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  1. I am trying update Helix Floor from 2.80 to 2.81. The Updater screen shows no devices to update. I know that the Helix is connected, because Helix Edit recognizes it. Suggestions? Thank you.
  2. The point is moot for me, the OP-I returned the Variax. It wasn’t for me. Consequently, I have a new Line 6 VDI cable for sale.
  3. Could someone be kind enough to go through the steps of using the expression pedal to transition between two snapshots? Thank you.
  4. I was looking for something more rugged than the Line 6 VDI. When I owned an AXE FX II, I had an an ethercon cable custom made to go to the foot controller. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Hello, all: I have been using the Helix for awhile, and I just bought a JTV69HSS. My intention is to start using the Variax for gigging. I have the Helix set up so that the top switches control patch change, and the bottom control snapshots. I would like a patch that starts with an acoustic model, goes into a crunchy Strat chorus and then goes to a Les Paul solo. I’d like to increase the volume and delay for the solo with one switch. How is this done? Thank you.
  6. Hello, all: I have a 69HSS on the way. I have a question about alternate tunings. Can I use the Workbench software to create capoed tunings? For example, there are certain songs where our vocalist needs to change the key, and I may use a capo on the first or second fret. Can I change key with the tuning knob? Thank you.
  7. Rvroberts, I said path, not patch. MusicLaw, I understand what you are saying. Thank you. However, I am inquiring as to the use of the Editor to create the additional paths.
  8. A fellow forumite answered my question about using the editor to save variations of a patch as snapshots-terrific! Now a new question: I understand that each path can only have, at most, 8 units. I find that I sometimes need to add additional units. For example, I want to add a wah after a noisegate. How do I add the additional units using the editor? Thank you.
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