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  1. The tuning machines on my Variax Standard were Ping. Other than missing the branding logo they looked just like tuners from my Fender guitars. I strongly suspect that the product that you linked to will be a drop in replacement for the stock tuners on your Variax.
  2. I had read about that issue on the forums, so I checked the length of the screw with button on vs the main board cavity. It was just barely shorter than the distance to the cavity. The felt gave a wee bit additional stand off, too.
  3. I managed to find a pair of screws in my collection of stock strap buttons that was about the same length as the Variax Standard button screws and also fit into the Ernie Ball super lock buttons. Graph Tech Ratio locking tuners next.
  4. Just got this Thursday. So far I am really happy with it. Demo model from Sweetwater. I was not able to find the supposed minor blemish they said it had. I think it has a nice weight, balance, and neck. My only nit to pick is that the tip of the whammy handle is white. That doesn't look right to me on a guitar with a black pickguard and black pickup covers. I think I am going to have to buy a new handle with black tip. I think I will probably need to tweak some of the presets slightly for my personal preferences, but the alternate tunings are awesome. I have not noticed any strange artifacts or warbles yet. IMO it looks pretty damned good, too. I think this will be a very fun machine. Waiting for the SKB soft case I ordered for it to be delivered.
  5. Yes, you can configure that in Workbench HD. You can also do it directly on the guitar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wmc7TP_uEY
  6. I would run the signal from the Helix into the AUX in jack of the Spider V. When I was researching for my Spider V 240HC purchase I read someone's positive opinion about the success they had with that setup. Right now I connect my Variax Standard to my Spider V with the wireless adapter in the 1/4" jack and enjoy that setup, but I think I might like to get a Helix LT in the future and connect the Variax with VDI and run Helix into AUX. Cheers
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