Helix amp modeling technology. Although it has some limited routing and output options, I'd say for about 90% of use cases, this is the perfect piece of Helix gear.
  5. New video up on the channel! Jinjer has quickly become one of my favorite bands and in this video, I attempt to sound like Roman, their awesome guitar player, using the Line 6 Helix and of course, OwnHammer Impulses.
  6. Hey gang, today we shootout 8 High Gain Amp models inside of the Line 6 Helix Rack using the same Ownhammer impulse ( OH 412 TRAD V70 121-00 )
  7. Hey gang. I get a lot of questions regarding Impulse Responses (IR) Stock cabs, What IRs to use, the cost of IRs etc. so I found a couple good, FREE packs, made a metal tone, tracked a few riffs and walkthrough it all. Hopefully, it helps someone. Have a great Monday!
  8. Good morning fellow Helix users. I created a video on which I demo and walk through a metal tone using stock cabs (no IRs) geared towards low and drop-tuning (using my Solar Guitars baritone). I hope it helps someone find their sound. Cheers
  9. New VIdeo up on the channel! Finally got around to an overview of my Killswitch Engage tone. Thanks for all your patience on this. When I started the channel, I got on a roll with other videos and left some of these tones behind so it's been fun going back and finishing up the overview. Cheer!
  10. After far too much procrastination, I've finally gone back and done a tone overview video on my Metallica - Dream No More tone with the Helix. Thanks to all my patient pals for politely asking me to get this done. This is for you guys. Hope you all are well in Helix land
  11. I finally got around to going over my Foo Fighters tone! Only like a year late. Thanks for the CONSTANT reminders, offers for money and begging to get me this done. Here it is gang.
  12. Hey gang. I posted a video on how I approach building a tone for low and drop-tuned guitars. It's long but I'm hoping it can be helpful to some people as I do get a ton of questions on the topic. Cheers!
  13. I’ve had a blast getting to know my newest guitar Of course, the Helix slays low tuned metal tones with ease. Cheers my Dudes and be well!
  14. After jamming on some Hatebreed (Looking Down the Barrel of Today), I came up with this tone. In the video, I run through a track I recorded with said tone and also walk-through the tone.
  15. Ok, I realize it isn't as low-gain as most would like but for me, it's pretty low gain. Pretty articulate and gritty. I love it and was inspired. Made a video about it with a play-through and a walk-through of the tone. Cheers gang!
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