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  1. psarkissian, nice to meet a Line 6 official support in that topic. Since you are here, can you say what is the min and max input voltage for Variax 300 to run it with batteries?
  2. cbrillow, wow, thanks for sharing your solution! I'm glad that it works: now I can use your solution with my guitar. Special thanks for the photo: I can't order this converter from amazon, but I found the same at another online store, where I can order it. I see it's not permanent installation, so do you think it's possible to place a small powerbank in cutout with that converter? I mean, the main question is what is the height of that converter. Seems to me it's around 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) or a little higher, so basically it's possible while depth of the cutout without a damper at the bottom is 1.18 inch (3.1 cm). Of course if the width and lenght (+ usb plug) of a powerbank fits and it's height less than (1.18 minus 0.5 inch) = 0.68 inch (1.7 cm). Many thanks to you! You really helped me.
  3. Do not worry about time! I will wait as long as necessary. Thank you for your attention to my problem, I hope you'll get better soon!
  4. No, I did not contact Line 6, I will open a ticket, thanks. I was thinking about making a box or pedal to power the Variax via TRS cable, but I don’t have a circuit and I did not see the inside of the pedal, so I’m afraid to damage the guitar. Perhaps inside the XPS pedals the power supply is not just connected to the ring and sleeve and the tip is connected directly from input to output. There also can be other components. I don’t even know where to connect + and - : to the ring or sleeve. If you have a photo of a pedal inside or a circuit, it would be very helpful. I'm using the Variax 300 and if you share your solution with a power bank I'll be very grateful. Yes, I have an accsess to electronic parts, no problem there. But I thought Variax powers with a 9V DC? 6AA batteries 1.5V each have a 9V output. Anywhere you know better than me if your solution works.
  5. Thank you a lot for your help and attention, but as I said I can't order it due to Line 6 policy. Line 6 forbids them to sell and ship L6 products to another countries where Line 6 have an official distributors. You can see it on attached screenshot. The same result I got before at Thomann.de . There is an official Line 6 distributor in my country (Russia), but they just do not sell XPS line. Don't know why, maybe there are too few Variax owners in my country and there is no point to sell this products. Anyway If won't find the way to order it or do something diy I will just continue to use it with batteries as before. Once again, thank you a lot!
  6. Yes sir, I do. Asked for it, because Line 6 XPS line is not available in my country at offline stores, online stores, a second-hand products. I can't even order it brand-new from another country due to Line6/yamaha corp policy.
  7. Hi Steve! Could you give a direct link for Digital Village A/B switch at their website please? Can't find it at dv247.com. Cheers!
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