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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all I'm suddenly facing an issue with the Variax Standard. I've plugged it in via standard input jack. I don't have a POD so I can't test the VDI USB interface. What happened was after charging the battery, I inserted it, and it shows 4 LED indicating full charge. But the moment I plugged in a standard jack, and try to turn on the modelling mode, it doesn't light up. Modelling modes doesn't work. The normal Single Coils works. Here's a video of the problem. Anyone here knows what is the problem? Many thanks!
  2. Can't seem to find 2 factory spec measurements for my JTV69 or my Variax Standard tremolo rear edge height (as in pic - for a Fender it's 3.2mm) string height at 12th fret Yes, I know, I can just make it to whatever I'm comfortable with that doesn't affect playability or intonation. I'd like to be able to set it to factory standard though. Anybody know where I can find this information for the JTV69 and the Standard?
  3. So, I just found a black Variax Standard on sale for $450 b/c it has "scratches." From the pictures, the scratches are nothing different from what I'd end up doing myself anyway, so I had to pull the trigger on it. :) Now we await the shipping!
  4. Hey everybody. My platform is W10 up to date. I use a Variax standard on a PRO X HD (rack device). All my Line 6 system (firmware, drivers, applications, etc.) is clean and up to date. The problem : it is very difficult to download from the guitar (as it stops or as it creates an application crash with "time out delay" accident). Have you met the same and is there any solution ? Thanks in advance for your replies. Best regards.
  5. I try to charge my battery with the charger included with my Variax, but no light comes on (on the charger). I tested the charger with a multitester, and it appears to have voltage at the contacts. The battery also appears to have full voltage when testing with a multitester, but when I put it in the guitar, the lights flash, then it dies. If I get a light when I press the test button, it's only one and it goes out immediately. I'm considering getting the cable power kit, but if it's just the charger, I'd rather get that. Up until this issue, the battery had been charging properly and working in the guitar. I only discovered this after I had not used the guitar or battery for over 6 months. Our local VFW has jam sessions half the year, and that's the only time I use the modeling in my Variax Standard. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. Question about physically detuning both Variax Standard and the JTV69: If I want to use thicker gauge strings - say, 12s - and I detune them to compensate anywhere from one to three half steps (such that the tension on the piezos is comparable to 10s tuned normally), how are Variax sounds affected? Which I guess, really, two parts 1. How are standard tuned sounds in Variax mode affected? and 2. How are alternate tunings in Variax mode affected? Can I get away with thicker gauge strings that are physically detuned and still be able to access the full power of the Variax? I don't want to go through the whole setup process if it isn't going to work - so does it? If it matters my Standard is the Amethyst Limited Edition one. JTV69 is 5 or so years old and I haven't updated the firmware that I can remember.
  7. I have a Variax Standard Guitar, I decided to update the firmware with the line 6 USB port provided with the guitar, the update begins normaly but the update finished with an error an the Guitar right now wont turn on the modeling features , I tried to update again but my comouter doesnot see any more the device, also I try the option on Line6 monkey (I DONT SEE MY DEVICE) but the guitar doesnot turn on...what I need to do to flash again the GUITAR... thanks!!!
  8. --- [1] ----- [a] In this past mid-April 2018, I saw Little River Band at L'Auberge Casino, Baton Rouge, La. I got to the concert early & entered the venue when the doors were opened about an hour or so before the concert. ----- {b} ------- {i} Quickly being bored in my seat & with about 45 minutes to go before the concert, I went to the stage & see LRB's set up, which was complete. While at the stage, I saw that at both of LRB's guitar players' (Rich Herring (lead) & Colin Whinnery (co-lead, rhythm)) stations were Helix Floors. I struck up a conversation with one of the near roadies (quite probably the guitar roadie). The roadie said up until this tour, LRB had used rented AC30 amps. However, on this tour, both guitar players were using Helixes. The roadie said that the guitarists loved their Helixes. Further, he said that the Helixes simplified & expedited setup & made the house mix much easier to perfect. ------- [ii] After the concert in the venue's lobby, at the LRB meet & greet the crowd get together, I asked Whinnery about the Helix. He said that he loved the Helix, & that he was going to purchase another one for his home. ------- [iii] Also & quite expectedly, LRB sounded great vocally (lush multi-2, 3, & 4-part vocals; all five members sing), instrumentally, & twin-guitar wise. They sounded like LRB, & they are LRB. Further, there was no way that anyone could tell if the LRB guitarists were using real amps & stomp-boxes or Helix, which sounded. ------- [iv] Point of note: In LRB's songs, "Help Is On Its Way" (2-part harmony guitar phrase, followed by a 3-part harmony guitar phrase) & "Night Owls" (3-part harmony guitar phrases), 3-part guitar harmony phrases were performed by the two guitarists. One might logically conclude that one of the guitar players, probably Whinnery), kicked in harmony-mode on his Helix to enable the 3-part guitar harmonies to be properly & exactly replicated. --- [2] Doobie Brothers lead guitarist, John McFee, uses Helix, a Variax Standard, & Line 6 Acoustic. In their YouTube vid, "Rig Rundown - The Doobie Brothers", 14:09-25:11, McFee explains his Variax Standard & Helix Floor (16:44) rig set up. He also explains his Line 6 Acoustic guitar (22:40). Listen to McFee's 11-minute portion of the vid, & McFee sets forth his case. ----- {b} On May 22, 2018, I saw the Doobs along with Steeley Dan at the Smoothie Center, New Orleans. The Doobs were their expected & normal great selves. In addition, that night in "Listen To The Music", you could hear McFee's banjo part in the song's live version. When you see the vid, you will understand. ----- [c] Indeed, Line 6 should pay some small gratuity to John for his fine recommendations. Richard :)
  9. I wonder if anyone is having the same issue as me: a VERY noisy tremolo on Variax Standard. Absolutely fine on Mags, but on piezo I am getting clunking noises and little clicks and a general noise as I move the tremolo. I have tried nut sauce on the tremolo screws, have set it up as two point by releasing 4 inner screws, have tried it floated and then flat, still the same issue. I found one source of noise was the cable going from trem block to the electronics through the hole in the wood. When I opened up the electronics plate, the cable was wedged underneath the other cables so when the trem moved, the cable was coiling up and pushing back at the trem and made some small mechanical noise. However, no matter what else I do, the trem is unusable on models. Does anyone else experience this and if so has anyone found a solution.
  10. Hi everyone, Newbie here. I just received a brand new Variax Standard today, and I frustratingly can't seem to get it connected in Workbench HD. It just says "Not connected." I am connecting the Variax to my Macbook (running MacOS Sierra) by the VDI (RJ-45 type) cable, plugged into the USB interface, with a fully charged battery and audio jack plugged in. The volume is turned all the way up, tuning set to standard, and the model selection knob disengaged. Line 6 Monkey seems to recognise the Variax is plugged in, and tells me the device firmware and all applications are up to date (screen shot attached). The guitar has been registered. The lights on the USB interface are both solid green (at the USB and Variax in ends), and I have tried a standard Ethernet cable that I know works, in case the VDI cable was faulty, but no go. I have no other USB drives etc. attached. Any help here would be much appreciated
  11. Hey. SO i baught a Variax Standard summer 2016 and so far ive been quite happy with it (i only use it for homestudio work), yesterday the guitar just sort of died while i was recording something (lost sound and signal), i had charged the battery the day before which made it weird, but anyways i just plugged it in the charger hoping that would fix it. Well, its now been blinking for 17 hours straight and when i put it in the guitar the back lights up then dies imidiately..As the batteries are kind of expensive (too me atleast) i want to make sure before i end up buying a new one.. SO i seem to remember that the variax is still playable without the battery but that to access the different models you have to have battery, but when i plug in the guitar (with or without the battery) the guitar makes NO sound at all, and acording to my daw its like its not even plugged in..Is my guitar ruined?? OR is it "just" my battery?? Please help a Norwegian out :) Edit: Also tried pressing the round flush black button next to the lights, it lights up all four for about 2 seconds then they all go black..
  12. Hello everyone. I recently bought Variax Standard for recording purposes. Mainly acoustic models, and Im very disappointed. 12 string sounds like it has added some very artificial synthy high pitched tone. In fact none of the acoustic models sounds acceptable. Im not pro guitarist and not looking for perfect projection of a real thing, just fairly pleasant sound. But when I hear my 12strings I guess if I asked some kid what instument is that, they would have problem recognising a guitar in it. Previously I had Variax600 and it had the same issue but I just got over it thinking that its just not very good guitar. Listening some line6 sound presentation of Standard, impressed with its sound I decided to upgrade from 600, but what I got is the same horrible sound I had before. 12 string is the most drastic example of bad sound of my Variax but electric models are not much better. Theyre nowhere close to what I can hear on YT variax presentations. I play Variax via digital Line6 cable to Pod x3live to PC. (I know x3 is bit old:) I tried many setups including everything off, no amps no comps. Got all firmware updated to the latest versions. Also tried playing via 1/4 on battery, and again.. same result. In couple of weeks I was planning to upgrade fx to Helix floor but now I dont know is it all worth it:( Im adding mp3 with the sample of my 12 string. If some of you good people could take some of your precious time to listen that ridiculous sound I'll be grateful:) Anyone had the same problem? Any ideas how can I improve it? Do you think that Helix could solve it? Do you think Line6 uses different electronics than they sell just for presentation purposes? :)) just kidding;)
  13. Just got this Thursday. So far I am really happy with it. Demo model from Sweetwater. I was not able to find the supposed minor blemish they said it had. I think it has a nice weight, balance, and neck. My only nit to pick is that the tip of the whammy handle is white. That doesn't look right to me on a guitar with a black pickguard and black pickup covers. I think I am going to have to buy a new handle with black tip. I think I will probably need to tweak some of the presets slightly for my personal preferences, but the alternate tunings are awesome. I have not noticed any strange artifacts or warbles yet. IMO it looks pretty damned good, too. I think this will be a very fun machine. Waiting for the SKB soft case I ordered for it to be delivered.
  14. Hello I'm thinking about and buying a Variax Standard at my local music store but the seller tells me that the software is not include. Can you download the software (Workbench)? Does it work?
  15. I've been thinking of purchasing a Variax guitar to go along with my POD-XT Live (Variax input) but - I'm on a bit of a tight budget so....what would be my best bet? Which version of the Variax is cheapest but still a workhorse of a guitar?? I'm basically looking for any one of the models that has a Rickenbacker sound until I can afford an actual Rickenbacker......I know that sounds stupid but - to me, there's nothing like the sound of the old Rickenbacker 370/12 like Roger McGuinn used with The Byrds (who I'm a huge fan of)! Also, is it possible to use the Variax guitar with my normal live setup (Tele with a B-Bender, Vox & Crybaby wahs, & '65 DRRI)?? Any help is much, much appreciated!
  16. I have submitted a ticket with Line 6 Support; but I thought I would ask if anybody was familiar with this issue. I was playing in RESO mode, Banjo, and when I went to other Models, it seems like everything sounds like a banjo now. real twangy. Is this possible? I just got the guitar last week (Variax Standard), and am a bedroom player, so I haven't used it that much since it arrived. Anyway, has anyone else experienced this? I did remove the battery for a few minutes and replace it; same thing. I left it off overnight too; same thing. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
  17. I thought this might be of interest to any Variax owners out there!
  18. Hello All, I've tried researching this topic myself but to no avail so I humbly come to the forum asking for help. I recently purchased a Line 6 Variax Standard (white) about 10 days ago. Three days ago, I finally got some time to explore the guitar. That's when I noticed that most of the alternate tunings when played through multiple amplifiers / heads give this horrible, screechy, octave, feedback when played. Standard works fine. Open G ("Blues G") works alright, except for the A string. Anything else, even 1/2 step down is unplayable. I really don't want to return the guitar as, when it comes to the model and playablity, I love it. What I've Done So Far 1. Downloaded Line 6 Monkey and reinstalled all firmware updates 2. Downloaded the workbench Are there any other patches / installations that can fix this, or is it a hardware issue that I will not be able to fix by myself? Overall, I think the guitar is awesome, but I can't look past the alternate tuning not work...even though I will, 99.9% of the time, play in standard. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Mike
  19. Hi, I bought a B-stock JTV-89F in summer. The first thing I reacted to was the very odd feel about the neck. It simply didn't feel right. I was too "round", kind of semicircular in transverse section. The next thing was the electronics, where the variax mode simply stopped functioning after the first use! But that's a separate topic... Now, my question is if any of you have had any experience with Variax Standard you can share with me. The specs say it has a flattened C-shape. I haven't found any info about the shape of 89F, so I don't know if they share more-or-less the same geometry. Also please let me know if you also experienced problems with the electronics and digital features. Cheers, J
  20. Got me Variax Standard two days ago..... plugged it up to my Helix and started going through all the models through one amp sim with no effects. I am kind of disappointed with the way the guitar models sound like. I connected up my Variax 500 to compare the models and the 500 sounds way way better and "fuller" than the HD models on the Standard. I will try updating the firmware and see if that improves the Variax Standards' HD models.
  21. I love my Variax standard and it's only being used for home use, I plug it into my spider amp ,and also use an old r.m.s acoustic amp for the acoustic side of things, my question is has anybody used one of the Yamaha thr amps with good results ? Also could I run my hd500x into the front of an thr ? . Thank you .
  22. Let me start by saying that overall, I am very happy with my new Variax Standard purchased direct from Line 6. The guitar came set up very well and plays like a dream. After I relearned how to assign a guitar model to each patch on my X3 Live pedal (the function is disabled in Gearbox) I was able to set up for a "basic" show such as I do. However, when trying to go a bit deeper into the options of my Variax Standard, I am running into problems. On some songs I play I use some different alt tunings, none that are on the alt tuning knob. I use both an acoustic and a "semi" with a 2-fret-capo and I also use a "semi" in double-drop-D. With my old V600 it was so easy to go into Variax Workbench, create these models, save them to one of the custom patches, then save that to the pedal. Now, with my Variax Standard, when trying to use the alt-tuning knob, I'm getting both the alternate tuning and the original tone. I was told this was because the mags were bleeding through and that function must be turned on and I would have to turn it off in Workbench HD. HOWEVER, Workbench HD doesn't seem to want to work on Windows 8. I fire it up and the 60 guitar patches load...I can usually change models and pickups, but if I go to save a model (and sometimes just randomly) I get an error message that Workbench HD is shutting down. It shuts down and locks the Variax up. I have to unplug/replug the cable for it to work again. I really hope there is some sort of software bug that is known about and is being fixed because I would really really be upset if I had to send a brand new $800 guitar back for repair after just receiving it. So basically, is Workbench HD having issues?? Is Line 6 aware of them? Are they working on a fix?
  23. I don't know what I expected, but I'm a little underwhelmed with the Variax Standard playing through the Amplifi 150. The VAriax Standard is modelling the sounds, but so is the Amplifi. I guess my question is: is there any need to use both together and What amp would you suggest using the VAriax with?
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