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  1. yes, buy it if you can afford it.....lots of cool stuff can be done when playing the accoustic modeling alone.....get creative with the other model packs.....it enhances your expression....
  2. My JTV-89F is a great guitar....without even talking about the modeling capabilities. The magnetics are crisp, clear, strong and reactive to playing style. The neck is perfect for someone with long fingers and long arms and the neck-joint access is organically ergonomic.....(yes, i just said those two words together). The intonation is easily adjusted at the bridge and not a single string fretted out, due to it's considerate design and construction. All of my gear is Line 6 (amps, wireless, floorboards, POD....and now guitar) but this isn't a biased opinion.....this isn't about any weird brand-fixation.....it's about quality and although I've read plenty of dissatisfied reviews about various Line 6 products, I've never been able to complain at all about what my set-up has done for me and my music. I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and have known many musicians with many guitars....I won't be one of them as this one does all I expected and needed from it already. My Ibanez's and Fender's will be gathering some extra dust....but won't be forgotten. I took a chance and bought this guitar to inspire some creativity.....plenty of ideas now.....and satisfaction.
  3. hahaha....i understand that kind of scary.....that has my ex written all over it.....
  4. I had that problem with my JTV 89F the first night I brought it home......had to return it for a bad piezo on the A-string saddle anyways. Mine also would not "turn-on" when attempting to go into Variax Mode.....I just unplugged the standard jack and put it back in and the system came alive again.....had to do that a few times and made me wonder if it's the female jack receiving the cable....sometimes the prong get's bent and some fiddling might be required....it's not any fun when something doesn't work fresh from the box....makes me want to slap whomever signed the "inspected by" sticker......errrrgh!
  5. Hahaha...!! I try to avoid seeking forgiveness....my little haus-frau has been very supportive and sees how important this "hobby" is to me.....she gets it..... I think I will go with the Firehawk soon.....Line 6 shows a comparison between it and the POD HD500X and what you might want/get from either one.....the Firehawk looks like it would suite my needs much better.....I'm mostly playing in my man cave I converted from the third bay in our garage....so amplification needs are minmal....I'd rather play through my home theater system for the surround effect anyways....
  6. order the part through a third-party vendor if you can and replace it yourself....most internal parts are built to be swapped out in such events or need of repair....
  7. I saw that product but wasn't aware of the Variax integration.....I was thinking in terms of the "Dream Rig" that Line 6 attempts to promote.....although I just can't justify the costs.....I'm not even in a band.....just love playing guitar and writing music....the technology is getting more user-friendly these days.....
  8. Don't think so, probably just a bad piezo....new one was already ordered (in black, not the red I originally received)....I do have faith in Line 6.....my wireless and amps and foot boards are from them and I love them.....I'm considering an amplify product (TT, 75 or 150 amp). I may also trade up to the POD HD500X for complete Variax integration and control (my POD xt Live has limited control). Not sure about a new amp yet..... I buy what my wife let's me buy.....hahaha!!!
  9. I brought it back already and GC ordered another to be delivered in two weeks. If the new one has a defect too, then I'll just go back to my other old-fashioned guitars and try to be happy. The guitar itself was very nice, great action and feel with a very comfortable neck and well balanced body....nothing to complain about there.
  10. I'm returning it today to Guitar Center and having them order me another one.....I like Line 6, most of my gear is by them.....they deserve another chance.....
  11. just picked up my new jtv-89f today, got home. plugged it in and the A-string piezo pickup is not working, anyone have that problem?
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