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  1. Watch the video - one of my output blocks flashes rapidly and then stabilizes toward the end of the video. However, the output signal cuts completely in and out, in time with the flashing icon. This does not stop. This is regardless of where the signal is coming from (instrument, USB). I have: Rebooted Unplugged all externals and rebooted Erases and restored to factory settings Reinstalled firmware Nothing. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I have had my JTV59 for several years and until a year ago, I played regularly a couple nights a week. I have always been very pleased with the sound I get. I haven't played it for a few months (been playing my Taylor acoustic and don't play live anymore) and I went to try to learn the solo from Still Got the Blues by Gary Moore tonight and my 3rd string, G, has no volume compared to the others and sounds kind of like a toy guitar. It is only that string and only when I have the modeling turned on. If I turn off the modeling and just use the straight pickups, it is fine. Anyone got any ideas what I can do to fix this? I don't want to replace it and can't justify it since I am not playing live anywhere right now. Thank you all for your help.
  3. The folder “Line6” can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents. 1. Mac OSX 2. I got the Spider V Remote to download and install (after adjusting security settings) 3. Install created a file called "Line6" but I don't see the Remote app anywhere 4. When I click on the Line6 folder I get the message "The folder “Line6” can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents." Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Dowloaded HXEDIT 2.90 and finished update on Win 7 computer and LT. Seeemed to go smoothly with no hitches.....Now there is no output from the 1/4 inch out jack and the tuner does not register anything from my guitar.
  5. Hi I have a problem with my HX effects. It is popping from preset to preset but not on all of them. My amp is a EVH 5150iii. I am using 4cm and I am switching the amp via midi (BankPC) It is not doing it on all the B presets. I think that is a bit strange. Is there any thing I can do to make this go away? Or what am I doing wrong? Please help me solve this problem :-)
  6. Hi I've had my Firehawk 1500 for about 3 weeks now - it sounds incredible, but I have been having problems with the amp freezing when changing patches. It initially happened when I was browsing patches on the iPad app, but has since done it when using the FBV shortboard MkII, with Bluetooth switched off on the amp. It seems completely random as to which patch causes the problem, but once the sound has cut out, I have to turn the amp off and on again. I found a thread with people experiencing similar problems with the Firehawk FX unit, but haven't seen any reports of this problem with the amp. I have installed the latest firmware, removed everything from my tones (there was nothing special in there!), and performed multiple factory resets, but if anything, it seems to be getting worse. I wonder if I just have a bad unit? .. I am going to see if the supplier will exchange it as I am still within 28 days of purchase. Any ideas?? Cheers
  7. Hi guys; Last night the joystick on my Helix stop working. Still works as twisting knob but not as "push botton". I can´t select anything on the screen. Does anybody has this issue before..? I have performed an update and a reboot after the problem appears without succes.
  8. Anyone ever ran into this problem? My high E string won't make a noise in modeling mode. It seems to play totally fine if I'm just running a regular amp setup except for some background feedback that is slightly irritating. As a way of background: A little over a year ago I bought a JTV-59P Variax and really liked it. I also bought the HD500X and the special cord to connect the two. I played on it for a few months. Keep in mind, I'm just play at home so none of this equipment went through any harsh anythings. Then I had to put it all on hold for a while due to school and work (while = 8 months) at which point this sucker was just in storage. Today I excitedly whipped it out. I had purchased the vintage HD download and so I connected everything, made sure it was all up to date, and started to play. Quickly I realized that the high E might as well not be on there in modeling modes. I checked the HD workbench and none of the string volume settings helped. I also turned off the modeling effects and it played with plenty of volume, but the moment I turn on modelling - NOTHING. Any ideas?
  9. Hi everyone! I am a begginer with PODHD 500x, that's why I need your help. I dowloaded differents patches from the LINE 6 website, and when I tried them at home everything worked fine. When I went to play with my band in our small room, I attached the POD direct in front of a combo (LINE 6 SPIDER IV - CLEAN). Problem is that when I play a distorted patch, it start to whistle and make unsupportable noise. I read on This that I report: "I recommend setting your output mode to the appropriate non-"Studio/Direct" mode. If you want to use your Pod for both "direct" and "live" purposes, I recommend leaving the output mode as "Studio/Direct" and setting your "live" patches up with "no cab" as your cabinet selection. When you use "no cab", you get the same output in every output mode (more-or-less) - all cab/mic simulation is simply disabled. " Now what I would like to try is to set INPUT 1: GUITAR and INPUT 2: VARIAX for all the patches; And then I would like to put this "no cab" suggested, but I don't really understand how to do this. About the "mixer" Path A and Path B should be Centered ? Or should I leave it 100%R and 100%L? May you help me through this? Any other reccomandations?
  10. Got my FVB Express MKII for Christmas worked fine the first time I used it hasnt worked since. Did all process of eliminations and it is like the amp isnt powering ii or recognising it bought new cat 5 cable its not the problem .any suggestionsx?
  11. Just purchased a JVT- 69 and noticed when using the mag pickups the 5 way toggle switch works perfect but when I switch to the virtual instruments position 2 and 4 don't work right. In either position the instrument is intermittent. I have to hold the switch a little out of that location to get it to work and then when I let go, it goes back to the instrument on either side of that position even though it is still in position 2 or 4. I updated to the latest firmware and It seemed like it got worse. Has anyone else had this issue. It currently renders the virtual Side of the instrument almost unusable. I have not found anything on this issue other that one other guy made a video on YouTube and his was really bad (hence his cursing in the background).
  12. I noticed a lot of feedback in a few of my tones. After some messing around I found that my POD is creating an awful, almost ground loop type feedback that is constant no matter what is plugged in, what output I use, or what outlet it is plugged in to. I have tried it at a friends house, and using a ground lift switch (60hz) feedback eliminator. Nothing seems to have an affect on the terrible sound that is almost louder than my guitars input. At this point I am 100% sure it is the POD and not dirty power, any pedals, cables, or proximity to my power conditioner. I need help, as this is driving me insane. Any suggestions, or fixes are much appreciated.
  13. Dear Helix User Friends, I have recently purchased a Helix LT and have already successfully managed to upgrade the firmware to 2.21, however I am having issues installing the latest version of the Helix Editor software. I have downloaded the latest software (Helix 2.21) at the Line 6 website and installed on my computer (Windows 7), however when attempting to open the editor I receive an error message saying “Helix has stopped working). I have uninstalled and re-installed the software various times, I have re-booted the computer between installations, etc and nothing seems to work… Has anyone else faced the same problems? Any ideas on how to get over this issues and get the software up and running? Thank you and I look forward to some help!
  14. Suddenly one day, my Delays and Reverbs and any effect I place post FX Loop no longer work. The buttons respond, but the audio is not changed. If I move the effect block before the FX Loop, it makes some audible change but is quite lollipop. I am using the 4CM and it was working, and now isn't. Is there a setting I may have accidentally changed or has anyone else has this problem? Thanks, Greg.
  15. I cant get a USB-connection going in my DAW when I connect my amplifi tt to my computer via. USB. Thats my problem. It doesn't appear as a device in Reaper at all.. When I plug in my amplifi to my computer via. usb it tells me it fails to install unit drivers? I've had a lot of trouble updating my Amplifi to latest patch and Im not even sure it's done correctly. I tried locating amplifi drivers and updates on my PC, in the hope that I could do it manually, but nope. Line 6 dont have any software for amplifi products available for downloading I guess. Im very frustrated, please help
  16. Hello. I've got a problem with my POD HD 500. It's hang up after the flash memory updating. The Monkey get a mistake: (Code 8000900C) MIDI device timed out waiting for a response. Now it shown a "UPDATING FLASH..." on the POD display and nothing happens for a very long time. I've been reset it by holding "<", but it helps nothing. There is a load preset("Acoustic") on display but no one switch is work. What shall I do?
  17. Sorry I having this minor annoying problem that slowly becoming a huge deal When changing the Driver Format in Pod Farm from 16 bit/44k Hz to 24 bit/48 Hz the driver will change automatically back to it default setting when accessing any problem related to the microphone example audacity, OBS maybe even sony vegas. Windows 8 is the cause to this problem. How do I know? People who are running the same setup but in windows 7 are able change the Driver Format and have no problems. The Damage I received from this I bought Windows 7 OEM CD and it crash my second computer and it won't work now (Also lost my files) When Streaming through OBS to Twitch the audio is static unless change through drivers format but when closing OBS or loading another problem during stream the microphone goes back to static Please people of Line 6 can you please take a look at this problem and fix it. [ I run a UX2 through Pod Farm 2.5.7 with the latest drivers]
  18. I just purchased this new line 6 pod and i would love to use it but every time i connect it to my computer and turn it on it doesnt install the driver or it will say no driver help ive downloaded the line 6 monkey and it isnt detecting it help please
  19. I have a pod hd pro and i downloaded the new metal hd pack today and basically i was trying out the new amps and when ever i put an EQ in the post area it goes all crackly sounding and lollipop. anyone know what this is?
  20. I turned on my line 6 spider IV 75 watt amplifier today and all the lights on the various amp settings clean red' 'clean green' e.t.c are all lit up at the same time. Even the additional effects and the orange display in the top right just blinks and makes no progress in turning on. Usually the colours for the amp setting are either red or green, but the left side of settings is yellow and the other half is green? Is this supposed to tell me that there is a problem with the amp? I have tried the factory reset, turned it on and off multiple times, even waited longer to see if it turns on and nothing. In desperate need of some help with this as I called Line 6 and my nearest repair shop is quite far and in an area I don't know too well. Thankyou for taking the time to read this.
  21. I have a POD HD pro and i just purchased the HD metal pack. After going on the licence manager to authorize it the manager told me to update my L6 monkey, i have done that about 4 times now and nothings happening it just keeps telling me to do the same thing again and again. I'm getting very angry now as i just spent my money on this and it's not even working!
  22. Hi all. I'm using the 4 cable method with my X3 live. I have set up a user patch with my own tones (after using Gearbox). My problem is when my drive channel on the amp is on there is a weird whining feedbacking sort of sound. I've set all my fx correctly through the front of the amp and through the power section via the fx loop using the 4 cable method. What could it be? I've also noticed one or two issues. Firstly, once I made my user preset, every other patch is inaudible even though I've not messed with any other patch or the volumes on any patch (even my user preset) . Secondly, when I'm on any preset patch on the pod X3 live the screen jumps from one display to the other without me touching anything. For example... say I'm on patch 1A... the display will jump from the fx chain screen to the amp model editing screen then to the patch number screen and I don't have to touch anything for it to happen. When I hit a stomp or mod it still changes to the amp model editing screen or the patch number screen. Any ideas guys?
  23. I accidentally erased all the jamming tracks, And I cant put any music in it because The sd card entrance does not respond. Does anyone know where i could get all those tracks. And how to fix the sd card issue Greetings
  24. I need help on the LINE 6 Spider 212 Combo Guitar Amplifier w/FX. Lately when I turn on the amp I have by default the amplifier in clean, but theproblem begins with the volume. I use the metal zone together with the amplifier and after activating it in cleanthe amplifier gives me very low volume and even if I increase the volume, ismaintained at the same level. I would like to know which type of problem may be. other effects works well, has only failure on the clean effect it has solution?
  25. I bought a Line 6 UX-1 a while ago and ran it with Mixcraft 6. I wasn't having any troubles till recently. I cant get any sound from either pod farm 2.57 or Mixcraft 6. Pod farm picks up my guitar and mixcraft picks up podfarm but my computer wont pick up and playback from either. It does this on both my desktop and my laptop. I haven't made any changes to anything as far as I know. Yes my speakers are connected as I can still hear itunes, youtube etc. With Mixcraft 6 I cant even hear the sounds in the library so its not just podfarm / the ux1 thats being weird. Yes i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the line 6 programs. What is going on? Does anyone know what might be happening? Cheers for any replies.
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