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  1. I've just started to mess with the Helix looper, I have 4 snapshots set up, clean/crunch/LEAD etc. I've put the looper block at the end of the chain in the Clean snapshot, then recorded a loop, I then wanted to play lead over the clean loop, but when I switch snapshots the loop plays the lead sound. What am I doing wrong? TIA.
  2. Great, thankyou for your reply I tried this earlier today, the cleans sounded absolutely lush, but the drive tones not so much. I've now gone back to plugging the Helix into my Blackstar HT20 Mkii amp, the Helix can change the Amp from the Clean channel to the dirty channel, so I'm going to try this next again, just going straight into.the front of the amp. I've previously used the 4cm, but I'm trying to get the amp past the wife and into the living room, so the less cables the better. Not sure what I'm going to do for Bluetooth play back yet, as the Amplifi sounded fantastic. Just a shame the dirty tones from the Helix weren't upto much through the Amplifi, but that could be user error on my part. Maybe I'll revist again. Thanks again for your reply.
  3. Just wondering if this is possible, obviously the Helix doesn't have the Amp models or cabs, so maybe I could use the Amplifi Amp and cabs models and feed it the Helix effects? TIA.
  4. Thanks for the reply, so if I wanted a OD sound in the loop I'd put it before the loop, could I then play over the loop with over drive sound too?
  5. Can anyone please tell me how I connect my ditto looper up at the back of the Helix effects please. I'm already running the Helixi 4cm with my Blackstar amp. Many thanks.
  6. I am using a Blackstar HT20 MK II It has 2 channels, clean and Overdrive and then 2 different voicings on each channel. I just really want 2 channels clean and dirty without the other voicings. I have set 3 snapshots up, first 2 are clean and the 3rd switching my amp to the dirty channel. IC 1 Snaphot one set to none, this is the clean channel IC 1 Snapshot two set to none, clean again. IC 1 Snapshot three set to Tip+Ring this changes the amp to dirt. Now when I go into stomp mode, I wanted FS6 to be my dirt channel, I could toggle on/off I have assigned an IC to Fs6, Tip+ring ( same as IC1 Snapshot three, thinking this would be the dirt channel ) but it turns one of the other amp voicing on. and then sends my previous settings I did for the snapshots earlier, out again, IE the different voicing start coming on and off. If I clear the foot switch command it starts to behave again. Hope this makes sense? I am really enjoying the unit so far, just this small niggle letting me down, no doubt It is user fault or my amp?
  7. I've manged to set 4 snapshots up with IC, Clean channel and dirty channel. But when I go into Stomp mode, the IC I set up to toggle the amp clean and dirt up on a switch doesn't seem to work right. Is this my amp, or can I not do both snapshot and stomp to.change channel with ICs? Again sorry if this as been answered above, but it's a little confusing for my small brain.
  8. Thank you very much guys for the explanations, I think I understand now a little more, I'll have another mess later and use this information. Thanks again.
  9. Can anyone explain to me how the lighting bolts work in the command centre, I'm after setting up amp changing per snapshot, do the bolts represent the 6 switches on the Helix effects? Do I have to select one per snapshot? I'm using the TRS cable method. I have read the manual, but it doesn't explain much. TIA
  10. Sorry about being Vague. I'm using Helix edit 3.0.2 on a Mac And my device is the Helix effects. I had another go today, and it now seems to be working. Thanks everyone for you help. Sorry to be a pain.
  11. Did anyone sort this out? Just got my Helix effects, and trying to make this work?
  12. I've renamed some things within a preset, then used the drop down menu in Helix edit, ( save preset ) but it doesn't save, just goes back to its previous name. I'm wondering if this is because I'm using an older version of my OSX?
  13. The Line 6 updater, wouldn't update either to the latest version.
  14. Thanks everyone one for your help, I updated it through my wife's works Mac, worked a treat. Think my mac was stuck on an old version ( Yosermite ) wouldn't update past 2.95.
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