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  1. --- [1] Last Saturday, 6/8/19, at L'Auberge Casino, Baton Rouge, we saw Little River Band. Before the concert, I went up to the stage to see the LRB guitarists' guitar setups. Both of the quite talented guitarists (Rich Haring, lead; Collin Whinnery, 2nd Ld) used Helix floors. They had no such silly things as guitar amps. Yuck. For guitar monitors, Haring had a PowerCab, looked like a 12"; & Whinnery had a Headrush, looked like FRFR112. During the concert, the guitars sounded great. --- [2] Last year (April 2018) at L'Auberge, LRB had just started using the Helixes. After this 6/8/19 concert, at the band autograph-signing meet-&-greet, as I had done in 2018, I asked Whinnery how he was doing with his Helix. He said that he loved his Helix. --- [3] Line 6 company people, you should contact these two guitarist, & get them to endorse the Helix. I know that I love my Helix LT. Danke & Slainte, Richard
  2. hideout, a short & simple response - Yes !!!! You are completely correct, especially for your formerly aching, but now happy back. :)
  3. Coda, --- [1] """ When I saw them their guitar tech came out and grabbed a third guitar for Night Owls :)""" Yes, I remember that experience (the guitar-tech playing the 3rd-part guitar harmony on "Night Owls" & also (I think) on "Help Is On Its Way" with LRB. That occurred for a number of years (about 3 years or so). If I remember correctly, this situation was probably before 2006 with Steve Housden on lead guitar. (I've seen LRB quite a bit since 2000. Pretty much every year, I catch LRB, 38 Special, & the Doobs when they appear in or near New Orleans {mostly Biloxi}. They are all great groups with wonderful & beautiful music, most well played, & with many memories.) --- [2] --- {a} """ John has been a Line 6 users for years.... going direct as far back as the POD XT and Variax 700. He's a huge advocate of their products.""" John is a guitar-beast, who is incredibly tasteful. I love him. --- {b} In the vid from Jul 25, 2017, John said that he had used Line 6 products for about 10 years, with Boss products before that. --- [3] Between my LRB-Helix experience & guitar-tech explanation, & McFee's Line 6 vid explanation & accolades, I added a Helix LT on this past July 6th to my Variax JTV-69, purchased in July 2017. With my Line 6 products, my perfectly fine, excellent, & enjoyable Boss GT-100 will just have to collect dust. Life moves on, just like with members of nearly all bands, especially bands that have been around for 40 or so years. Slainte, Richard :)
  4. --- [1] ----- [a] In this past mid-April 2018, I saw Little River Band at L'Auberge Casino, Baton Rouge, La. I got to the concert early & entered the venue when the doors were opened about an hour or so before the concert. ----- {b} ------- {i} Quickly being bored in my seat & with about 45 minutes to go before the concert, I went to the stage & see LRB's set up, which was complete. While at the stage, I saw that at both of LRB's guitar players' (Rich Herring (lead) & Colin Whinnery (co-lead, rhythm)) stations were Helix Floors. I struck up a conversation with one of the near roadies (quite probably the guitar roadie). The roadie said up until this tour, LRB had used rented AC30 amps. However, on this tour, both guitar players were using Helixes. The roadie said that the guitarists loved their Helixes. Further, he said that the Helixes simplified & expedited setup & made the house mix much easier to perfect. ------- [ii] After the concert in the venue's lobby, at the LRB meet & greet the crowd get together, I asked Whinnery about the Helix. He said that he loved the Helix, & that he was going to purchase another one for his home. ------- [iii] Also & quite expectedly, LRB sounded great vocally (lush multi-2, 3, & 4-part vocals; all five members sing), instrumentally, & twin-guitar wise. They sounded like LRB, & they are LRB. Further, there was no way that anyone could tell if the LRB guitarists were using real amps & stomp-boxes or Helix, which sounded. ------- [iv] Point of note: In LRB's songs, "Help Is On Its Way" (2-part harmony guitar phrase, followed by a 3-part harmony guitar phrase) & "Night Owls" (3-part harmony guitar phrases), 3-part guitar harmony phrases were performed by the two guitarists. One might logically conclude that one of the guitar players, probably Whinnery), kicked in harmony-mode on his Helix to enable the 3-part guitar harmonies to be properly & exactly replicated. --- [2] Doobie Brothers lead guitarist, John McFee, uses Helix, a Variax Standard, & Line 6 Acoustic. In their YouTube vid, "Rig Rundown - The Doobie Brothers", 14:09-25:11, McFee explains his Variax Standard & Helix Floor (16:44) rig set up. He also explains his Line 6 Acoustic guitar (22:40). Listen to McFee's 11-minute portion of the vid, & McFee sets forth his case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMPK8XTVFWc&t=1523s ----- {b} On May 22, 2018, I saw the Doobs along with Steeley Dan at the Smoothie Center, New Orleans. The Doobs were their expected & normal great selves. In addition, that night in "Listen To The Music", you could hear McFee's banjo part in the song's live version. When you see the vid, you will understand. ----- [c] Indeed, Line 6 should pay some small gratuity to John for his fine recommendations. Richard :)
  5. [A] brue58ski, Thanks, for your response. I think that I now have a handle on the Helix & Helix LT. From your internet name here, it seems that you may have been born in 1958. For informational purposes, I was born in 1948, the same year as Ted Nugent. :) Everyone, Now a giant & important set of questions with information: --- [1] Is the Line 6 Helix/Helix LT or is the Boss GT-100 a better guitar multi-effects processor? --- [2] If the Helix/Helix LT is better than the GT-100 & because I already have a GT-100 (purchased for a bit less than $400 delivered), is it worth purchasing a Helix LT for between $950 - $1000? --- [3] Additional information is that in addition to other guitars, I also own a Line 6 Variax JTV-69 guitar. As everyone here knows, with one button push, the Helix/Helix LT can change the JTV-69 guitar-types, alternate tunings, etc., a true convenience in live performances. --- [4] I appreciate your opinions. Thanks a bunch, Richard, richardcuccia@hotmail.com, richardcuccia@cox.net
  6. You mentioned, "The main differences between the Helix and the Helix LT are the hardware. It will do everything the Helix floor model will do." I think I know the response, but I have small bit of confusion. Another question from me. Is the Helix LT also to be used on the floor, like the higher model Helix, the Helix? Thanks, Richard
  7. Duh. I apologize for being inexplicit in my second post of 10:11 am, 2/2/18. Please, let me restate. In addition to the Helix, will the Helix LT achieve the circumstances which you kindly & most quickly set forth above? Thanks, Richard
  8. """The Helix will change: The Model The Tuning The pickup (It changes this along with the model. The models are tied to the pickups. So whatever pickup the model has is what you will get. Example: SPANK 1 is a Strat with the bridge pickup, SPANK 4 is a Strat with the neck pickup.) The tone knob The volume knob And you can lock any combination or all of the knobs. You can also assign either the volume or tone knob to a parameter. So you could assign the tone knob to a delay's delay time and adjust it on the fly from your guitar. So it will do all you describe and more.""" Wow!!! Thanks, for the near instant response to my post. That was some fast. Hopefully, only one more question from me: Which Helix Multi-Effects units will achieve the circumstances which you kindly & most quickly set forth above? Thanks, Richard
  9. I have a JTV-69 guitar. I would really like to change multiple JTV-69 settings with simple single button pushes. ----- For instance, with one button push, I would like to go from a 2nd pickup switch position Acoustic 1970 Martin D12-28 (a 12-string guitar) to a Lester 5th position pickup switch position (1959 Gibson Les Paul, neck pickup). Then with another single button push, I want to return back to the 70 Martin 12-string. ----- To achieve my desire, is there any Helix guitar multi-effects unit which will, with single button pushes active, change, readjust, etc. & subsequently return back the JTV-69's settings of the: [a] Guitar Model Selector, Guitar Tuning Knob, [c] Pickup Selector Switch, &/or [d] any other JTV-69 setting? Thanks, for the info. Richard, richardcuccia@hotmail.com
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