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  1. I control my FH from either my Android phone or I purchased an older Ipad 2 and it works great
  2. I use the Fire Hawk with a 500 and a 700 Variax. Correct you can't program in alternate tunings, but you can do that on the guitar - all other Fire Hawk capabilities work just fine with the older Variaxs'
  3. Actually technical support found the issue. I saved the pre-set to a a new user location. The stock tremolo is very light - when I taped the or moved the FX button it would increase the tremolo....what I was not doing was saving the new setting....thus when I returned the sound had reverted back to the "Stock" sound.....I taped the button - arrived at the sound I wanted and "SAVED" it to the new user location and all is well. Thank you Line 6 Technical support and THANK YOU to all here that offered suggestions! Best Regards, David
  4. I will take a look at that and see if that corrects the issue. This happened from the start....right out of the box prior to my saving the preset to a user location. It also happens on the preset as well. Let me give your suggestion a try and get back. Thank you for the help, it is much appreciated!!
  5. I have to tap or turn the knob marked FX (the knob at the top of the unit 2nd knob to the left of the large Master volume control knob. No I have not looked at the turning the tremolo FX block on via the remote app. I will take a look there and report back. Thank you for the suggestion!! I just checked and YES the FX block was turned on via the remote app. I turned it on and off a couple of times, but I still have to tap or turn the FX knob to get the unit to give me tremolo......
  6. I am a long time Line 6 user. I have 6 Variax guitars and gone through the gambit of POD's. I just recently purchased a Firehawk FX because I am now traveling weekly in a Praise & Worship band and I just needed something basic. All the presets seem to work well with the exception of the "Country Tremolo" When I use that pre-set (of even when I saved it to a user location) I must tap or touch the FX button to get the tremolo to work. Once I do that it starts working - I then go to another location such as Acoustic Chorus and it works just fine. When I go back to the user location (or preset) for Country Tremolo I have to again tap or slightly turn the FX button to get the sound to work correctly. I have re-flashed the unit 2 times via Line 6 updater......needless to say I cannot continue to have to reach down and tap the button with my hand or foot to make the Tremolo work each time. Not that I use it a great deal, however, I do use it enough that it will be very inconvenient and then very frustrating to have to continue to do so. I am communicating with Line 6 Tech support but waiting 3 days in between "Try this" or "Did you try this" is getting almost as frustrating as the issue itself. Has anyone here had the same issue or able to give me suggestions on a way to fix this? Thank you in advance for any suggestions - I am willing to try anything at this point - even sending it back and keeping my POD HD500X. Regards, David
  7. how do I ask a question on the forum

  8. I am having the same issue. Is that normal or should it return to the setting it was at when I power it down? Regards David C
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