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  1. Ok, I know well , but in my samples there is nothing but amp+cab blocks ; no gate, no global or block EQ, no nothing
  2. Wow completely agree with you! I hope someone in the software development department at Helix, think and act with these things to improve the "excessive quality of the modeling" and to remove a little the defects of the real amps that the Helix machine try to imitate, because in the real world are even appreciable but in the digital field are not so pretty … indeed, that is
  3. Thanks a a lot…I'm resigning and almost accepting that it may be so, although it would be well to implement a function that overrides those effects in case you have to record in a studio with a sound technician too strict jejejeje
  4. In this video I share the guy try all models of amplifier, and in almost all I clearly hear that hairy sound that surrounds the main tone of the amp. This sincerely leaves me a little more calm😊 The fact is that although in some cases that strange sound tail I do not like and makes me a little nervous , I've never heard most of the amps that imitate the Helix I have not the opportunity to use the real amps and check if that fizz is there, so I would have to make an effort and believe it. For the rest I will continue waiting for the next updates that surely will improve this fantastic device... Cheers
  5. I had a similar issue with my LT, my MAC never recognized it , and after a few general advices from Line 6 support, the result was: «OK, please contact us again if the next update still doesn't fix the problem, although this still seems like a USB issue to me»
  6. I have the same issue and I did all you advice, the last step, contact with line 6 was do nothing… "wait for new actualization" :huh:
  7. Sometimes weird people find things nobody see or listen to… :P
  8. Yes I am trying now with that… Thanks
  9. Thank you very much! It was my way of thinking, Yesterday I was talking to my luthier and we both discussed the idea that the amplifiers have that kind of whistle and it is necessary to hear it very close to the speaker ... but when you hear in Helix so clear and present it seems like digital . I'm going to take a full look at the link that you propose but I do not know if I get used to the idea that this is how it should be. I think I'm not the only one in these forums that has my point of view. And maybe this type of Helix response can be fine-tuned in later updates ... Anyway thank you very much.
  10. Hello again... you has a Helix and a guitar with normal pickups? You do those type of adjustments that you are advicing to me? Because I did the presets for the sound file you heard with only amp+cab block and both of the guitars are passive, with no much output gain. It is no normal to do such things in a habitual using, I guess. ... frustrating
  11. I have installed the latest version and I guess I did the combination to restart... It would be good do it again?
  12. Hi. Thanks for the time.... I have tried the same in another Helix and the same occurs. All possible cuts in Irs and many changes with the global settings ... the trail is always there. If you carefully listen videos and demos you can hear it in many of them (I don´t think is a problem of my single Helix). Even so I´m gonna prove with Pad and impedance again. But my strat has seymour duncan perly gates and no much gain at all I friend of mine, expert musician knows this issue and thinks like me. Is a problem, perhaps, of firmware
  13. :D Sorry , my english is no so good. I wanted to say trails not "wake". I mean the sound that fade out behind the main sound in real amps, in helix that "tail" is like sorrounding the core of the sound , not blended with it
  14. I know this has been commented on in other threads, but I want to reiterate and give my point of view. One of the characteristics of this device is to imitate the sound of the original amplifiers point by point, its characteristics, its advantages and its problems have been imitated. But when I use a half-gain or a clean amp and I add a distortion pedal, I can hear some sort of shirt surrounding the main sound. An artificial coating that sounds digital and does not look exactly like the wake that real amplifiers leave. It is a bit ugly effect that is hidden in high gain amplifiers or when you are playing very often and fast, or over music and with other instruments. It is heard by any of the available outputs including USB. I leave here a few tests that I have done to listen to them and tell me if it is what is expected of Helix, and I am freaking out. Or is it true that digital distortion is … waiting for it to be solved in a new firmware update. Thanks in advance ;) https://soundcloud.com/wabicabanias/pruebas-helix
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