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    Using the talent God's given me to make much of Christ, composing and recording music, theological studies, learning.
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  1. I've been watching people set up some high gain tones by putting a pedal before the amp with the drive turned almost all the way down and the volume/bright all the way up. I have mostly seen this done with tube amps. Not sure about solid state. Either way, has anyone tried setting something up like this on the HD500X? If so, what do you guys think? Does it work about the same?
  2. That made me chuckle. I use and Ibanez Iron Label equipped with Fishman Fluence Moderns.
  3. So, amps, studio compressor? This sounds fun. I noticed that a lot of the presets I grabbed were setup strange. They put a lot of fx before the amps and so I was going to dabble with it and set some patches up as a real world setting (dist pedal with gain down and output all the way up before the amp).
  4. I have an HD500x and I have some presets I got from customtone and enjoy making some of my own. The problem is that when I get one I like, I switch to another and sometimes, the volume is quiet a bit different. Is there some way I can monitor the volume with some kind of meter so that I can have my tones be balanced?
  5. https://youtu.be/4c8C7Ccs4gY Jim was using a custom Tele with P90 pups I think... It sounds like a gritty amp that has clarity and backed up by a clean tone.
  6. I wanted to use a microphone with my HD500X. Is it possible to have my guitar with effects setup on it and have a microphone that doesn't have any effects on it? I wanted to try to do this at church to make things easier. I have tried this before, but my mic was gainy and odd on my distorted effects. Thank you guys!
  7. Thank you! There's an artist I like that has some tones available for the HD500X and I wasn't sure if they'd carry over. Now I have a method to try.
  8. I want to get some tones that were made for the HD500X and put them on my HD500. Is this possible?
  9. I think I got it. I had to login to my CE account online and then go to the Allowed/Block List and then add line6.com to it. I thought that page only pertained to a page that would fail to open in regards to inappropriate material. Nope. It pertains to being able to open at all so I can go add pages to there as needed. Very interesting.
  10. I was hoping there was some way I could have a way to level in a broad sense where I can adjust as needed on the fly. You mean I have to work?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Okay.
  11. I noticed that when I get new patches from CustomTone, some are significantly more loud than others and it's not for lead and such. I would like the option to use these clean tones alongside each other with the same volume level (not including the lead tones which should be louder). Is there a way I can have this hooked up and check the volume level on the patches and adjust them accordingly with a visual tool? I was thinking of using Reaper to test this out, but I wasn't sure if there was a better option.
  12. I can, but I'd have to get a hand with it from one of my accountability partners. I don't mind doing that, but I imaging this will happen with other things like Superior Drummer and Reaper plugins when I get to do that more. I want to try to find a way without disabling. I've read you guys and you all know your stuff so I figure we can find a way or something to suggest to Covenant Eyes to address.
  13. Drop Box seems to work just fine so far. Do you have a method to set those settings as trusted sites? I may be doing it wrong.
  14. I use an internet accountability software called Covenant Eyes. I was on Windows 8 but found numerous posts that that is the problem. I upgraded to Windows 10 but couldn't get into my gmail after that. I found that CE was blocking my ability to get into my gmail. When I looked at the developer tools, I found that CE had determined that the page wasn't secure and thus blocked it. When I go to the software I'm trying to download from Monkey, I find that I can get all but updated drivers and flash memory due to the same security issues. I get the following message: Apache/2.4.20 (FreeBSD) OpenSSL/1.0.1s-freebsd Server at line6.com Port 80 When this happened with another site, I added that page to the trusted sites in the proxy settings but it didn't work. I don't have the option of uninstalling CE nor do I want to. Do you any of you have any pointers on how to have Line 6 be a trusted site? Thanks.
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