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  1. Dazzer40

    forgot password

    just want to let you all know its all working now , not sure why it took so long might have had something to do with me login in on the old computer .
  2. Dazzer40

    best speaker

    Just wondering what you guys are using for with your helix , At the moment Its only for home use, I am thinking of frfr or do you think its over kill for volume ?
  3. Just update helix LT to 2.60 and for got to do a back up, Its new only got it today so I am just making sure if will not matter .
  4. Dazzer40

    forgot password

    think they might have blocked my account as I did try to remember the password but it came up as wrong . so then I did the email retrieve username or password but it doesn't send unless you have to wait .
  5. Dazzer40

    forgot password

    my old computer saved the password it doesn't show the password only stars but lets me login , I have a new laptop so I need the password to log on from that .
  6. Dazzer40

    forgot password

    Forgot my password to my account so I filled in the forgot password by email, says it sent it but I have been waiting 10 minutes , re sent it again still no email back, does anyone know how long it takes ?
  7. I haven't used a mixer before but I will mostly set mine up the same way and use my laptop for backing tracks , Just wondering if you are using mic level or line and how are you finding the sound? , I found this helix video they say to set both 1/4 and lrx to line and the mixer if you can .
  8. I have ordered my helix LT so I will get to test that soon so thanks for clearing that up , At the moment I am basically the sound man , I would like to know if I was to create a patch at line level and I was to then change it to mic level would I have to re tweak the patch for the change or would the patch sound the same minus the volume change . .
  9. yes but he could easy change it from inside the helix for XLR to be line level so I thought they might have been a reason for him to stay at mic level with XLR .
  10. Hi! thanks for your help , I just wanted to know why you run at mic level and not line to your the mixer
  11. I have some questions about using the helix lt with my 802 xenyx mixer , My first question is Should I use 1/4 or lxr ? my mixer only have 2 xlr inputs and there for mic so I guess I will have to use 1/4 or I could get a cross cable from 1/4 to xlr ,also I will be using stereo so I will be using 2 channels on the mixer . so if anyone has experience in using a mixer with the helix LT I would like to hear any tips .
  12. Well its for home use it will be my go to amp for playing at home , I will be using it with studio monitors maybe a mixer ,
  13. I am looking to buy a hd500x or firehawk fx and I am not sure which one two get , Do they sound the same? I have read up on both and I still cant decided I have heard some people say the firehawk sounds a little bit better but I don't know if this is true .
  14. Just want to know the best way to connect my firehawk to my mixer ? should I use the 1/4 out or the xlr ? also will I need a DI box?
  15. Dazzer40

    helix two guitars

    Is it possible to use 2 passive guitars at the same time with my helix LT ?
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