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  1. Hi Maxi. I hope you've found an answer to this, but just in case you haven't. Have you checked that you didn't have the expression pedal volume off i.e. pedal up not flat, when you saved the pre-set. I did this by mistake once when swapping a sound to another patch with the volume pedal off and the panic was setting in when I didn't get any volume when I returned to the sound later and it took me a while to figure out what was going on. Only a small point but not obvious as most volume pedals I've used keep the volume tset to whatever the actual pedal is set to rather than a patch setting irrespective of where the actual pedal is. Bit nuts, but you get used to it. Cheers Dave
  2. Hi Guys As it turns out I was bought one for Christmas. So two things. Firstly it definitely is OK with a Clapton Strat. Secondly, it came with the adapter shown in the pic above in the box so problem solved either way. Nice one Line 6. Cheers Hope you all had a good Christmas and have a great new year.
  3. Well clearly you have your view and I have mine. Like I said, we'll have to agree to disagree. You're correct about returns policy, especially if bought online. But I'd rather know beforehand as buying it and then finding out it doesn't work and having to return it is a problem I'd rather not have and I don't think it's unreasonable to ask. Also, I didn't mean anything derogatory by the 'more gear than you' quip so apologies if you took it that way.
  4. Phil Again, thanks for taking the time to response and whilst you're an Uber Guru you're still not a line6 official. I never said they mis-represented anything but as I said (and I've no idea what the situation is in the US) over here if you buy something and it doesn't work you get your money back, I'm not making it up. It's the law. There's no provision for 'well if you buy this as well then it'll work, or if you re-wire your existing kit it'll work'. It has to do what it says it will. But as they've said there IS and issue and they know what that issue there is a clear design flaw in the product. Don't get me wrong I'm a line 6 fan, in fact I've got more of their gear than you have, I just don't have the time spend doing loads of posts. If there's an adapter than may be needed to make it work on ANY guitar then it should be in the box or at the very least a voucher that states if you have this issue then you get one free of charge. It's not like I've got a weird exotic off the wall guitar. My son built an electric guitar. Would I expect them to know if it works with that. Of course not. But it's a strat with active electronics onboard. Should they know whether it'll work or not. Yes they should. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Cheers David
  5. Hi Darrell Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the time you've taken however, whilst I'm sure it's very simple to re-jig the wiring or to buy the adapter, but I'm afraid in the UK we have a very simple law. If you buy it and it doesn't do what it says you get a refund. It's called mis-selling. Either it works or it doesn't and I'm afraid I'm not going to buy something on the off chance it might work or require me to do additional purchases or fiddling with something that already works fine to make it work. Simply not acceptable. Maybe a Line6 employee could answer the question. Thanks David
  6. Hi All Thinking of getting one of these but this thread has me a bit worried. Anyone know if it works with a Clapton strat which has active electronics? I'm not going to buy one if I then have additional expense just to get it to work. Thanks David
  7. Hi All Apologies if this has been asked and answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything. Just bought the unit today. Updated the firmware to the latest version and connects to my android tablet and phone without any issues. But if, for example, I switch the unit off when it's on Bank 23 patch C it doesn't seem to remember that when I switch it back on it's back on Bank 01 Patch A. As I missing something. I've used loads of other multi effects units in the past and they all remember where you last were. Thanks David
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