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Found 5 results

  1. Just purchased a JVT- 69 and noticed when using the mag pickups the 5 way toggle switch works perfect but when I switch to the virtual instruments position 2 and 4 don't work right. In either position the instrument is intermittent. I have to hold the switch a little out of that location to get it to work and then when I let go, it goes back to the instrument on either side of that position even though it is still in position 2 or 4. I updated to the latest firmware and It seemed like it got worse. Has anyone else had this issue. It currently renders the virtual Side of the instrument almost unusable. I have not found anything on this issue other that one other guy made a video on YouTube and his was really bad (hence his cursing in the background).
  2. Hi All Losing my mind here..Helix and Workbench HD, Variax JTV 69 cant get them talking... -2.21 Helix installed. Line 6 Monkey will see JTV-69 (1.74) and flashed it with 2.22 Flash memory. I run Workbench HD 2.13 and I get an error, 'The connected Variax is not compatible with Workbench HD. You must use a James Tylers Variax version 2.0 or higher.' If I disabled MIDI in Helix (Global-MIDI-MIDI to USB on) I only get a blank scan dialog and no Variax is seen. I went nuts trying to get this working and even installed the old Variax Workbench connected VDI to my HD 500 and it was seen as expected. I am using the VDI barel plug ethernet cable. I even tried a normal Ethernet cable and that connected to Helix just fine (I guess its the correct pin out) but in no case have i been able to get Variax and Helix + Workbench working together. Workbench HD just inst seeing Variax through Helix. What the heck am I doing wrong?? Is the Variax JTV-69 (blue) not really supported with Workbench HD? Anyone out there who knows whats going on please let me know. Windows 7.
  3. I'm a newb....just got my JTV 69 this week, so I hope this is just a stupid mistake on my part; I'm unable to access guitar models on positions 2 and 4 of my 5-way selector switch! I know according to the manual I should be able to access them on all positions. I'm able to assign models to those positions in work bench but on the guitar, when I switch to those positions, I still hear model 1 on 2, and model 3 on 4. Anybody have a clue what this is all about?
  4. Hi folks, I'm devastated to be here with such bad news (at least for me). I've tried to update the firmware from my JTV 69 (from 1.71 to 2.21) following all the security procedures - with a fully charged battery, both VDI and 1/4" TS mono plugged in, using the USB port directly from my Mac Pro, volume knob all up, with only the Line 6 Monkey app opened during the reflash. It was hooked trough a POD HD 500 (with everything up to date) connected to my DT50 via L6 link. Everything seemed to be going smoothly but in the end of the process the model knob and the tuning wheel turned green and red (respectively) and I've got this message saying: "Error opening MIDI ports" (see the pictures attached) I've tried to re-do the installation process but got stuck on this same message over and over again, even when I tried to rollback to 1.71. So I quit Line 6 Monkey, opened it again and then it wouldn't see my JTV among the connected devices. Now I've got none of the modelling sounds and don't have a clue of what to do next... :(((((( I've had this Red & Green knobs issue in the past also when updating the firmware, but I was able to revert it repeating the reflash process. My greatest concern is that I live in Brazil, far far away from Line 6. It would be a major pain in the lollipop to send it back to the US. Also the timing couldn't be worse, since I'm on the middle of an important project (yeah, I know! shouldn't have done the reflash in the first place) and got some gigs coming. =/// Is there any way to "force it" back to the factory settings without the Line 6 Monkey app (since it can't find the guitar anymore)? Or do you guys think this is something only the people at Line 6 can resolve? I'm not sure if I can get this kind of technical assistance form their representatives in Brazil (Habro Music). Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!! Please tell me my Dream Rig won't become a nightmare! :(
  5. ciao vi scrivo perchè ho un problema non tanto grave(almeno spero) alla mia nuovissima jtv 69,ieri sera dopo che ho cambiato la batteria non si accende più la parte digitale!!! ogni tanto rimane accesa rosso fisso ma non entra piu in fase digitale!!! qualcuno mi sa dire cosa ho combinato!!! ps:non la riconosce neanche piu il mio pc e il mio mac :((( aiutatemi vi prego!!!
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