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Found 14 results

  1. Here are a few presets from my Modern Metal pack to try. This preset is based off of the Driftwood Purple Nightmare. Must use included custom IR FULL PACK AVAILABLE HERE HELIX NIGHTMARE DEMO
  2. Hey all, So I posted a video on my Youtube Channel showcasing 5 different high amps in the HX stomp So for all the presets, I start off with either a Hedgehog 9, a Super Overdrive or an Mintour. THe hedgehog 9 does the best job in tigthening the low end. For the Cabs, I have fallen in love with using two cabs - for all the sounds and tones in this video they are pretty much Celestion V30 Orange 2x12 IR mixed with an Orange Creamback 2 x 12 or something else. at the end of my chain, I always add a legacy room reverb, for that room ambience :) Most of these amps are on stock settings :O. With the Cali Mark IV Lead, Both Gains are on 9, Bass is 0 (have a play with going up to 2 as I have it set on 2 for lead) Mid is on 5 and Treble is 7. Then its the classic V setting which I am always fiddling with depending on my mood. Some of this info isn't in the video (like the settings on the Mark IV) Anyways here's a link:
  3. Hey gang, today we shootout 8 High Gain Amp models inside of the Line 6 Helix Rack using the same Ownhammer impulse ( OH 412 TRAD V70 121-00 )
  4. Hello Line6 People ! I'm using PODFarm for several years now and i had the idea to share you my last work with PODFarm 2, Here is the link for my new video about my high gain preset and all my settings: I hope u'll like my work and may it help some PODFarm users, let me know what do you think and feel free to ask me if you want to know anything more. here the download link for the preset: Bye guys ! Pat
  5. Hi everyone. I hope you are all well and keeping safe in these troubling times. So I have been creating my own patches and I really enjoy it. However, I have been encountering some problems. There is 2 of them: Wet effect ducking. I am experiencing this with both my reverb and delay and I have no idea how to stop this from happening. When I go to my higher gain tones I get a very weird fizzy/zing noise. Anyone know what this might be? Please see the link for examples of this happening: EDIT: The patches are on the drive as well. Thanks in advance, Alexander
  6. Hi! I've recently bought a Helix Lt and I'm trying to make some settings, but I'm finding something curious in every one I made. I tried with Line6 Badonk amp + cab but when I palm mute I'm hearing a strange noise on the background while the volume is going down and then I added a noise gate, but still hearing that. Then, I tried with Archetype Lead and Revv Gen Red/Purple or even a Mandarin 80 and the noise is still there... The only way I've found to manage the noise is setting up a Hard Gate but it cuts the sound a lot... any idea? I let you here a clip that I recorded to show the problem: SoundCloud - Noise (recorded with Guitar direct to Helix LT, with input noise gate at Threshold -48dB, decay 10ms, Guitar In-Z Auto + Scream 808 with 0 gain, 6.5 tone, 10 level and Archetype Lead stock settings + Cali V30)
  7. Hi. First of all, sorry for possible bad english. I am about to buy helix along with some kind of speakers. I know that there are tons of topis related to speakers to use with helix but most of them are old and dont answer my specific doubt (actually most dont aproach dialing tones with recording in mind). My band have a pair of JBL EON615. I guess they might be good to dial tones to use live(most places i play already have a PA system with floor monitors) but i am not sure if tones to use live will translate well to record. For recording purposes i guess studio monitors with speakers of 5'',6'',7'' or 8'' are better suited.. am i right? if so, Could you give me some recommendations of something around $400? And the other way around would work well? i mean... tones dialed to record could be used live with good fidelity? It seens way to much effort in having to dial each patch twice. One for live use and other for recording. Finally..... Am i just thinking to much? i could just dial tones in the JBL and then record with them and the results would be good? Thank you in advance for the help
  8. I've been watching people set up some high gain tones by putting a pedal before the amp with the drive turned almost all the way down and the volume/bright all the way up. I have mostly seen this done with tube amps. Not sure about solid state. Either way, has anyone tried setting something up like this on the HD500X? If so, what do you guys think? Does it work about the same?
  9. I just ran through the 5 new mono reverbs with a very basic high gain setup: Rectifire (Gain 7.5, Master 10.0, Channel 5.0) -> Mono Reverb -> XXL Cab Had reverbs set at 50% mix with decay set very high at 9 (which should be a pretty heavy amount of verb). There is almost no audible reverb even with the mix at 50% (the only exception being PlateauX where you can hear a bit of distant harmonics). This is the exact same problem I posted about the original reverbs, something isn't right with the way the Helix reverbs interact with high-gain setups. If I turn down the gain, the channel volume, and the master volume of the amp (which is obviously a much cleaner tone).... then I hear a lot more reverb with the exact same reverb settings. So it seems as though the high-gain amps are overpowering the reverbs and even the level setting (+6dB) can't make up for it. Help!!!
  10. Hello Helix users! First time post for me. I wanted to give some feedback on amp models I have encountered. Maybe some of you can relate! For reference, here's my current setup: ESP Eclipse (EMG 81/60) Signal chain: Guitar --- ISP Decimator ProRack G (pre) --- Helix --- ISP Decimator ProRack G (post) --- Mesa Boogie Stereo 2:50 Power amp --- 4x12 Stereo Cab (Celestion V30s) For my setup here, I am primarily using the preamp models, so the majority of my feedback here is surrounding them, though I feel the full amp models are reflected in a very similar way. Topic 1: The Cali IV Lead Gain/Drive - I'll preface this by saying I am a current Mark V owner, and have played various other Mesa Boogie Mark Series amplifiers. The gain saturation I am able to achieve from the real amplifiers is far more than the model is capable of. Seeking that Hetfield chug tone, I should conceivably be able to go straight from the guitar into a Mark IV and have all the gain necessary to get that tone, without having to put an overdrive in front of it (especially with active pickups). Overdrives, even with the tone control all the way down make the sound just a bit more tinny and thin. I have a good work-around right now, putting the Minotaur pedal in front with very low gain/tone, and turning the Lead Gain and Drive all the way up in the preamp model. Also, I've EQ-ed the crap out of it. To get that sharp bite I'm looking for, for boogies it's common that you must turn the bass control down, and adjust accordingly in the post EQ, which I've done. However, the Cali IV Lead model (in my humble opinion) should have loads more gain available to it that would be on par with say the "Line 6 Electrik" model. I'll finish this by saying that despite this one criticism, the Cali IV model sounds and acts SPOT ON to a Mark IV. Really impressed with it overall. And for anyone wanting to achieve that signature Boogie Hetfield tone (I would say the best representation of what I'm talking about is the song "Breadfan"), here's basically how I did it: Minotaur Pedal - Gain 1, Tone, 1, Level 6 Cali IV Lead - Lead Gain 10, Lead Drive 10, Bass 0, Mid 5, Treble 8, Master 3, Five Band EQ is all flat, except for 750hz at -8.0, and 2200hz at +2.0 Parametric EQ - 80hz +12.0, 240hz -5.0, 795hz -8.0 Everyone knows that taking out 750-800hz will get that scooped sound, but adding on that, if you dial down the 240hz range, it sculps the deeper bass to emerge ever more prominently, resulting in a very thunderous thump for all of your galloping desires. Also, the overall tone is still maintained very full, as only very specific frequency ranges are tweaked. Just my experience. Topic 2: All High Gain Models Are Muddy - After playing around with most of the high gain models, I've come to realize that I'm really only satisfied with the Cali IV (as mentioned above), and the Line 6 Electrik models. Reason being, on all of the other ones, to include the Rectifier, JCM800, 5150, and Soldano Lead, the higher the gain is turned up, the more muddy the bottom end turns into. Now, I own a Dual Rec, and have played on a JCM800 and 5150, and know that the bottom end of those amps is as sharp as a knife. I am aware as well that the Master control in these amp models has a direct effect on the tone of the amps. However, no matter where I have it set on any of them, it turns to muck when the gain goes up. I have also experimented with using amp blocks instead of preamp blocks and found there is little difference in regards to this specific issue. Granted, with the setup I have described above, it makes sense to use the preamp models, but at low/night time volume levels, the amp blocks sound good through my poweramp and cab as well. I really look forward to any comments the community would like to share about my topics, as well as any feedback the Line 6 staff/techs may feel compelled to share. Thanks! Mike
  11. So I was just playing around with a very basic path, trying to see where the reverb sounds best (before cabinet, after cabinet, etc.). Using this basic path setup: Amp > Reverb > Cabinet [For the test, I was using the Hall reverb with 8.5 decay and 45% mix settings.] When I use the US Deluxe Nrm amp with low gain (4.0) and cranked channel/master volumes, it sounds great... nice rich reverb. You can distinctly hear the decaying sound after you stop playing. But when I change only the amp to the Line 6 2204 Mod (with gain at 8 and channel/master volumes at 10), there is almost no reverb sound at all (with the exact same reverb and cabinet settings). There is a very slight amount of reverb, but you definitely cannot hear the decaying sound like the cleaner amp. Something really strange is happening to the reverbs on high-gain amps that are cranked... it's almost as if the reverb disappears! This completely explains why I've had so much trouble trying to get my reverbs to sound normal (I'm a high-gain junkie). Please try this out!
  12. Hello to all, Rather than tack on to an existing thread I would like to start something new. First off I would like to say I love my Helix. I've been a huge Line 6 fan since the original red kidney bean POD. Now, so we are all on the same page here, I'm using the latest available Helix Rack firmware v2.12 and the Factory 1 Set List patch 02C Brit 2204. I can hear considerable noise, at least compared to other, lower gain / cleaner type sounds, just by plugging in a guitar. Explainable to a degree because that factory patch has no noise gate of any kind. However, when the guitar is plugged in and volume on guitar, and helix, and helix patch volume are all up, the noise volume gets worse depending on which direction I'm am facing while holding the guitar (touching strings / metal). As if there is some environmental and highly directional interference...coming from a wall (!). It is not relative to my position or orientation with the Helix itself. No other computers / electronics, or florescent lights of any kind powered on nearby. I can relocate my Helix rack, power amp, cabinet, etc. But if, for example I point true north the noise gets unbearably loud. If I rotate in position the noise level varies and sometimes disappears altogether. I've tried all new cables: guitar patch cables, XLR cables from Helix to power amp, speaker cables from power amp to 4x12. I've tried multiple guitars with all types of pick-ups, Multiple power amps. Tried the ground lift switch on the back of the Helix. I've tried separating the power cables to different circuits (Helix and power amp), tried all to the same circuit with, and without my Furman power conditioner in line. Tried lifting the ground on the power amp with a three to two prong converter. Nothing helps reduce the noise or change the behavior. Again only for certain higher gain sounds. I understand higher gain raises the noise floor. However I have real 2205, close to the amp modeled in that patch, and the noise on the real amp is no where near the level heard on the Helix. So my question is, what exactly is the source of this problem and how do I keep my higher gain Helix patches from bleeding too much noise without clamping the noise gate down to the point where notes are cutoff prematurely? NOTE: The phenomenon happens to me in multiple venues / locations but not everywhere, hence why I believe it to be environmental. Looking for electronic gurus or people who've most likely dealt with and solved this type of problem this in past. Please help if you can. looking for a solution or at least some ideas, things to try, etc.
  13. I play very little high gain stuff in the band but have noticed that when I do need a tone more saturated than my usual crunch I struggle to get it to cut through. I am using an JTV-VDI-HD500-L3m as the rig. I seem to get the best results with the Treadplate but I would be interested to see how you guys set up the patch to cut through. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all, I've been using my HD500 live for about two years now and I've been tweaking (and tweaking... and tweaking) my high gain patch since day one. I've read tons of online discussions (many of them right here in this forum) and guides about how to get good high gain tone out of your POD HD... like this one for example: This guide is extremely informative, but since I'm not a sound engineer it's, frankly, a bit over my head. I've got a much simpler guide to getting an organic high gain sound (mine is dialed in to sound kind of hair-metal-ish) that I recently put up on my blog: Theres also a link to download the latest incarnation of the patch that I use live, straight into the PA. Multiple sound guys have told me that I've got the best direct sound they've ever heard, so I think I'm doing something right at this point. I hope this helps some folks out there in POD-land who've been having trouble with dialing in hard rock and metal tones. Dan Vuksanovich
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