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  1. Hi guru ave a peak at the bottom of the promo page ,green as grass well emeralds .
  2. Oh my gosh emerald green how cool is that ,bet I'm first to notice can I have a free one ? Me mummy says if yah don't ask yah don't get . Well done line 6 .
  3. My update on Variax standard into a Yamaha thr 10 amp , oh yes it sounds great . Even the hd500 x into the aux of the amp was great if I want to play at shhh volume late in to the night . So another great purchase from yam6 .
  4. I am going to take my Variax to the guitar store in a few days to try it out , now that should be fun ,thank you
  5. I love my Variax standard and it's only being used for home use, I plug it into my spider amp ,and also use an old r.m.s acoustic amp for the acoustic side of things, my question is has anybody used one of the Yamaha thr amps with good results ? Also could I run my hd500x into the front of an thr ? . Thank you .
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