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  1. Not so easy ... it was an eBay purchase! Not ideal, so would prefer the try and sort out. When you say "if it's what I think it is", what might that be?
  2. I wonder if anyone is having the same issue as me: a VERY noisy tremolo on Variax Standard. Absolutely fine on Mags, but on piezo I am getting clunking noises and little clicks and a general noise as I move the tremolo. I have tried nut sauce on the tremolo screws, have set it up as two point by releasing 4 inner screws, have tried it floated and then flat, still the same issue. I found one source of noise was the cable going from trem block to the electronics through the hole in the wood. When I opened up the electronics plate, the cable was wedged underneath the other cables so when the trem moved, the cable was coiling up and pushing back at the trem and made some small mechanical noise. However, no matter what else I do, the trem is unusable on models. Does anyone else experience this and if so has anyone found a solution.
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