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Found 5 results

  1. JTV-69 Tremolo arm Diameter: 5.5mm JTV-69 Tremolo arm thread pitch: M4-.07 Applicable replacements: Gotoh A7: Wilkinson / Gotoh VS-100: Variax Standard Tremolo arm Diameter: 5.5mm Variax Standard Tremolo arm thread pitch: M5-.08
  2. I remember browsing this forum a while ago, reading of an alternative to the tremol-no. Does anyone know what that is? Is there a reason why you prefer that over the tremel-no? I've been noticing that my 69's modelling (especially with the Twang and Spank) has been "plunk"-y in comparison to the magnetic pickups and my experience with single-coil guitars. I've been wondering if the floating nature of my setup is contributing to that sound. The "plunk"-yness is especially noticeable with the lower E and A strings. I was hoping a system like the tremol-no can "block" the trem and give me a livelier response on-demand (obviously, giving up the use of the trem arm). I should also mention that my guitar has a maple fingerboard, so the all-maple-ness could contribute to the softer response of the lower strings. Regardless, the 69 is an outstanding super-strat guitar. Using the non-locking-nut tremolo is as good as it gets for me: smooth action and doesn't go out of tune. It really makes playing with the acoustic models really, really fun. This guitar was my first foray into trem guitars, and I'm very happy this trem system has given me zero headaches so far!
  3. I am a long time Line 6 user. I have 6 Variax guitars and gone through the gambit of POD's. I just recently purchased a Firehawk FX because I am now traveling weekly in a Praise & Worship band and I just needed something basic. All the presets seem to work well with the exception of the "Country Tremolo" When I use that pre-set (of even when I saved it to a user location) I must tap or touch the FX button to get the tremolo to work. Once I do that it starts working - I then go to another location such as Acoustic Chorus and it works just fine. When I go back to the user location (or preset) for Country Tremolo I have to again tap or slightly turn the FX button to get the sound to work correctly. I have re-flashed the unit 2 times via Line 6 updater......needless to say I cannot continue to have to reach down and tap the button with my hand or foot to make the Tremolo work each time. Not that I use it a great deal, however, I do use it enough that it will be very inconvenient and then very frustrating to have to continue to do so. I am communicating with Line 6 Tech support but waiting 3 days in between "Try this" or "Did you try this" is getting almost as frustrating as the issue itself. Has anyone here had the same issue or able to give me suggestions on a way to fix this? Thank you in advance for any suggestions - I am willing to try anything at this point - even sending it back and keeping my POD HD500X. Regards, David
  4. I wonder if anyone is having the same issue as me: a VERY noisy tremolo on Variax Standard. Absolutely fine on Mags, but on piezo I am getting clunking noises and little clicks and a general noise as I move the tremolo. I have tried nut sauce on the tremolo screws, have set it up as two point by releasing 4 inner screws, have tried it floated and then flat, still the same issue. I found one source of noise was the cable going from trem block to the electronics through the hole in the wood. When I opened up the electronics plate, the cable was wedged underneath the other cables so when the trem moved, the cable was coiling up and pushing back at the trem and made some small mechanical noise. However, no matter what else I do, the trem is unusable on models. Does anyone else experience this and if so has anyone found a solution.
  5. Hi All, I've a nice black JTV69, I bought it in 2011. Since then I use it almost every day. However I noticed that after some tremolo usage the guitar goes out of tune all the time. During the last string change I checked the tremolo bridge and I noticed that the knife edges seems to be really used. I took some pictures, please check them: The problem is that, I really don't know what should I do now, because this type of bridge is very special and I cannot buy a new one in the local music stores. I found one on fullcompass but its quite expensive and I really don't need new saddles and tremolo block etc. Only the bridge plate with the kinfe edges. Have you got any idea how should I repair it? Have you got any experience about bad/used kinfe edges on JTV69 guitars? Thank you in advance! Norbert
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