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  1. Thanks you all! I'm a little late reacting, sorry for that. Your tips and advices are very worthwhile for me. Actually I do a Cory Wong course with 'Your Guitar Academy' and I'am still green in funk- or funkyland. So you helped me a lot!
  2. Hi there! Is there somewhere under the rainbow a place where I can find nice Funk Presets for my Helix Floor? I really tried it my self but cannot find the sound and action that I am looking for. Actually I did found the sound but then it was on the Amplitube 3.0 software application. A bit embarrassing, indeed! Hope you know where I can grab and find my most wanted funky guitar sound... Regards, Frederik
  3. Okay, then I'll go for the JTV-69 (whenever it's available again in Holland...)
  4. Hi there! I 'm planning to buy a Variax guitar but I do not know how to interpret the 'Fully adjustable Tyler-designed tremolo bridge' (for instance of the JTV-69). How good is it compared with the 'Floyd Rose licensed double-locking tremolo system' (of the JTV-89F)? Or is the detuning problem using the tremelo no issue at all, because the Variax wonder-guitar regulates itself? I really don't know and hope you do! Regards, Frederik
  5. So, if I understand you well, it's just a matter of taste: which one looks better to someone and feels better for that person (playability, etc).... And regarding the sound qualities it doesn't matter at all?
  6. I'm planning to buy a Variax electric guitar. But in my head is sparkling continuously a question I cannot get answered: All the Variax guitars are said to be able to perfectly simulate the sound af all famous guitars. Then, why should I bother - regarding the guitar sound - about which Variax guitar I should choose? I mean humbucker or single coil, Shuriken, Standard, James Tyler.....? There is bound to be a simple answer to my question, so please help me out! Regards, Frederik
  7. Thank you all! I didn't know there was response until now. You really helped me a lot!!! Frederik
  8. How to use the mic input on the Helix backpanel? In the manual I can only find the following: '22.MIC IN Plug your microphone in here for processing your vocals or recording to your computer via USB. This XLR jack provides 48V phantom power for studio condenser mics and a variable low cut filter.' But ( for instance) how turn I the phantom power on and off? How turn I thw low cut filter on and off? Can I choose one output cnannel? And so on... Furthermore, when I connected the Helix - with my mic in MIC IN - to my mixer and computer no signal is coming through... I may be stupid, but then for sure I need a little help from my friends... Thanks in advance, Frederik ( By the way, the emoji option her above ain't working neither for me (Safari-user)
  9. PROBLEM SOLVED - more or less... I unwired the Helix: disconnected the USB, guitar input and the stereo outputs. Then I turned it on and the Helix was healed. Next time this happens I will make a more analytic approach and disconnect the wires one by one (and turn the Helix down/on) to determine the connection that may cause this problem.... I hope this will happen soon, because I now I don't trust my Helix anymore.. Thanks all of you who gave me support! If I happen to know exactly what the problem was, I will quote it.
  10. Thanks for your attention. Ik will do that!
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