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  1. Is there any Inteligent Harmonizer for the FX100 Multiefect? Thank you very much in advance. Maxi
  2. No the pedal is enabled on all effects. It doesn't happend again since i calibrate the expression pedal, but it's al little confusing how it works when you change an effect, like the FX100 does not respect the current position of the expression pedal and the volume is set to whatever the pod wants. Thank you for your answer. Maxi
  3. Hi, i own a Amplifi Fx100 pod, i started using it 5 days ago and last night while i was jaming with my band mates i switched from A preset (have a volume control on the the expression pedal from 80% to 100%) to C preset (have a delay mix control) on my board, and the volume goes to 0, everything was muted, even if i choose the D preset still Muted. The only solution i found is to go to the A preset, press the expression pedal and then go back to the C preset. What's going on? Is this a firmware bug? I'ts hard to trust to the unit for using it in live performance if this things usually happends. Hope anyone have any idea of what's going on. Maxi
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