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  1. That’s a good point. So in rehersal I’ll want it facing the band. If I have it in the floor in a wedge position is it going to sound worse than if I had it up on a stand? Mans you’re totally right about live situation. I always go direct to pa but I need a bit of stage sound for the other band members.
  2. I’ve just picked up a DXR10 and I’m planning to use it for band rehearsals and behind me in live shows like an amp. With the XLR going to the PA. Should I get a stand? Or an amp stand? Will it make a difference. Feels a bit odd just putting it on the floor. How do you guys do it?
  3. Okay so I know Helix isn’t made for this but it almost works! I have a Behringer UMC404 which I use 3 mics plugged into XLR inputs. works great. but I’d like to use a compressor and some vocal effects live. I’ve gone from the Behringer to the Helix via the inserts on the back using a Y cable into the send and return of the effects loop o the helix. It works but I think because the helix output is Send 1/2 Send 3/4 for some reason, The first mic in input one suddenly picks up Mic input 2. so what I mean is when I use the mic plugged into the first input it also comes through input 1 and 2. everything else is fine except I can’t seem to get input 1 and 3 to be serperate. im sure no one has done this and not much advice but if anyone has an idea please let me know! sorry for my grammar etc I’m typing Ona. Japanese keyboard and English is hard to change to.
  4. So when I play live I am planning to go straight into the PA, I am aware I can use the monitors as a way to hear myself but my goal is just to be able to turn up to any show with just my helix and my guitar. I am looking for a way that I could just plug into any stock amp they have just to use as some stage noise for band mates, myself etc. I have read a lot on here about this kind of thing but as I am pretty new to this I would appreciate if someone could address my situation. I am trying to eliminate any need to take my own speaker or amp etc. Is this possible and how? Using the amp effects loop? Much appreciated to anyone who replies.
  5. I did that! Worked perfectly. For some reason I had been doing it this way without the output being snapshotted and I did not have any issues. Very strange. Everyone great advice and that helped a lot. I have another question but should I started a new thread?
  6. Okay, so using the output level makes more sense. Should I turn it all the way down? As in to -120.00db?
  7. Okay, so I had no problem doing this last week. But I was using one signal path for heavy and one for clean using snapshots. But now I can hear the DI guitar on the heavy. What am I doing wrong?
  8. So, I have seen a few similar posts but those answers have not worked for me. I have been using two input blocks to change between clean and heavy channel via snapshots. I took my Helix to test in a PA and changed the settings accordingly. Now I am back and recording entails the dry guitar signal bleeding into my distorted sound when I make chords. It worked fine until I plugged into the PA. It must be something in global settings right?
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