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Tremolo bar thread size

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Sure you don't mean Variax 600? To my knowledge, the original Variax, later dubbed the '500' was only sold with one body style, and it was a hardtail.


And the 600, which did have a tremolo arm, had one that snapped into a collar and was stabilized with a tiny allen set screw. The bar, itself, didn't screw in.


Not sure how to help you on this one - don't see anything with a 5-6mm thread.

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Hi C -


I bought the guitar used & was not familiar with how a whammy bar attached to a L.R. Baggs tremolo bridge. There is a set screw, but I also thought that I saw a few threads inside of the collet. I’ll investigate further for the appropriate bar. 

Thanks for your input & have a good day. 



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Happy to try to help. There's still the question whether it's a 500 or a 600. I suppose it's possible that yours may have been modded. I've attached an image of my 600, showing the bridge & tremolo. The set screw has been replaced with a longer one. But the end of the bar inserted into the collar definitely is smooth, and rounded at the end. No threads at all...

Variax 600 trem.jpg

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Gotcha. I like the color combo of your 600. 

I registered my Variax & the serial number came up as a Sunburst 500, so the bridge may have been modded by the original owner. I’ll see if I can mic the inner diameter of the collet with a caliper to get the exact bar width. 

Thanks for the visual & the explanation - very helpful. 

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