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  1. SOrry for the comfusion. As far as the volume thing goes, that was back when after my guitar "died" and i thought the battery was ruined, i tried plugging the guitar in WITHOUT the battery and got no sound and got scared maybe the guitar itself was ruined and not just the battery, turned out that i had just turned down the volume-knob and the guitar worked fine without battery (me still convinced it was the battery and not having access to the models), SO i took the battery out again and put it back in the charger and for the next 17 hours just blinking, when i put it back in my guitar the lights light up for about 2 seconds but i cant turn the guitar models on. (the flush button is a round button on the side of the lights that is meant to serve as a way to see how much battery power you have left, so you can click it and depending on how many lights that light up, thats how much power you have left). Im starting to think maybe theres a problem with where i place the battery, like it loses connection with the battery or something? i dont know, but it seems i have a fully charged battery that my guitar recognizes but that for some reason dont work properly..
  2. My original problem was that the guitar died while i was recording, even though i thought i had just charged the battery i put it in the charger and it just kept blinking for 17 hours. If things is how you say it seems my guitar is dead then? Or atleast the part with the guitar models, because if my battery is fully charged i cant turn on the guitar. When i click the "flush" button everything lights up for a few seconds then nothing, and if i plug my guitar in, i can play it without the battery/models turned on, but nothing happens when i try to turn it on..
  3. Or anyone else for that matter..The fact that my battery lights up is that saying its okay and its the charger thats the problem? Or is my battery shot? Or what? Any ideas?? what can i try??
  4. turned out i had just tuned the volume down on the guitar so it works fine without the battery in. BUT are you saying that the battery is fine based the fact that it lights up? im thinking guarantee-wise its a 2 year old guitar and charger so prolly wont get any help there, but what can i try if you think the battery is fine? I have other electric guitars so obviously the draw towards variax was to have access to all the models in one guitar...
  5. Hey. SO i baught a Variax Standard summer 2016 and so far ive been quite happy with it (i only use it for homestudio work), yesterday the guitar just sort of died while i was recording something (lost sound and signal), i had charged the battery the day before which made it weird, but anyways i just plugged it in the charger hoping that would fix it. Well, its now been blinking for 17 hours straight and when i put it in the guitar the back lights up then dies imidiately..As the batteries are kind of expensive (too me atleast) i want to make sure before i end up buying a new one.. SO i seem to remember that the variax is still playable without the battery but that to access the different models you have to have battery, but when i plug in the guitar (with or without the battery) the guitar makes NO sound at all, and acording to my daw its like its not even plugged in..Is my guitar ruined?? OR is it "just" my battery?? Please help a Norwegian out :) Edit: Also tried pressing the round flush black button next to the lights, it lights up all four for about 2 seconds then they all go black..
  6. Okay. thanks for help! way to download software showed up as soon as i plugged it in correctly :) All works fine! thanks
  7. delete that :) Found the cable :) But i dont have the software in question..you said it came with the guitar, dont seem i have it, anywhere i can find it?
  8. I cant find it in the box i have..All i find is a empty box for battery and charger and the manual..this sucks :(
  9. Hmm..doesnt seem like any cables came with it..I sinceerly doubt i threw anything away, included was the guitar, battery, chargercable and a card with serial numbers etc.. ? Useless without the specific cable? or should i try to find the "Variax Workbench Interface."
  10. This summer i baught a variax guitar (variax standard). I love the accoustic presets and have a lot of fun messing about in my homestudio, but lately ive seen tons of vids on youtube etc.. where people use the workbench to sorta make new guitars, tweaqes etc.. And i would LOVE to try that. Once i got the guitar i installed both the workbench and the linemonkey, but havnt tried any of them until today, and i cant get it to work :( So i was hoping someone could tell me what im doing wrong.. My set up is: The guitar is plugged into my "focusrite solo" with a standard electric guitar cable, the focusrite is plugged into my computer via USB. I have the guitar "on" with the lights glowing on model and tuning and fully charged battery. *I doubleclick the variax workbench symbol on my desktop and get a grey thingy that pops up and says "MIDI port error, the midi port you have selected could not be opened"- I dont think i have selected a midi port, but maybe my settings elsewhere is wrong, in my DAW i use the "Focusrite ASIO" (simply because it works well on my guitars, mics and even my midi-keyboard so maybe that is something? I then click "configure" and up comes a handful of drawings of guitars with an "X" and next to it it says " Microsoft GS wavetable synth" on OUT and "No device detected" next to the ones that doesnt say "variax". I have also downloaded and installed the USB driver called "Variax USB Interface Driver v1.0.7.2 Installer.exe". But things remain the same..Am i missing something? I had hoped it would pop right up after my guitar was plugged in and turned on.. Thanks in advance RobertAllan
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