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  1. Is your work bench software up to date and the fw on the Variax? I'm a little out of the loop now with the all Variax thing, but I'm sure that's worth a check?
  2. Gkf9

    Really need to fix amplifi app android bt

    Yes enjoying the Helix, I'm not very good at guitar yet but it's nice to have some nice gear. The Helix takes some dialing in, but it's very easy to use. On the Amplfi problem, are you sure there's no other BT devices conflicting? And have you tried forgetting the connection on your phone and then reconnecting?
  3. Gkf9

    Really need to fix amplifi app android bt

    I now have a Helix LT, but I still use the Amplfi from time to time to play music back from my Samsung Note 4 to jam too. I'd say 95% of the time it connects no problem at all.
  4. Gkf9

    Firehawk FX is abandoned

    Yeah sInce I've had my LT my guitar playing/practicing as certainly took a nose dive. I've been non stop tweaking and get frustrated about loosing my very limited practice time. But I know once I've got my tones I want all will be good again. I use the laptop now to edit, which is good because there's zero lag or stutter when playing back music through it compared to the BT on the FX which did drop out now and then, but not often. I've also still got a Amplfi if I need a BT fix. There's a massive facebook page for the LT with over 6000 members all really helpful nice people too, that helps with any problems I might come across with the LT. I think if you're happy with your tones with the FX stick with it, and maybe go and have a listen and play with a LT before thinking of swapping, and see if it's for you or not?
  5. Gkf9

    Firehawk FX is abandoned

    ^^^^^^^^ Excellently well put!
  6. Gkf9

    Firehawk FX is abandoned

    Well if I'm honest when I first plugged It in and downloaded a few custom tones, I was disappointed, It didn't sound much better than the Firehawk, well not £500 more difference. But once you get the hang of tweaking ( which I'm not to good at yet ) you can certainly tell the difference, just sounds fuller and richer if that makes sense? Still early days for me yet, but it is very simple to find your way a round the device for sure. I do really miss the Bluetooth function tho of the Firehawk, I don't always have access to the laptop at home, so was handy being able to just use my phone to stream etc. Can't really give much more detail yet as it's still early days.
  7. Gkf9

    Firehawk FX is abandoned

    I just sold my Firehawk FX and now own a Helix LT 😊 The Firehawk is dead for sure,but still a great device as it stands.
  8. Gkf9

    Help??? How to undo push and turn in snapshots?

    OK thanks, I understand now.
  9. Gkf9

    Help??? How to undo push and turn in snapshots?

    This will probably sound silly, I'm a complete noobie to the Helix, but why do you have to get the white text up in brackets per snapshot? Think I've been just turning the nob without pushing it too, then saving per patch.
  10. Gkf9

    Helix UI froze during a gig

    I've only had my LT a week or so, I'm only a novice at this kind of thing, I have a few Variax patches, and it's froze numerous times. Not good.
  11. Gkf9

    Screen protector

    OK thanks
  12. Gkf9

    Screen protector

    Do these work the same for the Helix LT?
  13. Gkf9

    Body Styles and Tone

    Yes, exactly same electronics.
  14. Gkf9

    Hooray - Helix 2.20

    How much sound wise are you finding the FH to the Helix you had,Is it a big step down? I keep gassing for a Helix/LT coming from owning a Firehawk,just the amount of money gives me the shivers.
  15. No unfortunately,but I've now reflashed the fw again, and it seems to be alot better. Or my ears are playing tricks on me. I'll see how it sounds tomorrow. Thanks for your help.