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Found 24 results

  1. My JTV-59 doesn't have any models on board. When I start the Workbench HD there also are no models? In the Line 6Monkey there is no flash, don't show up. Please help
  2. hello everybody, i have variax 600 guitar and i can't find a way to connect with mac os mojave software , can't find varaix workbench or workbench HD , what can i do .. kindly if anyone can help me for this lollipopen lollipop .... Or I will sell it
  3. I had never tried using Workbench HD via Helix to connect to my Variax and change a model, but trying now failed to connect to the Variax. Doing so directly with the USB dongle worked and I got the job done. Curious though whether I have a lingering problem because doing this via Helix should work since Helix version 2.20 or so. Is there anything special I need to setup / configure on Helix to enable Workbench HD -> Helix -> JTV communication? I am running with the latest MAC OS, Helix, Workbench HD, and JTV FW versions and are directly connected from USB-C to Helix with a USB printer cable (the latter worked with the USB dongle)
  4. I'm curious about the various techniques people use to create custom guitars using workbench HD. Is there any kind of tutorial anywhere online, where people explain how the created a Texas Special Stratocaster, or a Paul Reed Smith, or a Fender Mustang? (Just three random examples) I'm interested in trying to build a Kurt Cobain Signature Jaguar, which has a PAF in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge. The best plan I have is to listen to clean sound samples of the guitar, and keep playing around randomly with workbench until my Variax sounds the same as the sound sample. Anybody else recommend a better technique, or recommend a starting spot? I was thinking of putting 89 pickups in the bridge and maybe a les Paul neck humbucker in the neck. Not sure what body.
  5. I'm trying to connect my new JTV-69 variax and while the computer sees the Variax USB adapter, and the USB adapter indicates (via the two green lights) that it sees the Variax, the computer doesn't see the Variax. I've tried multiple computers and versions of the software. As far as the computer is concerned, there's no Variax there. Up front: I am using the small black Variax USB adapter and included VDI cable The battery is fully charged (though by the end of troubleshooting it only had 3 dots) I have a TRS cable plugged in I have the volume turned up The lights are on on the Variax I have two lights on the Variax USB adapter I have tried both the included VDI cable and 2 separate Cat5/Cat6 cables I have checked with Line6 Monkey on a separate computer using all of the combinations of troubleshooting I have checked with the OLD Workbench on a separate computer I have repeatedly connected / restarted / removed battery; replaced battery I have wiggled and jiggled and swabbed and double-checked all the connectors. Everything is in-place. The Variax doesn't show up, not even in Monkey. I'm really not looking forward to returning this guitar, but the inability to use it with Workbench is a deal-breaker.
  6. Hey everybody. My platform is W10 up to date. I use a Variax standard on a PRO X HD (rack device). All my Line 6 system (firmware, drivers, applications, etc.) is clean and up to date. The problem : it is very difficult to download from the guitar (as it stops or as it creates an application crash with "time out delay" accident). Have you met the same and is there any solution ? Thanks in advance for your replies. Best regards.
  7. I logged into Line 6 Monkey with my Variax Standard, and it indicated that I had Workbench HD 2.13 and needed to update to 2.15. However, when I went to the download section, 2.13 was the most recent version available. What gives?
  8. Does anyone know if a JTV-59 can run Workbench HD connected via Pod XT Live VDI connection? The Workbench Pilot's Guide is ambiguous: "Any other Line 6 device with a VDI input will also work. This includes the POD HD Pro, POD HD 500, POD X3 Live, POD X3 Pro and Vetta II. Those devices, when connected to your Variax with a Line 6 VDI cable, will also provide power to your Variax." The first line giveth, but the second may taketh away... I do have the USB interface that came with my JTV-59, but it's never been used, whereas I used to use the XT Live with my other Variax guitars and Line 6 Edit before the JTV. That was a long time ago...
  9. Would it be possible to add a new modern pickup model or two, to the Variax software/firmware, to bring it in line with Shuriken's modern good looks? I'm sure JTV owners probably wouldn't mind this either. I know a lot of folks like EMGs, Bare Knuckle, Fishman, DiMarzio, etc. I'm sure people have lots of opinions on which they'd wish for most. Would love to know how people feel about this one.
  10. Anyone know how to save alternate tunings from the models knob to the tuning knob from Workbench HD? I can only find instructions on how to do it directly on the guitar. I have several tunings applied to models that I want to transfer to work globally. I've named and saved them in the Manage dialog box, but can't find any way to save them to the tuning knob. I could save them manually, but I'd like to know for future models. (I hope I've made this understandable) Another thing: Is there a way to view what's programmed into the alt tuning knob?
  11. I have a very strange problem that has surfaced after the Helix 2.30 upgrade. And everything worked with the last version of firmware which was version 2.21. I have a JTV69 at firmware revision 2.22, Helix Floor now at 2.30, and the new 2.30 HX Editor. The Helix upgrade to Version 2.30 worked fine without a hitch. But now the 5-position model selector switch no longer changes guitar models on my JTV69. Interestingly - the bank select knob works. But not the 5 position switch. If I am at preset 1-3 on the Variax and change banks - I get preset 2-3 correctly for example. But trying to use the 5-position switch inside a bank does not work. This all happens when using the JTV connected to the Helix with the VDI cable SO ---- to make surety JTV was ok I tested the guitar with my old HD500 - everything works fine. Using the same VDI cable Tested the guitar with my Firehawk floor board. Using the same VDI cable - everything worked fine I put a battery in the guitar and connected with an old tech guitar cable - everything works fine. I have concluded from this that the JTV is fine. Also - if I start Workbench HD or the HX editor or both - I can force model changes on the guitar connected with VDI to the Helix by double clicking on the model in Workbench HD or changing it in the HX editor input block. Not sure what to make of it all. I have filed a support ticket. Has anyone else seen this? Or is it just my rig. Would love to hear from anyone or especially Line 6 - I am baffled and at a total loss as it all worked perfectly with Helix 2.21
  12. Hi All Losing my mind here..Helix and Workbench HD, Variax JTV 69 cant get them talking... -2.21 Helix installed. Line 6 Monkey will see JTV-69 (1.74) and flashed it with 2.22 Flash memory. I run Workbench HD 2.13 and I get an error, 'The connected Variax is not compatible with Workbench HD. You must use a James Tylers Variax version 2.0 or higher.' If I disabled MIDI in Helix (Global-MIDI-MIDI to USB on) I only get a blank scan dialog and no Variax is seen. I went nuts trying to get this working and even installed the old Variax Workbench connected VDI to my HD 500 and it was seen as expected. I am using the VDI barel plug ethernet cable. I even tried a normal Ethernet cable and that connected to Helix just fine (I guess its the correct pin out) but in no case have i been able to get Variax and Helix + Workbench working together. Workbench HD just inst seeing Variax through Helix. What the heck am I doing wrong?? Is the Variax JTV-69 (blue) not really supported with Workbench HD? Anyone out there who knows whats going on please let me know. Windows 7.
  13. Let me start by saying that overall, I am very happy with my new Variax Standard purchased direct from Line 6. The guitar came set up very well and plays like a dream. After I relearned how to assign a guitar model to each patch on my X3 Live pedal (the function is disabled in Gearbox) I was able to set up for a "basic" show such as I do. However, when trying to go a bit deeper into the options of my Variax Standard, I am running into problems. On some songs I play I use some different alt tunings, none that are on the alt tuning knob. I use both an acoustic and a "semi" with a 2-fret-capo and I also use a "semi" in double-drop-D. With my old V600 it was so easy to go into Variax Workbench, create these models, save them to one of the custom patches, then save that to the pedal. Now, with my Variax Standard, when trying to use the alt-tuning knob, I'm getting both the alternate tuning and the original tone. I was told this was because the mags were bleeding through and that function must be turned on and I would have to turn it off in Workbench HD. HOWEVER, Workbench HD doesn't seem to want to work on Windows 8. I fire it up and the 60 guitar patches load...I can usually change models and pickups, but if I go to save a model (and sometimes just randomly) I get an error message that Workbench HD is shutting down. It shuts down and locks the Variax up. I have to unplug/replug the cable for it to work again. I really hope there is some sort of software bug that is known about and is being fixed because I would really really be upset if I had to send a brand new $800 guitar back for repair after just receiving it. So basically, is Workbench HD having issues?? Is Line 6 aware of them? Are they working on a fix?
  14. I own a Variax 69s that I purchased from Sweetwater in 2013. After I worked out a few bugs with ghost sounds I was pretty happy with what the guitar could do. In those early heady days I spent a good amount of time on this forum. It was exciting to check out everybody's adventures with this line of guitars (and new patches made by forum members). What I have felt for quite some time though is that Line 6 has all but forgotten us as a community of users/customers. The last significant update to the Workbench was the HD update way back in 2013. There have been incremental bumps in 2014 & 2015, but they seem to be more bug fixes or compatibility updates. Have there been new features offered in either the Workbench or through firmware updates to the guitar? Is there still a group of R&D folks at Line 6 that still care about the Variax customers? I thought maybe Yamaha would infuse the company with some new passion and smart engineers to revitalize the Variax's capabilities. They did manage to come out with the "standard", but the only new feature that offered (that I know of) was a lower price. I may be way off here. Am I missing something. If you feel the same way, or conversely, can point out what I am missing - please chime in. I'd love to find out that the company still thinks about us, and our Variax guitars occasionally. The silver lining in this is at least I did not purchase a "Made in the USA" version!!
  15. Hello, I was trying to install on my os x 10.10 machine the workbench. I get this error. it states that it requires 10.5 or above, which my computer meets that requirement. It doesn't make sense. Did anyone else have this challenge and fix it, and if "yes" what steps should I take? I appreciate any help you have to offer!
  16. I searched the forum (also through Google) with a few search terms, a few times, but no relevant topic found. All latest SW/FW. Workbench HD v2.12.0 JTV-89F (v2.21 [shipped with v2.10]) through USB (v1.0.7.2) connected with Windows 7 (SP1) i7 64bit laptop (directly, no hub inbetween). Is there any exclusive Models/Patches that are for the JTV-89F guitars that I can't use because of this partial detection? Although Line 6 Monkey v1.71 detected it as a general "Tyler Variax" and the flashing (EDIT3: with a correct file, manually downloaded) worked fine. But I imagine that process is meant to be compatible with as many as possible. From the download section: "The five high-gain models that were previously exclusive to JTV-89 and loaded into custom bank 1 are now available in the Workbench software by loading the custom JTV bank available online." EDIT4: Although it was preceded by: "For JTV-89 Customers Only: " which seems to contradict the buildup of the sentence that followed it with "previously exclusive". Is it exclusive or not? Does it include JTV-89F? Other Variax models? Unclear. Confusing. But more importantly, where and how exactly is it usable? Nothing in the Workbench HD manual about "online". I must be missing something.. EDIT1: is the following the only (official?) trusted resource? Share And Download 2.0+ H D Models? EDIT2: I'm also interested in Bass (HD) Models compatible with JTV-89F, any good direction in this regard would prevent me from doing something stupid to the guitar. EDIT4: Other than this issue, in my bit of experience with the guitar, everything else seems alright, and I mostly enjoy it. It wasn't tuned fully when it arrived, but that does not invoke concern. This issue does. I wanted to try to get any clarification or specific tips here before resorting to opening a support ticket. Thanks in advance. EDIT4 includes overall adjustments. EDIT5(2015-09-01): added Dropbox-hosted screen-snippets for public-viewing (it should detect as JTV-89 [normal also for the JTV-89F, not -69 [never had the -69 guitar]):
  17. Today is my first time connect my JTV 59 to workbench HD When I open Workbench HD , it looks like download something from my JTV 59 Then the whole software looks like below , I think the data is lost now how can I recovery the data?
  18. I looked in the HELP menu's of Workbench HD but could not find the answer to this question. In Workbench HD, under the POTS tab, the CAPACITANCE field allows a value to be specified for the virtual capacitor on the virtual tone control. There are a range of numerical values reflecting commonly used capacitors but there is also a value called FILTER. Does anyone know what exactly does the FILTER value provide? Thanks.
  19. Situation: Bought a black JVT-59 on eBay. Workbench HD recognizes it as JVT-89. The guitar model dials do not correspond to the sounds coming out. Flash memory has been applied (though no lights flash red or otherwise) and no change. Models change in Workbench HD but do not stick. This may also be why the 2nd on 4th positions don't work (with push of tuning knob) as I understood they should. I am accessing through POD HD 500x (Dream Rig) and a MacBook Pro. 10' VDI cable from guitar>POD HD>Laptop I have followed all reset instructions, flash memory and have scoured this forum. Any help would be great.
  20. Last night I was using Workbench HD to adjust the string levels for models on my JTV59. The JTV59 connected with VDI into HD500 then via USB to Win 7 PC running Workbench HD. Everything running latest firmware levels. I adjusted string levels on quite a few models and reviewed all of them. The ones I changed I transferred (uploaded) to Variax - and I did this several times. Most of the time it was fine, however, sometimes it seemed to take a few seconds to recognise when I had selected a different bank and model and the Workbench HD would grey out and appear to hang but then a few seconds later there would be a click and everything would be in sync. Once I was happy with my string volume adjustments I then thought I would try out swapping a body on one of the models just to see how it worked. I had noticed that whilst adjusting the string volumes that whichever model I had selected, the body type on the Workbench HD screen would always show as Neutral, when I thought it should show the body of the actual model selected. Anyway, I had SEMI bank selected and position 1. I had just tried swapping the pickup from SEMI HUMBUCKER to LP HUMBUCKER and then swapped it back which I did by downloading the SEMI pos 1 model from the JTV59 rather than re-updating the Workbench HD definition. So everything seemed fine at this point and I could see the SEMI model chosen in the main window, and NEUTRAL showing as body type in the bottom part of the window, so I clicked on the slider and rotated through the different models and noted that the main window did not change and still showed the SEMI body type. I just happened to stop on the CHIME body type and decided to use that - so I clicked on the body icon - this seemed to take after a pause and the chime model body was shown but now the sound I could hear sounded like the Chime 12 string model. Odd, so I decided to reset it but then discovered it would not change even when I selected the Semi body type or any other body type. So I tried to download from Variax again and received a popup which I think said Midi time out error with a code. Oh no. So I then tried switching model banks on the JTV59 and using the pickup selector switch and discovered that all positions now just played the Chime 12 string model. So I tried switching off the modelling on the JTV59 and discovered that the push down knob would not disengage modelling mode. Oh no again - what had happened? So I ended Workbench HD on the PC, and again tried to switch off modelling and to select a different model on the JTV59 and found that all I could get was the Chime 12 string model. So then I decided to disconnect the VDI cable and power off the JTV59. I did that and waited for about 30 seconds to make sure that all power had gone, then I reconnected it and to my great relief it reverted back to normal and the settings that I had previously made before messing with the BODY option. PHEW! Unfortunately, I panicked at the time and did not make a note of the popup window and error code or an exact note of every single step I had taken to get to the problem or every step I took to resolve the problem. The description above is what I remember but I am not too keen to try it again in case I break the JTV59 more permanently next time. I am on latest firmware for everything - so I was not expecting any issues. Has anyone used the MODEL BODY Selection with Workbench HD without any issue or has anyone experienced this problem or something similar? Is the MODEL BODY selection part of Workbench HD broken - or was this just a one off glitch that hit me - or was it a particular sequence of actions that caused the problem? Thanks.
  21. * OTHER THAN the officially acknowleged issue that affects positions 2 and 4 on the spank model, that makes it impossible to store some combinations of pickups (your typical 2 and 4 strat positions)
  22. Cannot Upload Custom Models To Jtv-59, Cannot Reset Single Model To Factory Setting Mac OS X 10.6.8 Macbook Pro 2.2 Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM Line6 Monkey 1.65 USB Firmware 1.03 Brand New JTV-59 Flash Memory 2.0 Workbench HD 2.01 Using all stock, supplied cables and connectors. JT-59 battery fully charged. When I brought all this gear home, everything connected-up just fine, updates installed just fine. In general, everything works great. With Workbench HD loaded, I can operate the switches and knobs on the JTV-59 and I see the screen changing. Conversely, when I make changes on the screen in Workbench HD, the guitar tones change immediately. I can even "build" a custom model or make changes to an existing model on the screen and the guitar's tones change immediately. Here's the problem ... When I try to save the customized model to the guitar (hit the 'Upload to Variax' button [no, I'm not using either Custom bank] ), the target model slot now has NO SOUND AT ALL. It will change from Red to White like the others though. Often, I get the infamous 'Failed to write data to the guitar, Code 80007104, Failed to write to the firmware' message also. Now, when I open a backup bundle (all the models go red in Workbench HD), I cannot put the "damaged" model back to original settings (I get the failed to write message again). The only way I can get the guitar back properly is to reflash the entire firmware 2.0. What is even more frustrating is that Line6 does not offer telephone support during hours where I'm, not working :( Any help is most appreciated!
  23. I just realized there was a Workbench HD so I downloaded it, plugged my JTV-59 and tried uploading some tweaked patches but nothing... All I got is no sound at all and a mumble jumble of a name for all patches.... so I guess something is wrong... I had to re-install version 2.0 thru the Monkey, any idea what's going on?
  24. thanks to Mark Vlach, offers an updated Workbench HD / JTV referencechart for download. Hope it helps cheers - Hans
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