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  1. This isn't the USB issue that's at the heart of the Line 6 warning. That refers to the G10T, which is the transmitter half of the G10 system. The transmitter can be purchased separately and used as a standalone with some Spider amplifiers. It can also be used with an optional USB charging cable, which is referred to in the warning. It's the transmitter that contains the battery which has been found to be susceptible to overheating. The issue addressed in this thread refers to what many consider to be a reliability design flaw in the power connector to the G10 receiver.
  2. Agreed! This is similar to Apple degrading the performance of some older iPhones, supposedly as a means of protecting users from data loss. They got caught doing that and had to offer reasonably-priced battery replacements. My experience with Line 6 has been they are not very forthcoming with information about repairs that they make. After sending an Amplifi 150 across the country at an expense of over $100, it was repaired and sent back to me without explanation. I had to ask after-the-fact, and the information I received was very sketchy. Please keep us in the loop with Line 6's response to your inquiry. Your experience is making me hesitate to load the new firmware...
  3. I have to say that I think it's pretty irresponsible that Line 6 issued this recommendation in such an obscure location, which very few of us had an opportunity to see, when our gear registrations provide contact information that would permit them to get the information into our hands almost immediately. They're sure quick to notify us when there's something new to buy... Suppose I hadn't checked into the forum today and seen this, and had a house-fire caused by an overheating G10 battery. Line 6's cavalier attitude towards direct notification would certainly come under scrutiny should it become known that they refused to immediately contact current owners of the product. We should come first! Put out the notices to the community and the trade magazine AFTER you notify customers at potential peril.
  4. Commenting on the original question here, not the mag pickups swap question... I have a Korean JTV-59 and it's similar in weight, neck size & shape, etc., to my Les Paul Deluxe. No surprises there, because it's built pretty much to emulate a Gibson solidbody. It's pretty well-constructed and plays easily enough, right out of the box. I've never taken it in for a pro setup after receiving it from Sweetwater years ago. When I got it, I was accustomed to playing either a Strat Plus Deluxe, or my original Variax, which became known as the Variax 500. I didn't 'take' to the '59 right away, and didn't play it much for the first several years of ownership. I'm mostly a bedroom player, but I took over temporarily for a sick guitar player a couple of years ago, and found out that my Strat needed fretwork, and the Variax 500 had developed an reliability problem, so I started acclimating myself to the JTV. By this time, it had sat unused for a long time, and the battery wasn't good at holding a charge, so I played all of my gigs using the stock mag pickups. And I was satisfied with them. (not a pro, or real picky -- they were fine for my purposes) I'd love to have an American JTV, but there's no way it can be THAT MUCH better than the one that I have. Not for that big difference in $. And I don't care if the audience knew whether it was from Korea or made in the U.S. Did it sound good? Did they like what they heard? Did I have fun playing for them? Those are the important things, not where its made or how much it costs.
  5. Wow -- I hadn't gone back that far. But what it did was make a composite of two posts -- Phil M's and mine -- and threw the link in there at a random area. Sheesh!
  6. Interesting, but kind of odd, considering that everything else in that post was responsive to the thread's topic!
  7. In another part of the forum, there's a topic 'Is Variax dead?' This question could easily be asked in reference to the Amplifi series. Although you might be able to purchase one 'New', the interest even here in this sub-board is virtually nil, and look at how long it's been before anything has been contributed by Line 6 in the way of presets, videos or firmware updates. (Thank goodness for the latter -- firmware updates can be hazardous to your amp's health...) I won't mention the name or manufacturer, but there is a 'new kid on the block' -- a very AMPLIFI-like modeling ampliifier, with thousands of tones, effects and bluetooth capability, that is just now being developed and delivered, with an order backlog of weeks... I got into the AMPLIFI when it was a mature, soon-to-be-abandoned product. The newer device is on the opposite end of that spectrum, and there's hope that it may deliver where Line 6 has let us down. On the minus side, it looks like the new device has made similar omissions that plagued the Amplifi series -- no line output, and no foot control for switching presets. Yes, Amplifi did rectify that, eventually, but at a pretty significant cost. I'm still waiting for my new amp, ordered 11/23/2019. Just wondered if others who are disenchanted with their orphaned Amplifi amps are considering checking out the something different...
  8. "If you're accustomed to coaxing myfedloan controlled feedback on a 'conventional' amp"... How in the heck did this link wind up in a message quote from my previous reply? Obviously, it wasn't accurately quoting what what I wrote... Forum bug or intentional???
  9. Just a guess, but it sounds to me like there's something wrong in the 'guitar amp' section, or maybe even the 12" speaker has blown, either of which may have been caused by overuse of the bass with it. The speaker would be easy enough to test with a 1.5v battery, which would show you excursion of the cone, if the voice coil is intact. I believe you're hearing the reverb portion of the signal because most of the effects come from the full-range speakers, not the powerful guitar amp section. Note that I'm not an expert, and this is just speculation. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong!
  10. Works fine with my iPad 6 9.7" running iPadOS 13.3.
  11. I've been very satisfied with my G10, although I'm only a casual user. I have played a couple of gigs with it and had no problems. It sounds great, IMO, and the range is suitable for my needs. Hope yours also works to your satisfaction.
  12. If you can, I'd recommend returning if for exchange. If it's a new product, it should be considered defective and replaceable. The retailer should accommodate that. I don't think you should have to file a warranty claim against Line 6, if it was this way out-of-the-box. (Just layman's opinion, not a legal one...) I have read that it's recommended to leave the transmitter in the receiver and connected to power when not in use. If someone chimes in with different information, I'll try to find and cite the source where I read this. Good luck! And be careful with that micro-usb connector -- have you read any threads on that yet?
  13. cbrillow

    Amplifi utility?

    This isn't a fluke -- it happens regularly. Firmware updates on these things is a very risky proposition, even if your are very computer literate. The forum is filled with complaints just like yours. I strongly suggest that you call Line 6 after the holidays and ask to speak to a tech about this. You probably won't get an answer from them on the forum, which is mostly peer support. They will tell you: 'Try a different USB port. If you're using a desktop, connect the cable to a USB port on the back. (It's connected directly to the mobo...) Do not connect to a USB hub. Try a different USB cable. Try another computer." And even if you do it with the tech on the line monitoring your progress, it can still fail, requiring you to send it to Line 6 for repair. If yours is a recent purchase, take it back to the store where you got it. If still under warranty, but not returnable, hold Line 6's feet to the fire. FYI, I have 3 Amplifi devices: FX100, Amplifi 30 and Amplifi 150. I had no problem updating the FX100 and the 30. The 150 failed and I had to spend over $100 to send it in to have it fixed 'for free.' When I got it back, they didn't even send a report about what work had been done. I had to ask. They said 'updated firmware.' Well, duh! What do you think I was trying to do, with the guidance of a tech on the phone, with my different USB ports, cables and 4 different computers? In case you haven't noticed, support for the Ampifi series is all-but dead. They haven't announced that it's officially considered 'abandon-ware', but there have been no updates or bug fixes for a very long time. If they still sell these things new, it's probably because they have a lot of new-old-stock to get rid of. I'd be very surprised to learn that they're still being manufactured. I've ordered a product from another manufacturer, who has come out with an amp very similar to the Amplifi series. The difference is, this one will be on the front end of its life cycle, instead of a dead-end, poorly-supported piece of tech from Line 6.
  14. Good thing you love the X3 Live sounds, as I believe that those are the sounds on which the Amplifi series were based. That's the good news... I seriously doubt that you're going to be able to make use of the X3 as a footswitch for the Amplifi 75, and also doubt the compatibility of the patch/preset files with the equivalent Amplifi files, despite the fact that they're based upon the same modeling. My guess is the best option is to find a nice clean amplifier model in the Amplifi 75, simply use it as a guitar amp, with your Pod X3 doing the heavy lifting with tones & effects. Good luck!
  15. Can't say that this is something I'd be inclined to do, but good luck! And I applaud your pledge to provide an update to your project. It could be useful for someone with similar thoughts.
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