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  1. Attached are my longstanding Reaper I/O selections, I have been using it as such :) Helix acting as my sound card, still no USB 7 dry signal. I appreciate the input! I have been exhausting every possible resource I can before I spend the money I have to. :) Hilariously enough, I was gonna respond to this about 7 hours ago but they shut my internet off lmfao. I think you can see why a technologically less-inclined broke musician might seek assistance in a user support forum before opting to spend money that may or may not even solve the problem (according to half the forum posts involving this fuzz sound from 2015 till now). Especially with so many posts about Fizz and Hiss on this site. It all makes sense. I was merely asking for everyones opinion. You guys assume the worst in the user I can tell, but I am very luck to have plenty of safety nets and work arounds that'll get the job done and hey - if it doesnt work out, the gig doesnt work out! Id rather have a roof over my head. Regardless, I have a certified repair shop to stop by after work today. I definitely will be posting again when I know more to help provide some insight to whomever else may be searching the internet for answers. I hope yall have a nice day!
  2. It also appears that the USB 7 recording input selection that gives a raw DI sound isn't putting out any signal. I've contact Line 6 and I found a local repair man. You guys are totally right, it might still be under warranty. I'm gonna try to locate as many bugs as I can.
  3. Dang, well at least you've saved me some time. Honestly, he had a nice house, smelled good and looked like he had a wife and kids. He had a lil in home studio so I didn't even think of that lol. I registered it on 6/11/20 but I guess its time to contact support. To be honest, I've been spending long hours playing guitar and jamming out on it lately despite the wild fizzing it sometimes makes and life has been a bit rough. I wanted to exhaust all options before potentially having to ship it out for a month (or however long it takes to go and come back). It makes me happy and I'll miss it lol. I appreciate the guidance ~
  4. Bought this Helix Rack and Control used about a year ago (unemployment), and have no record of any of its original purchase. I read that that should opt me out of the warranty? I just barely cleared rent, so not really any chance at paying a technician! A lot of the gear I have I've either salvaged, traded for, or worked a bunch to save enough. I'm a stagehand and with the Delta variant oncoming, I don't have a lot of future employment, but I'm doing my best. Background: This sound I am experiencing happens regardless of the things plugged into or out of it. It also appears to get worse over time once I start hearing it. I live in a very small appt with someone who doesnt like noise so theres no chance at using external monitors. My live gear lives in my vehicle. Right now, there is nothing plugged into the 1/4in or the XLR out. There only plugs are: Guitar -> Guitar In. Headphone out -> Headphones. Helix Control -> control port. Power AC cable, USB -> Laptop. The selection joystick also went out so I have to use a computer to select and place pedals. It still fizzes out. I use distortion pedals -> amp -> Cab sim. However, I have heard the fizz sound start to happen without amp blocks or cab blocks in the chain. Global parameters- Guitar pad is usually on, though off makes no diff. Headphone monitor set to 1/4 (out of Multi, 1/4, xlr, and like 1/4 + xlr). Volume knob selection set to multi, but when I'm using the headphones this knob never does anything. If anyone wants to know any of the other parameters I use, lmk which ones. Variations: I've tried variations where the laptop was plugged into a different power area and the same power area. I've tried variations using the amp where the sound was also going out the 1/4in output L and then R, Buffered (clear DI sounded good), and Send block. I've used it on a stage with great power and in a warehouse with terrible power. I've traded out instrument cables to make sure they all work (I have a wireless unit in my live rig). I've tried with and without the laptop plugged in, I've tried plugging / unplugging the USB while its making the sound. I've tried the ground lift button. I've replaced the USB cable and the Headphone 1/8th -> 1/4in adaptor. I've tinkered with the input impedance - 1M is best / least fizz / tightest low end. I went back to 3.0 to start updating again because I have no idea if I messed something up or if I missed a patch IDK, as you said and as I have been reading for months in forums, the Helix is very sensitive. Since updating the unit to 3.11 properly, it has had the least fizz, but the recordings in my first post are all from this period of time. Believe it or not, it used to be worse. Conclusion: So far, of all these variations, the unit and the fizz levels have absolutely no direct response. It still seems to randomly have moments where the distortion tone will saturate excessively and fizz out like in the first recordings. Sometimes it seems like - selecting a preset I haven't messed with in a while triggers it. Maybe picking too hard does it. Sometimes It happens when I step away for a bit and come back, sometimes it boots up like that. So far, the thing I've discovered is that manually shutting it down and booting it back up pressing 1 & 3 to rebuild the presets is the most reliable thing I've encountered to make the saturation go away. Truthfully I don't have the income to replace this rig and before this, I was a bassist runnin a sansamp into an odb-3 with an NS-2 into a Mesa M2000 for my metal bands. I only started playing guitar recently cuz the offer was extended to me and I had the gear. I run the Matrix into my bass cab. I wanted to make this post to see if anyone could relate / had any home remedies as I currently can't feasibly ship it out to anyone. I'm trying to get recordings from patches when its at its best vs its worst to try to explain what I'm hearing. Honestly, then I was gonna try to send in a ticket to Line 6 and try to beg someone to take a look at it because I'm not even sure I can pay shipping. I hope this is more information, I'm sorry I didn't know how much or how little you guys needed and I have to admit, I'm a little bit tired and dumb. The gigs coming up are all heavy metal in nature, but I'm starting to play to crowds way larger than I'm used to and I just want my toys to function properly. Its worth mentioning that I've been reading your guys posts on other peoples forum questions for the last month or so, and I think its really cool that you guys are contributing info to this post (I just read your user handles and put 2 and 2 together while going through another old post). I am really grateful for the input you guys have, really honestly. Any other insight anyone can provide is appreciated, I'll try anything. I found a weird post about ground loop related issues that had a weird fix I was gonna try to salvage parts for, that post is here: https://line6.com/support/topic/53601-4-cable-method-ground-loop-issues-finally-a-good-resolution/
  5. ...Ok well, now (without the global settings having been touched, Headphones monitor is set to 1/4in) the headphones are only picking up a clear dry signal. Despite any preset I load? Its just simply not reacting to the preset and is sending a clear dry signal regardless. Even with me switching to different input/output channels, its still sending a clear dry signal. Sometimes I feel like user error is valid, sometimes I feel insane!
  6. A valid question that I've been admittedly omitting because so far the fuzz / aliasing / digital crap issues I've been having I have been able to detect in the 1/4th out, the xlr out, the Send outs and the Headphone out, so I figured I'd leave out my crappy brokeass 2nd hand headphones -- Audio Technica ATH-M30 (65 ohms) with a 1/8th->1/4in adaptor I appreciate you asking clarifying questions! I unfortunately did this as well, and did it back when I originally transitioned through all of the firmware updates into 3.11 in the first place. So far since the start of this thread my helix has reverted to this fuzz / aliasing / digital crap issues sound several times. Currently, by rebooting the Helix Rack and pressing 1+3 to "rebuild the presets" I've had the most success in being able to use distortion without it sounding with the fuzz / aliasing / digital crap issues. I just booted up the Helix again and It's not showing these signs <3 So I'm gonna record a bunch of these presets that I don't touch for a frame of reference. I'll be using it for the next few days (big gigs coming up) so I'll be back in this thread with evidence and information soon.
  7. And as the gods would decree it, it breathes some new sound after I used the Rebuild Patches boot option (Helix Rackmount btw) This is the same exact patch, nothing changed except for a slight amount of time passed (days) between recording. Maybe I'm crazy but there has to be some reason why my helix sounds like the first patch above sometimes, and the one below other times... Same Patch.mp3
  8. Truly, I am glad to hear that the issue is not on the side of the software! I've long believed that this is a hardware issue. As, once again, its back. Its like a low end oversaturation and a total fizz distortion sound that overtakes literally every single preset, no matter which I select. Oddly enough, the cleaner the signal, the less saturation. But, that means the dirtier the signal the WORSE the saturation is. I play heavy metal with my guitar so you can imagine how thats an issue hahaha. I'm still at a loss. Honestly, resorting to old firmware was kind of a desperate attempt to get it to work. I am still just as confused as ever, in the headphones this may be a fizzy crappy tone but over speakers at loud volume this sound is totally wonky and drops in volume from the normal sound. I KEEP FORGETTING TO GET RECORDINGS WHEN IT SOUNDS GOOD!! If I can, I'll send more files over later, examples of what it sounds like when the unit is working. Hell, at this point I'm ready to get some sage and say some prayers.
  9. Oh, I did that because I completely overwrote the Factory 1 database and didn't have any of the presets saved on this computer. but I wanted them in my Helix. So I made a backup and restored the Helix to an older firmware. Here's the stock Cali Rec preset I used. I guess Im just confused why it sounds like that. Cali Rectifire.hlx
  10. Hello Friends! This is not your typical "amp fizz" "squirrels" "Ghost in the machine" thread! I suspect there are several things at play here. First, the backstory. I've been having "fizz" troubles with my Helix for months, at their worst they result in massive volume dumps during live performances thru my (Matrix GT800) live rig. BUT recently its almost like they decay over time... I wouldn't be starting this topic if not for the fact that for the last 8 hours STRAIGHT it sounded amazing. Low end was tight, everything sounded amazing. I play through my headphone exclusively but when the fizz gets bad I make sure to diagnose, record it thru the USB, track it out the 1/4" in ouputs and even the sends. BUT THEN I opted to try to restore some old Factory Presets by loading old Firmware into the Helix. Well, I jumped to 3.01 and the fizz came back and hasn't left yet. I'm on my second round loading the firmware through the Helix from 3.01 -> 3.11 Hoping it helps. Attached are 3 stock Helix presets, not affected at all beyond making the impedance 1M. THEY CAN'T POSSIBLY BE THIS BAD YOU GUYS WHATS GOING ON. Jazz Rivet - 04A.mp3 WOrks just fine - 09A.mp3 SadSad - 01D.mp3
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