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  1. Actually, scratch that.....it's not the speaker cable, either. I've still got the same issue....except that I didn't mention this: When I press down on the footswitch, it seems that I hear a very quick "surge" in the volume level then the preset goes back to the low volume level that it's currently at. Could it be the footswitch, itself, causing this issue? It's hard to explain the "volume boost/jump" without letting ya'll hear it - and I don't know how to record a quick sound sample so that ya'll can, in fact, hear it. I'd sure appreciate some insight into this issue because it's bugging the snot out of me!!!!!
  2. I found out what the issue with the "volume" is......it's my '65 DRRI's internal speaker cable. Gonna have to get a new one. *sgh*
  3. A couple of days ago I was playing my guitar and when I clicked on my favorite preset, 5C, the volume level wasn't very loud even when the pedal on the XT was in the "toe-down" position. the other presets were perfect volume-wise except for 5C. I tried re-calibrating the pedal thinking that that might be the issue but - nope - still having that issue. Anybody got any ideas?
  4. Yeah, I do need to learn to do that. Unfortunately, I'm very low on funds and don't have a USB cable to connect to my 'puter so I can save my presets so....I'll just have to be careful.
  5. That did, in fact, work very well. I'll do my best not to screw up another preset. LOL!!!
  6. All of the other settings/effects, I left completely alone (except for maybe a slight edit on some of the volume levels). If you could tell me what your settings are, I can definitely dial them in and save it. :) I was hoping that I could remember what the default setting was but - my memory ain't as good as it used to be and unless I write something down (which is what I should have done in this situation) I usually wind up forgetting it. Thanks SO much for your help!!!
  7. I hope this post goes through: Recently I was editing setting "5C" on my POD-XT Live and I've totally screwed it up, somehow, from what its "default" setting normally is (I'm too much of a wuss to seriously edit some of the effects because I know I'll forget what the default settings are) and I don't know how to "edit" it as-it-is to get the default effect setting back!!! Can someone please help me out???
  8. Even though I've played guitar for over thirty years, I've never quite understood what it meant to place one effect before or after the other. Can you explain this a little further for me? Much thanks!! Bill, so basically, to get this effect, I'd have to shell out some serious cash and purchase a vintage Colorsound/Sola-Sound fuzz/wah/swell pedal?? Crap....... <_<
  9. I posted this question recently but - I guess I posted in the incorrect part of the community: With a Line6 POD-XT Live, is it possible to re-create a wah/fuzz/volume swell effect (they're all one single effect)?? Legendary guitarist, James Burton, used this very effect on a recording that he did with Elvis Presley, "Where Do I Go From Here?" in March, 1972. When I first heard the song, I of course, immediately loved the effect and when I got my POD-XT Live, I wanted to try to re-create that same effect but - can it be done? Also, I think that James should be listed in the section of the site with the guitarists and the gear they used. (Just my opinion, of course). Here's the song:
  10. First of all, I'm a huge fan of Elvis Presley - especially his work from 1969-1977 with legendary guitarist, James Burton, who had previously worked (1957-1966) with the late Rick Nelson as his guitarist for nearly ten years. Here's my inquiry: During the March 27-29, 1972 Hollywood, CA recording sessions (part of which can be seen in "Elvis On Tour"), Elvis recorded a song called, "Where Do I Go From Here?" and James played a simple intro that used a wah/fuzz/volume pedal. Is it possible to re-create this kind of effect on a Line6 POD-XT Live or should I just save money and buy a Colorsound Fuzz/Wah/Volume pedal? I've posted a link to the song. Any help would be kindly appreciated. Where Do I Go From Here? Also, just out of curiosity, why is James and his gear not listed in "Tone Templates"?? I know he's not really a modern rock guitarist but, IMO, his sound (and style) influenced many guitarists from that era and from the 80s as well. I think he should be included. I know what his guitars and amps are/were both back in the 1970s and nowadays so.....if someone needs a bit of help, I can help out.
  11. So, I can still have my usual setup plus the Variax? Cool!! Thank you, fellas, and thanks for the tips on which is best.
  12. I've been thinking of purchasing a Variax guitar to go along with my POD-XT Live (Variax input) but - I'm on a bit of a tight budget so....what would be my best bet? Which version of the Variax is cheapest but still a workhorse of a guitar?? I'm basically looking for any one of the models that has a Rickenbacker sound until I can afford an actual Rickenbacker......I know that sounds stupid but - to me, there's nothing like the sound of the old Rickenbacker 370/12 like Roger McGuinn used with The Byrds (who I'm a huge fan of)! Also, is it possible to use the Variax guitar with my normal live setup (Tele with a B-Bender, Vox & Crybaby wahs, & '65 DRRI)?? Any help is much, much appreciated!
  13. I also downloaded GearBox this morning and it's working perfectly with Windows 10 so far. It would be nice if Line6 would actually update it to where it is officially compatible with Windows 10 systems.
  14. Thanks a buch!! I've got a USB cable sitting here next to me. I appreciate the help!!
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