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Found 8 results

  1. ddmilne


    This is a shout out to Line6 concerning the Helix. You did a great job in setting up the interface so that it could useful and intuitive with scribble strips and tons of other ground breaking options. But, it is clear from the thousands of complaints about "apparent digital clipping", "fizziness", bright pick attack, which are all elements of the same problem, that fixes need to be forthcoming. I would like to stay with and buy outright the Helix if these things are fixed. Presently, I have one that is being rented to me so that I can see if it is going to work for me before I put out 2000.00 dollars. Now I know some of you on the forum see this as complaining , but I just spent almost 60 Hours over the past week and a half learning how to get near good tones without getting there. I did everything that was recommended and followed the most popular experts on youtube. Still the problem is there. LINE6 Please, look at this issue and see if improvements can be made. Regards
  2. I know this has been commented on in other threads, but I want to reiterate and give my point of view. One of the characteristics of this device is to imitate the sound of the original amplifiers point by point, its characteristics, its advantages and its problems have been imitated. But when I use a half-gain or a clean amp and I add a distortion pedal, I can hear some sort of shirt surrounding the main sound. An artificial coating that sounds digital and does not look exactly like the wake that real amplifiers leave. It is a bit ugly effect that is hidden in high gain amplifiers or when you are playing very often and fast, or over music and with other instruments. It is heard by any of the available outputs including USB. I leave here a few tests that I have done to listen to them and tell me if it is what is expected of Helix, and I am freaking out. Or is it true that digital distortion is … waiting for it to be solved in a new firmware update. Thanks in advance ;) https://soundcloud.com/wabicabanias/pruebas-helix
  3. Friends , I describe my problem . 5 months ago that I have the POD HD500 , and I have a hard time getting the tone I want. I have read , countless post on this forum and I reread a thousand times Meambobbo excellent guide . My two guitars have pickups Bill Lawrence XL500 . The problem is that the tone I get is " fizz " and heard in my recordings a little " break " or distortion . I set my presets with the main entrance " Guitar " and the second entry as " Variax " . Pad switch does not seem to do much. No digital clip between modules, and I hear the fizz at very low levels . Disconnecting all amps, cabs and effects blocks, NO saturation hear the sound of my guitar. I have placed in my presets up to 4 parametric equalizers , filtering frequencies that produce fizz . The truth is that I do not find solution . I have the latest drivers and the latest firmware installed on the POD . Also, I reflashead the unit several times and nothing happens. I tested with several preset I downloaded from Custom Tones, and I see that I still have the same problem , including , I turn up the gain to most of these presets , because in my pod are heard without gain. I really do not understand. I see people on Youtube that get amazing results in your recordings , but when I download your presets , I do not sound the same way. I'm not a neophyte in technology , but it really is costing me get the tone I'm looking for ( hi -gain tones to modern metal "spongy" ) . I would appreciate any indication you can give. Thank you very much from now. (Sorry for my English)
  4. I'm trying to migrate to the Helix from my HD500X, and am not able to get rid of the overtly fizzy top end when inserting a distortion effect. I've seen mention of fizzy high-end in some of these threads, but I've not found a solution that mitigates the issue when using the Helix as a front-end stomp-box-type pedal feeding an outboard guitar amp. To simplify things on the Helix, I've got a chain with ONE module - the Valve Driver Distortion. On my HD500X I used a Tube Drive. Both of those effects are intended to mirror the Chandler Tube Drive. I'm taking a mono 1/4" Out from the Helix, and sending that to the front of my '65 Fender Deluxe Reissue amp. I do the same with the HD500X, and swap the output of each unit feeding the front of the amp. - On the HD500X, I've got the Input Impedance set to AUTO, and have set the Helix Input to the same. - On the HD500X, I've got the Guitar Pad on NORMAL, and have set the Helix Guitar Pad to OFF. - On the HD500X, I've got the 1/4" Out set to AMP, and have set the Helix 1/4" Out to INSTRUMENT. That is it. Squeaky clean simple - or so I would think. Distortion settings on the 2 units are the same (though, for some reason the HD500X has Midrange control for its Tube Drive (set at 50%). Drive, Bass, Treble and Output are set identical between the HD500X and the Helix. There is an overt amount of top end fizz and splat coming from the Helix when using a Distortion effect. Clean sounds seem to be OK. I've tried different Distortion effects, and all produce the same high end characteristic. It's like plugging an MXR Distortion+ directly into a mixing console. I'm at a loss in determining how to mitigate the issue.
  5. So I was one of the fortunate ones to get a Helix as soon as it came out. The UI and the way to really get under the hood to make patches was a bit over my head, but out of the gate I had some pretty great sounding tones. Then came a bad software update and some glitches and my unit was replaced - Kudos to Line 6 for incredible customer service. Here's the problem, and maybe someone here can help me because I am at the point of sending this thing right back to Sweetwater. My original unit sounded great. Patches sounded big and real. On my new one, EVERYTHING sounds like the first Zoom multi Fx pedal I ever owned. Everything except the cleans sound super fizzy and plastic. I've tried rolling off highs, changing mics and placement, but nothing is working. I've used it on a few gigs and it's just awful. Any advice? Thanks
  6. I've tried a lot of pickups over the years. Seymour Duncans, Dimarzios, Joe Bardins, EMGs, and of course various Fender and Gibson pickups too. For a long time I settled on the DiMarzio Super Distortion. btw - Even though I play in a Black Sabbath Tribute band I just go for a high gain tone, not trying to tone match. I use Jackson Guitars and Marshall Amps with the PODHD acting as a PreAmp into the FX returns. A friend brought his Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature SG to one of my gigs and asked if I would try it out. I did a quick level check and made sure it wouldn't squeal then we kicked in. Wow - was the only thing I could think of. The pickups were friggin' amazing. Turned out they were the new Gibson Tony Iommi Signature Pickups. I did a little research and from what I could find, Gibson was working on a new set of high gain pickups then as an after thought they named them the TI Signature pickups. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is all the little things I didn't like in my tone were gone. I now had what I'd been searching for. Thick, rich, sustainy tone and no unwanted feedback or micro-phonics. And no hint of fizz either... I'm not trying to tell anyone to use this particular pickup. What I'm trying to say is maybe you need different pickups than what you have if you can't find the tone you're looking for. Also the capacitor values on the tone knob can make a big difference too. But that's another topic and this one is already too long. What pickups do you use ? What type of tone do you typically use ? Hi-gain, Blues, Clean, Country, Jazz ? Not the best recording but gives you an idea of the tone. https://youtu.be/r0ZRJ9tKzfQ
  7. Hey everyone, I've had my POD HD500X for just over a year now, and until now, I've been really happy with it. The problem is, over the last week or so all my clean and distorted, direct/studio AND straight-to-amp patches all have a horrible fizzy sound to them. It sounds like digital clipping, but I've gain-staged all my patches well and set up my inputs and outputs how they're supposed to be. I just updated the latest Firmware as of today (The one that fixed the tuner problem), but there is still no change. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, did you manage to get it fixed? Thanks in advance!
  8. On any distorted patch out of my HD500, I hear a sort of secondary distortion on top of the tone. It could be described as a digital clipping sound. I thought it was subtle at first, now I can't un-hear it. It's on any patch where there's distortion, whether it's an effect before or after the amp, or just an amp with the drive up enough to get some crunch. It's not the guitar, input levels, output, etc - my trouble-shooting has been very thorough. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my unit, but today I went and tested a second HD500 fresh out of the box and it sounded exactly the same. Line6 support has reviewed this sound clip and says they think this tone sounds good, that the sounds I'm hearing are an intentional part of the modelling. Forgive the lackluster playing: https://soundcloud.com/potential178/pod-hd500-unwanted-distortion I found this video as well, and I hear the same "digital clipping" distortion on his tone between 0:10 and 1:00: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tM2tP2w0s3Y#t=10 So, I'm wondering what you think of this tone. Does it sound fine to you? Do you hear the second level of distortion I'm referring to? Do you hear this on your own unit? Thanks in advance for your input!
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