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Found 6 results

  1. I want to use a Line 6 Relay G10 to enable my guitar to work wireless. So.... do I need to connect an instrument cable between a Yamaha THR1011 Wireless amp's INPUT JACK and the Line 6 Relay G10 receiver's AUDIO OUT JACK? The salesman seemed to think the Line 6 relay communicated wirelessly with the Yamaha THR but I can't get it to work without the instrument cable. The Yamaha's documentation says "The THR-II Wireless can connect with the Relay G10T wireless guitar transmitter (made by Line 6) by wireless." It then refers me to the Line6 Relay documentation for hookup where it shows using an instrument cable. I was ready to chalk it up to the salesman being wrong until someone else told me they can work together without an instrument cable. So now Im confused. I cant get them to work unless I use an instrument cable. Can someone answer this question? Thank you.
  2. Hello guys, I just bought a hx-stomp and i am very excited to use it. What I'm trying is to connect hx stomp to Logic pro and use yamaha 10 thr as a speaker. The way I did connect yamaha 10 thr to computer is through usb cable, so not using aux input; and the guitar is connected hx stomp in L Mono In. With this configuration logic pro works, i can record etc.. without any problem. But I'm not sure this is the right or best approach; may be i should connect hx stomp to thr 10 or connect thr 10 to computer using aux input ? I'd appreciate any kind of opinion on that. Thanks
  3. Hi, all! I just got a Helix Floor, and have been experimenting w/ what I can do w/ it. I also have a Yamaha THR100D (Dual Head) modeling amp, which I like very much. What I'd eventually like to do is feed both the THR100D and the Helix into a Mixer (w/ a built-in Digital Interface), along w/ a mic, drum machine/backing tracks, etc... (I'm doing this for fun, and am not a pro at any of it.) Out of curiosity, I was also looking at the possibilities that I have in controlling the Amp and Mixer from the Helix itself (this thing looks pretty powerful!), allowing me to swap between amp channels, Helix internal effects vs. those on the Amp, channels on the Mixer, etc.... Again, no particular need, just seeing what's possible at this stage, but at a basic level: - Best method to physically connect to the THR100D for Presets that use it exclusively, and best way to insert it into my Preset. - Ability to send the out from one guitar to either an internal Amp/Cab or either channel of the external Yamaha THR100D, possibly w/ switching via the Helix based on Preset, Snapshot, Stomp, etc... I can probably do this in one of 2 ways - one cable from the Helix to Input 1 of the THR100D and switch it there (possibly controlled from the Helix), or 2 cables from the Helix to the front of amp and control which is getting signal internally in the Helix. - Ability to route the final (stereo?) out of the Preset to the Mixer (and/or Phones). If the output goes through the THR100D, the line-out from the amp is direct to the Mixer (this is how it was set up prior to me getting the Helix), so I would have 2 channels form the THR100D and / or 2 channels directly from the Helix into the Mixer. I may also want to send a dry signal to the amp as well if I start doing more recording, but that should be relatively simple to add (if I have any Sends left...) So, at this point, I'm trying to set up a Preset 'Template' for myself w/ the basics of how I would like the Helix to connect w/ the Amp and Mixer that I can build off of (adding effects, experimenting w/ Amps/Cabs, etc...), and (of course) have run into a few issues. I've attached a PDF w/ my notes on what I'm seeing along w/ what I think are the relative sections of the THR100D's manual. I'll also attach a copy of the current Preset I'm experimenting with if it helps. If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed, I'd appreciate hearing them! BTW, I've reviewed what I can find on the 4CM (and 7CM), both in general and w/ the Helix, but in most cases the info is about a single-headed external amp w/ mono connections, or using dual amps internal to the Helix, so it's not exactly what I'm looking to do and I am probably missing something. Thanks in advance for any advice! -Lee Helix Notes.pdf Testing.hlx
  4. I’ve just picked up a DXR10 and I’m planning to use it for band rehearsals and behind me in live shows like an amp. With the XLR going to the PA. Should I get a stand? Or an amp stand? Will it make a difference. Feels a bit odd just putting it on the floor. How do you guys do it?
  5. I love my Variax standard and it's only being used for home use, I plug it into my spider amp ,and also use an old r.m.s acoustic amp for the acoustic side of things, my question is has anybody used one of the Yamaha thr amps with good results ? Also could I run my hd500x into the front of an thr ? . Thank you .
  6. So I (still) have motivations to get a good JTV-89F (2013 model); from the start (in July) I took a loan from family for this. This is an overview of the particular shipments of this guitar I received/tried, and are returned to the online dealer within right-to-return-period. The various reasons are in the respective Posts; the first 2 most problematic, and the latter 2/3 just plain clumsiness, I guess, in the manufacturing process in Korea ([Yamaha] Line 6 contracting 3rd party? Or a branch?). In this case at least, I've been thoroughly careful throughout my testing process with all of these I've tested. I've more to add to this Thread/Topic, but I've to be OP before I can add to it: 1. My 1st JTV-89F (Korea) - 23 March 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX) found in a different/initial Thread/Topic (no need to move it), short list; reason of return: 1.a. Electronically not branded correctly. 1.b. Alternate Tuning nob: 1.b.1. Partially reversed Tuning Preset positions! 1.b.2. Partially unexplained Tuning Preset positions. 2. My 2nd JTV-89F (Korea) - 7 July 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX); reason of return: 2.a. A 2nd Alternate Tuning Nob instead of the Modelling Nob.. 3. My 3rd JTV-89F (Korea) - 5 August 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX):; reason of return: 3.a. A possible (beginning) crack in the guitar Neck, but most probably a reckless position-marking for the placement of the guitar Nut; based on two indications/evidence-points. 4. My 4th JTV-89F (Korea) - 23 March 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX); reason of return: 4.a. An ominous QC possible oversight or simple dismissal, even though cosmetic; I'll not test it any further. It's over. Next. 5. My 5th JTV-89F (Korea) - 14 August 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX - making a case for this one's return as well) The main reason I wanted and still want a NEW one, is mainly for its warranty/ease-of-mind! Because if this was not NEW combined with the right dealer, it would have been a no-go/impossible/un-doable/lollipop/poo-eating-contest time. I might have considered eating lollipop/poo just to get a good one in return.. luckily, it doesn't have to come to that. I've not even gotten to the FW and SW improvement wishing. But one step a time. I still [partially] support (Yamaha) Line 6 for its pioneering and continuing innovations and inventiveness (in my view anyway). I'm sure everyone's negative experience in anyway brings shame to their brand, something they definitely don't standby idly and do nothing about. Communication lines, however, are just overloaded; a lot is going on with/from everyone everywhere. So I'll push for the changes that 'serve' me. If it helps anyone else, it would be a bonus. EDITs: expanded + addition + clarity.
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