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  1. thanks for answer i tried those instruction but doesn't work, and the computer won't see the variax guitar on the software updater after an error occurred when I updated the firmware the last time. Iam using the line6 monkey 1.71 with also the latest drivers... also the inside relay of the guitar doesn't click as normally. I try also to use My POD HD500x , but doesn't work.
  2. Hi, the problem is that the computer won't see the variax after a bad filmware update, my computer with monkey won't detect the variax guitar and I didnot be able to do anything else with monkey software...
  3. I have a Variax Standard Guitar, I decided to update the firmware with the line 6 USB port provided with the guitar, the update begins normaly but the update finished with an error an the Guitar right now wont turn on the modeling features , I tried to update again but my comouter doesnot see any more the device, also I try the option on Line6 monkey (I DONT SEE MY DEVICE) but the guitar doesnot turn on...what I need to do to flash again the GUITAR... thanks!!!
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