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  1. dkleiner

    Scratchy Expression Pedal on the Helix.

    Off to Line 6 for repair.
  2. dkleiner

    Scratchy Expression Pedal on the Helix.

    Taking the unit apart is the only option?
  3. Hello, all: I am the original owner of my Helix Floor. I’ll have to check my receipt, but I believed I purchased it in 2016 from Sweetwater. The expression pedal’s movement has become noisy and scratchy. I believe it is emanating from the heel. I watched an online video showing the repair, and I don’t feel comfortable doing it myself. For those that have paid for the repair, have you sent it back to Line 6 as opposed to taking it to a local non-authorized shop? thank you.
  4. dkleiner

    Running Helix to FOH and Powered Speaker simultaneously

    If I am using XLR cables only, can I send the one to my powered mono and the other to FOH and still be able to control the volume knob on the monitor’s out only?
  5. I want to buy a gig-worthy cable for the Variax. Thank you.
  6. dkleiner

    Helix in the wild - The Doobie Brothers

    I love the Doobies, and I LOVED tge video. Thank you!