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Found 16 results

  1. So I've charged the battery and plugged in using the regular input jack. I have the VDI cable but nothing to use it on. The battery shows a full charge, all four lights. Yet when I press in on either the modeling knob or the tuning knob, nothing happens. No light, etc. I can only use the magnetic pickups. The jack is a bit problematic. It's a bit difficult to insert/take out the plug. I really hope it's not that. It's been suggested to: "Use a guitar cable with TRS (tip, ring, sleeve) plugs and not a TS plug." I've checked and my only cables are TS. TRS cables didn't occur to me. I hope the lack of a TRS cable is the only reason. I wonder if that's also the for the difficult jack? I think there may be TS to TRS adapters, would that be sufficient? I suppose I'd need just one adapter to fit the jack, the other end of the cable not being relevant. Or do I just need to order a new TRS cable?
  2. Hi everybody, I've had a JTV-89F for 5 years, among several other Line 6 products that I own and enjoy, and after I learned how to set it up correctly in Workbench HD I've always been happy with it. Together with my POD HD500 first and my Helix Floor now it's my guitar-equivalent of a gold plated Leatherman tool. My problem at the moment is that after 5 years of sweaty and sometimes beery gigs the piezo pickups are starting to fail. There's no visible corrosion anywhere and the powder coating held up surprisingly well, but humidity might very well have deteriorated them internally anyway. I've swapped the piezo connections around to check, and the volume problem follows the piezos, so at least I know the board should be fine. With the individual pickup volumes in Workbench HD all over the place now, when they used to be pretty close when it was new, I'm unfortunately at a point were I can't gig it anymore. And I indeed do miss those instant 12 strings, acoustics and alternate tunings. Instant Nashville tuning, anybody? It made my life so much easier, and it messes with the head of so many people asking themselves who's playing what that it's a lot of extra fun to play a Variax on stage too, lol. I've already tried to clean the piezo inserts and the contacts to the board with a good quality no-residue contact cleaner, used sparingly, reseated the saddles on the trem plate, and I change my strings quite regularly, but no joy. So I was wondering if any of you peeps went through the experience of replacing their piezo pickups on a JTV-89F, especially if it was the individual piezo inserts, and if they could share the details with me. Forewarned is forearmed after all. I've already found a set of complete Graph Tech saddles online but they're quite pricey, and I'm almost positive that it's possible to replace just the piezo inserts on the Graph Tech Floyd, as I remember reading about it somewhere in at least two separate occasions. I'm also almost positive that I've already seen this exact same question asked and answered, possibly here or probably in another forum, but I couldn't find it anywhere anymore. If anybody, and I was thinking about dear Mr Sarkissian in particular, has an exact part number and possibly an European vendor from whom to order them online to suggest it would make my day. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Keep on rocking.
  3. Just wondering if anyone else with a JTV-89F (latest firmware 2.0) has noticed when using any of the models that the sustain gets choked off after a few seconds? Everything is awesome otherwise. I turn off the modeling and just use the pickups and its fine. Is there some kind of noise gate behavior going on to control the noise? If there is, it's killing the whole metal power chordsthat you want to let sustain for more than a few seconds or so. I hit a power chord and after about 3 or 4 seconds, it cuts out quickly, like a rude noise gate. If they did something like that, I can understand for the noise control , but is there a way to turn it off, or adjust it? Just like any rig, it depends on the tune, sometimes i turn off noise gates for sustain and live with some noise for a solo or power chords. I have no noise gates in the signal chain at all on my Eleven rack, and if I did, it would cut out the pickups only too. (no noise gates on the Eleven rack) Like I said, awesome otherwise, plays great, sounds are pretty close to great unless you are in a nit picking mood and Alt Tunings are simply the Bomb! The modeling pickups are fine, but hit a power chord and it stops after about 4 seconds, that might just kill it for me, I got this for Alt tunings more than anything, and you can't "just use the pickups" for Alt tunings can you? I just got it Friday so maybe I have missed something? :-o
  4. I have a new JTV-89F and I think the string height is a bit high. I used a straight edge and feeler gage on the seventh fret and it was .024". I saw a video about adjusting the truss rod and this measure was .008" on a different solid body guitar. That is a huge difference. I searched the Line 6 knowledge base and this forum but found nothing. Does anyone know what the spec is? The company I bought this from supposedly did a check on all the settings, which seems in some doubt to me.
  5. Problem: looper isn't working and mp3 doesn't pass through I have my iPad pushing a song out the headphone jack into the cd/mp3 1/8" input on the back of the POD XD500x. With the POD HD500x going to the L2t through the link6 cable I can't hear any evidence of the song. My guitar sounds fine. The L2t plays great. I'm connected analog from the JTV-89F to the POD XD500x (1/4" mono instrument cable). Same config, if I activate the looper on the POD XD500x, regardless of what loop I record I cannot get it to play back over the L2t. Suggestions?
  6. Does anyone know what the nut width is on the JTV-89F? The specifications listed here do not say how wide the nut is on the JTV-89F: and neither does the product manual here: Specs: JTV-89F - Mahogany body - 3-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard (Tyler Fast n' Flat neck shape) - 25-1/2" scale length - 16" radius neck profile - Tyler Fast n’ Flat neck shape - 24 jumbo frets and dot inlays - Locking Floyd Rose® nut and string tree - Sealed tuners (16:1 turn ratio) - Black and black nickel hardware - Floyd Rose® Licensed double-locking tremolo system* by Graph Tech - L. R. Baggs Radiance Hex piezo pickup system - Two high-output, PAF-style alnico humbucking pickups wound to Tyler's specs - Master volume and tone knobs - Model and Alt Tune knobs - 5-way selector switch - VDI (Variax® Digital Interface) for integration with Line 6 POD HD500 and POD HD Pro, and limited compatibility with POD® xt, POD® X3, Vetta™ II amplifier and other legacy Line 6 products - Li-Ion battery (12 hours of play time), and international wall charger - Variax Workbench™ software and USB interface - Includes quality padded gig bag - Additional battery, charger and cable kit available separately Regards David.
  7. So I (still) have motivations to get a good JTV-89F (2013 model); from the start (in July) I took a loan from family for this. This is an overview of the particular shipments of this guitar I received/tried, and are returned to the online dealer within right-to-return-period. The various reasons are in the respective Posts; the first 2 most problematic, and the latter 2/3 just plain clumsiness, I guess, in the manufacturing process in Korea ([Yamaha] Line 6 contracting 3rd party? Or a branch?). In this case at least, I've been thoroughly careful throughout my testing process with all of these I've tested. I've more to add to this Thread/Topic, but I've to be OP before I can add to it: 1. My 1st JTV-89F (Korea) - 23 March 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX) found in a different/initial Thread/Topic (no need to move it), short list; reason of return: 1.a. Electronically not branded correctly. 1.b. Alternate Tuning nob: 1.b.1. Partially reversed Tuning Preset positions! 1.b.2. Partially unexplained Tuning Preset positions. 2. My 2nd JTV-89F (Korea) - 7 July 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX); reason of return: 2.a. A 2nd Alternate Tuning Nob instead of the Modelling Nob.. 3. My 3rd JTV-89F (Korea) - 5 August 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX):; reason of return: 3.a. A possible (beginning) crack in the guitar Neck, but most probably a reckless position-marking for the placement of the guitar Nut; based on two indications/evidence-points. 4. My 4th JTV-89F (Korea) - 23 March 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX); reason of return: 4.a. An ominous QC possible oversight or simple dismissal, even though cosmetic; I'll not test it any further. It's over. Next. 5. My 5th JTV-89F (Korea) - 14 August 2015 batch from Yamaha Europe (NEW - SEALED BOX - making a case for this one's return as well) The main reason I wanted and still want a NEW one, is mainly for its warranty/ease-of-mind! Because if this was not NEW combined with the right dealer, it would have been a no-go/impossible/un-doable/lollipop/poo-eating-contest time. I might have considered eating lollipop/poo just to get a good one in return.. luckily, it doesn't have to come to that. I've not even gotten to the FW and SW improvement wishing. But one step a time. I still [partially] support (Yamaha) Line 6 for its pioneering and continuing innovations and inventiveness (in my view anyway). I'm sure everyone's negative experience in anyway brings shame to their brand, something they definitely don't standby idly and do nothing about. Communication lines, however, are just overloaded; a lot is going on with/from everyone everywhere. So I'll push for the changes that 'serve' me. If it helps anyone else, it would be a bonus. EDITs: expanded + addition + clarity.
  8. A little background on my setup. I have a dream rig consisting of a JTV-59, DT-25 combo amp, and POD HD500. I really like this setup and can dial in any number of usable sounds for our cover band, but I really miss a tremolo system. The JTV-89F seemed to be a perfect solution. I ordered one from the Dent n Scratch deals at Sweetwater and received a new JTV-89F on Friday. For the most part I really like the guitar. The neck is easy to play. It has a quality Floyd Rose, and I like the sound of the mag pickups. I can say for certain that the GraphTech Ghost piezo produces a fuller, wider sound; especially for the acoustic models. My only real gripe is palm muting when playing with distortion. The ghost piezo system seems to be much more sensitive than the one on my JTV-59. It picks up the mechanical noise of the pick scraping the low E string much more. I can hear the same high frequency sound on my JTV59, but the 89F is much louder. I can dial out some of this sound by adjusting the pick orientation to the strings and moving my hand further back. This high frequency mechanical noise is completely gone when using the mag pickups. My question is, how many of the JTV-89F owners are experiencing this? I also noticed a lot more digital noise when using any distortion sound with the modeling on the JTV-89F. It just seems to be picking up a lot more incidental contact with the body and knobs of the guitar. It's not noticeable when playing, but it's there when the guitar is quite. Again my JTV-59 does not exhibit this nearly as much. Of course I can use a noise gate to cut this out completely. Thank in advance for your input. ice9mike
  9. I searched the forum (also through Google) with a few search terms, a few times, but no relevant topic found. All latest SW/FW. Workbench HD v2.12.0 JTV-89F (v2.21 [shipped with v2.10]) through USB (v1.0.7.2) connected with Windows 7 (SP1) i7 64bit laptop (directly, no hub inbetween). Is there any exclusive Models/Patches that are for the JTV-89F guitars that I can't use because of this partial detection? Although Line 6 Monkey v1.71 detected it as a general "Tyler Variax" and the flashing (EDIT3: with a correct file, manually downloaded) worked fine. But I imagine that process is meant to be compatible with as many as possible. From the download section: "The five high-gain models that were previously exclusive to JTV-89 and loaded into custom bank 1 are now available in the Workbench software by loading the custom JTV bank available online." EDIT4: Although it was preceded by: "For JTV-89 Customers Only: " which seems to contradict the buildup of the sentence that followed it with "previously exclusive". Is it exclusive or not? Does it include JTV-89F? Other Variax models? Unclear. Confusing. But more importantly, where and how exactly is it usable? Nothing in the Workbench HD manual about "online". I must be missing something.. EDIT1: is the following the only (official?) trusted resource? Share And Download 2.0+ H D Models? EDIT2: I'm also interested in Bass (HD) Models compatible with JTV-89F, any good direction in this regard would prevent me from doing something stupid to the guitar. EDIT4: Other than this issue, in my bit of experience with the guitar, everything else seems alright, and I mostly enjoy it. It wasn't tuned fully when it arrived, but that does not invoke concern. This issue does. I wanted to try to get any clarification or specific tips here before resorting to opening a support ticket. Thanks in advance. EDIT4 includes overall adjustments. EDIT5(2015-09-01): added Dropbox-hosted screen-snippets for public-viewing (it should detect as JTV-89 [normal also for the JTV-89F, not -69 [never had the -69 guitar]):
  10. I received my first guitar (ever) this past July: JTV-89F (2013 model). I wanted it for a lot of reasons. Sadly I'm in the process of sending this particular (manufactured in Korea - hopefully better quality control in the future) production, back for a replacement. This particular guitar production shipping date to online-shop from Yamaha Europe: March 2015 EDIT1(2015-08-27): the exact shipping date of the batch of 4 of these to the shop I bought it from, is 23 March 2015: (need to be logged in possibly to view the zoomin evidence) This one I will label #1; it's returned. And another 3 as well; 2 from different batches. All the others I returned back to the shop, I did for different reasons. I won't reference the serial numbers, for privacy reasons, and perhaps it's better that the factory in Korea gets a common improvement request and even higher quality (a lot of good work was put in each one, I'm sorry about the issues as well) instead of possibly firing someone. At the bottom I referenced that I will post about them later. EDIT2(2015-09-01): zoomin evidence Dropbox-hosted for public-viewing: First connectivity issue (mild compared to other related issues): EDIT1(2015-08-27): -Why is Workbench HD seeing my JTV-89F as Tyler Variax (JTV-69)? EDIT2(2015-09-01): referenced the screen-snippets of the Workbench HD Connected Guitar detection popup: Then with the generally recommended FW update from v2.10 (in the guitar shipped) to v2.21, a sound issue started occasionally to occur, and that (combined with the aforementioned guitar partial detection) stopped my trust in this particular one right in its tracks. I tried reproducing the main problematic sound issue, while trying to capture it in a recording, but it wasn't as easy as while it happened otherwise much more often. I got tired of trying to capture more examples of the issue, but I think I've managed a basic demonstration: (let me know if the link doesn't work) As for the general Model Tuning, there is some uncertainty going on as well in terms of what the note is being heard/measured. Not sure whether it's a general thing, or a brand, or settings things. But I will paste my crude mobile-notes just to have it here for now: tuning testing (korg tmr-50 (440hz (425hz matches fhfx in some cases) + fhfx v1.10): factory default string tuning (not good, but after retuning, it turned not to be the major source of ambiguation). magnetic: 6 5 4 3 2 1 string# #1 pickup: confirmed bridge humbucker/both singlecoils, allothers confirmedbefore noting. e a d g b e #2 2nd bridge pickup single coil e a d g b e #3 all on e a d g b e #4 2n neck pickup single coil e a d g b e #5 neck pickup humbucker/both single coils e a d g b e models: t-model: model tuning #1-5: b e a d g(Flat/f# korg) b(+other strings left, sometimes ecpecially when noise gate is off: weird effect because of harmonics when #6 left free, also especially when afterwards going up until #4,out oftune has nothing todo with it) standard #1-5: e a c(#?/dFlat?fhfx) e a e dropD #1-5: g b d g b d(g with#6free/mixes with others as well, but #6 harmonic coresonance most audible:korg) 1/2 down #1-5: d g d g b d drop Db #1-5: d a d g(Flat/f# korg) a d 1 down #1-5: d a d g a d drop c #1-5: d g c f a d m3 down#1-5: c#(dFlat fhfx) g#(aFlat) c#(dFlat) f#(gFlat) bFlat eFlat( ;free #6 loud harmonic byproduct) drop b #1-5: eFlat aFlat(g# korg) dFlat(c#) gFlat(f#) bFlat eFlat M3 down #1-5: d a d g b e(free#6 harmonic interference) drop Bb #1-5: e a d g b e baritone #1-5: e a d g b e EDIT1(2015-08-27): the ambiguity aside for later, update: -Why is Workbench HD seeing my JTV-89F as Tyler Variax (JTV-69)? At least, that's how those seemed to me, but now it seems there is also a matter of the wrong Alternate Tuning associated with the JTV-69, but with the labels/nob of the JTV-89(F) (checked the specs). Although I specifically downloaded and loaded up the v2.21 firmware from the JTV, it wouldn't make the difference since these seem to be the same file for all recent JTVs. I've double checked that in the download section; there is no specific JTV model drop-down-menu-item or the like. At least this part is definitely reversed; are Model and Standard. But the following doesn't fit that 'reversing theory': Since Standard reversed (switched with the one before last/Baritone) would be Drop Bb/flat on the JTV-89(F) and that doesn't start with an E. Is it a JTV-69 one position? I'm confused. But this situation is not the norm. This is some cluster mess I was never responsible for; and luckily not mine anymore. I will post a separate thread for each of the returned guitars, to keep some overview, since this thread has already a number of, even though interesting, digressions. Also to keep any feedback with the associated guitar/thread, rather than everything mixed in one thread. EDIT2(2015-09-01): On second thought, I'll dedicate a single Thread/Topic for those returned guitars, and use standalone posts for each instead within that Thread/Topic.
  11. Am seriously considering a JTV-89F. question I have at the moment relates to compatability with the Pod XT Live. All i've found thus far is "limited compatability". What is this to mean exactly? What won't it do? Many thanks in advance.
  12. just picked up my new jtv-89f today, got home. plugged it in and the A-string piezo pickup is not working, anyone have that problem?
  13. I own a Blood Red JTV-89 and decided to go for the trem bar and bought a black JTV-89F, after using it a few times I realized I prefer the regular model. So I have a brand new JTV-89F for sale. Really, really new. Only a couple of lines on the back of the body made by my beltbuckle bu to one except you will see them. The price is 900 euros. It is located in paris, France. Thanks!
  14. For JTV-89 Customers Only: In addition to the 28 electric, acoustic and electric instruments, you also get five high-gain models exclusive to the JTV-89 guitars based on the high output magnetic pickups loaded into the Custom 1 Bank. Each model is based on a different pickup position, and delivers high-gain guitar tone while allowing you to access drop tunings, custom Dream Rig configurations and more. Because of this, you will NOT be able to modify or save your own custom settings to the Custom 1 Bank on the JTV-89 and 89F guitars. Deutsch: JTV-89 und 89F Custom 1 Bank mit v1.90 und neuerer Firmware. Nur für JTV-89 Nutzer: Zusätzlich zu den 28 elektrischen und akustischen Instrumenten bekommen Sie 5 High-Gain Modelle, die für JTV-89 Gitarren exklusiv sind. Diese sind basierend auf der hohen Ausgabe der magnetischen Pickups in der Custom 1 Bank. Jedes Modell ist basiert auf einer anderen Pickup Position und liefert einen High-Gain Gitarrenklang während Sie gleichzeitig auf Drop Tuning, die Dream Rig Einstellungen und mehr zugreifen können. Daher können sie Ihre eigenen Einstellungen und Änderungen nicht auf der Custom 1 Bank der JTV-89 und 89F Gitarren abspeichern. Français: JTV-89 et 89F Custom 1 Bank avec v1.90 et firmware plus recente. Seulement pour les utilisateurs de la JTV-89: En plus des 28 instruments électriques et acoustiques, vous obtenez 5 modèles à gain élevé qui sont exclusives pour les guitares JTV-89. Ces modèles sont basés sur les micros magnétiques de la Bank Custom 1. Chaque modèle est basé sur une autre position du micro et fournisse un ton de guitare High-Gain pendant que vous pouvez accéder Drop Tuning, les réglages Dream Rig et plus. Donc vous ne pouvez pas enregistrer vos réglages et changements sur la Bank Custom 1 des guitares JTV-89 et 89F.
  15. Being new to Floyd Rose-style string locking systems and lacking any documentation about such from Line 6, i found this Graph Tech link useful:‎ It covers changing strings, tuning and intonation. Happy Allen wrenching :)
  16. I appreciate the new model JTV-89F with a Floyd Rose and played it in two music stores. Unfortunately the Floyd Rose of the JTV-89F is not a low profile one like most Ibanez Trems (ZR2 etc), the Floyd Rose Pro or the Schaller Low Profile. My experience is that I only can play comfortable with low profile trems. Back-slanted finetuners are essential for me to play palm muting with no disturbing finetuners. So I ask and demand for a JTV with a low profile trem. Is there a chance that Line6 will produce one? If yes, that could be my second JTV after the JTV-59 TSB.
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