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  1. Sold a S.P. 3 Tablet, ME80, DT25, and HD500X back in august to get the Line 6 L2T and preorder Helix. Got the L2T in three days and expected the Helix by 9/11. So I definitely have the itch for this thing to arrive being I have no back up rig. Dummy me.
  2. Virtual capo does not work on my jtv 89f. This is my second guitar and still not working.

  3. Hello everyone. I was reading this thread and looking at the spider capo trying to grasp why the variax can't achieve what this thing can. I do not see the limitation here because with a jvt 89 variax you can change the open fretting of any string 1 octave up from the nut to one octave down.It will be less on other modles depending on the amount of frets. Using workbench HD you can set different open tunings for each individual string and save it for a toggled position. This way you can have any tuning and save it as a toggled preset. With a flick of a switch you can change open tuning to what ever you want. You could have three strings one octave up and three one octave down. The possibilities are almost endless.
  4. Got it from guitar center and the knocked off $285 because of the issue and it would cost me that much more to get one on exchange.
  5. Charlie You are probably correct in your assumption and I thank you for your quick reply. I have created a ticket and now I am waiting for a response. Meanwhile if anyone has any knowledge to weather this can be recalibrated either with software or physically without voiding the warrentee please educate me. I would love to resolve this without having to send it back.
  6. Just purchased a JVT- 69 and noticed when using the mag pickups the 5 way toggle switch works perfect but when I switch to the virtual instruments position 2 and 4 don't work right. In either position the instrument is intermittent. I have to hold the switch a little out of that location to get it to work and then when I let go, it goes back to the instrument on either side of that position even though it is still in position 2 or 4. I updated to the latest firmware and It seemed like it got worse. Has anyone else had this issue. It currently renders the virtual Side of the instrument almost unusable. I have not found anything on this issue other that one other guy made a video on YouTube and his was really bad (hence his cursing in the background).
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