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  1. Hello there! For everyone who wants an easy to understand diagram for the Variax power supply via stereo guitar cable, I made it. Here is the list of parts you need to build this box with a links to amazon. Links are just for example so you know how do that parts look. You can order not exactly the same parts (excepting DC-DC step-up board). You can use different TRS/TS jacks, button, USB cable and socket for it. Here is the diagram. I use a box built in according exactly to this diagram with my own Variax 300 and it works fine. Here is how my power supply looks inside and outside. There is a small difference between my box and the diagram: two more cables from a button. I used not a simple 2-pin button, but a 4-pin button with a built-in LED indication. But there is no need to use an LED-button, if you will mount your power supply in a box like mine: with a 'window' for a step-up board. There is an LED and a voltage meter on the board, they shine bright when you power-up the board. I hope this will help everyone to build your own power supply and become free from batteries!
  2. Hello! Cbrillow had alredy posted the wiring diagram above. You can use it to build a power box, it works. BUT I heard once that 2nd generation Variaxes (JTV, Standard...) do not support a power via TRS cable. I don't know is that true or not, but keep that in mind. My thoughts about that: if modern Variaxes support XPS boxes to power guitar via TRS cable, why Line 6 does not sell it anymore? Variax 300/500/600/700 are discontinued and XPS boxes are discontinued. So I think you better to ask official Line 6 support first to figure out if your Variax supports this powering type. But most likely they will say, that modern variaxes do not support this powering method. So if you want to try - it's only at your own risk. Anyway, if modern Variax does not support power via TRS, I don't see a reason for Line 6 to place a TRS socket in the guitar. In that case most likely there is a TS socket in the guitar. You can screw out a socket and figure out a TS or TRS is installed in the guitar. If there is a TS socket (MONO) - I think it's 100% your Variax does not support this powering method. If there is a TRS installed (stereo) - it might support powering via TRS. If you will decide to build a Power box, I will make a photos of my box inside if you like. Have a nice day!
  3. I have already told you about my results a few messages earlier (about xps copy in a box). In that message I meant that I want to show it to cbrillow, because I made it with his help, but the conversation with him via direct messages was suddenly lost and I had no chance to show what I have built.
  4. It's good to have a direct contact. As we see, one changing in forum functionality - and contact is lost. Sure, I will text you via email to show results of my project!
  5. You can order the step up board and try to build a copy of xps. It's easy work. You can find the diagram in cbrillow post above. It's absolutely correct: my power box was built in according to it. You can ignore LED1 and R1 if you don't need an on/off indicator. So if your guitar still noising - just use a second way: place a board to the back of your guitar. I guess this board remembers correct output voltage because it has a mechanical potentiometer that regulates the voltage. So nothing gonna happen if you power it off. I have checked now how my board works. I've fully powered it off, then turned potentiometer a few times, then powered it on - voltage has changed. So the only thing that controls the voltage is a potentiometer position. If it still the same - voltage is correct whatever you do with the power. But of course you better to check it by yourself. Text me for any questions! Have a nice day!
  6. I was very disappointed that I can't text you via direct messages. Great that I finally could let you know that I have built a powerbox an it works fine! I have found the diagram you sent to me in my laptop. It is exactly the same as you posted here. I aslo have found "uncorrected" version of it. There is only one difference: in "uncorrected" version there is no R1 resistor before LED1. But I made it in simpler way. I just installed a button with built-in LED instead of using discrete button+LED+R. Me and my Variax are together for about ten years and do not want to part with it. New variaxes have a nice features like alternate tunings switch, customizing guitar in the workbench, magnetic pickups. But I heard that the only way to power them is batteries OR VDI from helix/pod/another line6 product. No more simple powering via TRS cable. It disappoints me because I don't want to be a slave of another L6 product. And I know nothing about difference in SOUND between old and new Variaxes. I think there is no HUGE difference: my 300 sounds pretty close to the simulated original guitars. So the only thing I really want to own is a Variax bass. Don't know why L6 has discontinued it. Looking forward to own it.
  7. I guess that someone you talking about is me! But maybe I'm wrong and there is another guy around who wanted to build an xps copy by himself at the same time as me! You can see my first post in this thread above (that was more than a year ago! How time flies!), then we had a short conversation it this thread, and after that - in the direct messages. And no - I've figured out all the details not by myself, but from you in the direct messages! You have explained me all the details and showed the diagrams. But I don't remember exactly this diagram, I guess there was another one. I have to look for it at my laptop, because I have saved all the attachements from you. Maybe you remember: I told you that sometimes I use a Google translate to write you a messages, because my English is not good. And you replied, that I type well and better than some native English speakers. Maybe that information can help you to find out that you're talking about me (or not). Anyway, I'm glad to see you again!
  8. I don't use a wireless system, so the box in a pedalboard was the best choice for me. I guess you didn't understand my solution :) I have made not a built-in power as cbillow. I have built a discrete box. It stays in my pedalboard, so I plug variax in it using a TRS cable and it powers a guitar through it :) So a phone charger is just a power supply: 5V from a charger goes to dc-dc step-up board. Board converts it to ~8.8V DC. And 8.8V goes to input 1/4 TRS plug and then to the guitar. So literally my solution is an analogue of Line6 XPS-mini. Hope I explained it clearly. My English is not so good as I wish :) The step-up board you've found on ebay is ok, you can use it. Please pay attention that there is no "fasteners" for the wires - you should have to solder wires directly to the board. And make sure that the board can memorize output voltage after unplugging a battery pack, because there is no voltage meter (screen) on it, so you can't control output voltage on the go. But I guess that board memorizes output voltage, everything will be fine. If you have any questions - please feel free to ask me, I'll try to help you.
  9. I could not have done it without your help. I have built it a few months ago. I tried to message you but I can't send direct messages here at Line6 forums for the unknown reason. So I want to thank you once again here! Your solution works perfectly. I was a bit scared to damage my guitar when plugged it in for the first time, but everything is alright! Now I don't care about batteries: just push the button and I'm ready to play!
  10. Hello! I have built a power box for Variax 300 using cbillow solution and it works fine. I use it to power a guitar via TRS cable. You can use any voltage boost board. I have not found exactly the same as used cbrillow, so I ordered an LTC1871 step-up board. Its dimensions are exactly 67x44 mm. I have attached a photo. I also have seen a board built on XL6009, I think it will work fine too. You can just search for "dc-dc step up" and any will be okay if it boosts the voltage. They come in a variety of sizes including models without a screen (it's usually smaller). I use a 2A smartphone charger, it works fine. So 2.1A DC will be okay.
  11. psarkissian, nice to meet a Line 6 official support in that topic. Since you are here, can you say what is the min and max input voltage for Variax 300 to run it with batteries?
  12. cbrillow, wow, thanks for sharing your solution! I'm glad that it works: now I can use your solution with my guitar. Special thanks for the photo: I can't order this converter from amazon, but I found the same at another online store, where I can order it. I see it's not permanent installation, so do you think it's possible to place a small powerbank in cutout with that converter? I mean, the main question is what is the height of that converter. Seems to me it's around 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) or a little higher, so basically it's possible while depth of the cutout without a damper at the bottom is 1.18 inch (3.1 cm). Of course if the width and lenght (+ usb plug) of a powerbank fits and it's height less than (1.18 minus 0.5 inch) = 0.68 inch (1.7 cm). Many thanks to you! You really helped me.
  13. Do not worry about time! I will wait as long as necessary. Thank you for your attention to my problem, I hope you'll get better soon!
  14. No, I did not contact Line 6, I will open a ticket, thanks. I was thinking about making a box or pedal to power the Variax via TRS cable, but I don’t have a circuit and I did not see the inside of the pedal, so I’m afraid to damage the guitar. Perhaps inside the XPS pedals the power supply is not just connected to the ring and sleeve and the tip is connected directly from input to output. There also can be other components. I don’t even know where to connect + and - : to the ring or sleeve. If you have a photo of a pedal inside or a circuit, it would be very helpful. I'm using the Variax 300 and if you share your solution with a power bank I'll be very grateful. Yes, I have an accsess to electronic parts, no problem there. But I thought Variax powers with a 9V DC? 6AA batteries 1.5V each have a 9V output. Anywhere you know better than me if your solution works.
  15. Thank you a lot for your help and attention, but as I said I can't order it due to Line 6 policy. Line 6 forbids them to sell and ship L6 products to another countries where Line 6 have an official distributors. You can see it on attached screenshot. The same result I got before at . There is an official Line 6 distributor in my country (Russia), but they just do not sell XPS line. Don't know why, maybe there are too few Variax owners in my country and there is no point to sell this products. Anyway If won't find the way to order it or do something diy I will just continue to use it with batteries as before. Once again, thank you a lot!
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