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  1. Ok making some progress... This video helped a lot - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ9v7SCCt_c#t=328 I'm attaching some tones I was messing around with last night. Curious to hear thoughts... Definitely some improvement. https://soundcloud.com/aryeh-kunstler-1/sets/helix-tone-project
  2. I use in-ears live on my gigs almost nightly. The signal I get is a direct through from the board. No processing. I make my patches through my in ears (JH 5's) so it's exactly the same when I'm playing live.
  3. Don't get me wrong - the sounds are not bad... for an old Boss unit. For a $1,500 pedal board, these sound mediocre at best. Mp3 is attached
  4. I spent all morning going through this stuff. Followed everyone advice. This sounds like crap. I'm not sure what they're doing in the videos or what I'm doing wrong, but a pedal at this price point should take this much aggravation to get some decent sounds at the least. And yes - I read that Line 6 wants it to sound REAL - so all the real factors of micing an amp etc. come in to play, so I've messed with EVERYTHING and I have some mediocre sound programmed.
  5. I'll definitely give these things a shot. But this should be sounding good already. At this price point, there's no reason I should even have the option to have tone this bad...
  6. Thanks for responding - the cleans are not what I'm having an issue with. I will check the outputs and post some patches. I'm using an EBMM LukeIII HSS What should the outputs be then?
  7. So I was one of the fortunate ones to get a Helix as soon as it came out. The UI and the way to really get under the hood to make patches was a bit over my head, but out of the gate I had some pretty great sounding tones. Then came a bad software update and some glitches and my unit was replaced - Kudos to Line 6 for incredible customer service. Here's the problem, and maybe someone here can help me because I am at the point of sending this thing right back to Sweetwater. My original unit sounded great. Patches sounded big and real. On my new one, EVERYTHING sounds like the first Zoom multi Fx pedal I ever owned. Everything except the cleans sound super fizzy and plastic. I've tried rolling off highs, changing mics and placement, but nothing is working. I've used it on a few gigs and it's just awful. Any advice? Thanks
  8. Now - helix stays on the startup screen saying version 1.02.2 - but it never updated. This is ridiculous.
  9. No I'm on Mavericks. I got it to show up but the update failed and now I'm stuck in update mode.
  10. Having an issue updating. Helix is not coming up now in the line 6 updater and when i click the download it just keeps duplicating itself. Im on mac
  11. Arrow269


    Yup. On the patches I made, engaging the wah caused the the volume to completely cease. On all patches. Only way to fix is to restart.
  12. I toggled between mic and line. This wasn't a case of clipping. There was a ton of white noise along with the signal.
  13. Arrow269


    I had that with the wah on my gig tonight.
  14. Maybe it's me - but I've been using it live for the past three nights. Tonight, when I clicked the wah, I lost all volume on all my patches. Only way to get sound back is to restart...
  15. Using the helix live for the first time tonight and we went straight to the board with the XLR outputs and there was just a ton of white noise coming in with the signal. Changed cables, inputs etc. Went 1/4 out to a di and signal was clean. Any advice? Is my unit bad?
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