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Found 16 results

  1. hi, my fbv express stopped working after i updated the software on monkey. at first it started slashing when i plugged it into the amp and it made a loud noise, now it wont turn on at all when plugged into either the amp or my computer. can any one help?
  2. FBV Express MKII cannot be used to switch AMP MODELS(CLEAN/CRUNCH/METAL/INSANE) on Spider Classic 15. Please advise what kind of settings should be made in FBV Control Application.
  3. I'm trying to find a good case for my FBV Express MkII. While the Line6 shop does offer a lot of cases, there's nothing for this pedal unit in particular. (And frustratingly, none of the other cases list dimensions in the item info. So I'm not sure which one could be a good fit.) Does anyone have a good case for their unit, either from Line6 or someplace else? Or know where to look? I don't just want to haul it around in the cardboard box it came in.
  4. Hello, I have purchased the FBV Express MkII product, but I cannot complete the calibration. In step one of the calibration chapter everything is fine, but in step two, where the manual says "Press the on-board pedal forward fully and hold down pedal’s Toe Switch until the Tuner display changes to “2”. This should occur instantly. I can't figure out where the Toe switch is. Something escapes me, can someone help me? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I just want to know how to have a whammy/pitch effect with with the FBV Express MkII, and a Spider V 30. Thanks.
  6. Hello Can you use the FBV express MKII with a DAW in windows (like cubase, reaper etc) as a midi controller without using any other line 6 hardware? I am not interested in using it with virtual guitar amps, I want it mostly as an expression pedal when using my midi keyboards/YRG guitar
  7. Hi guys, have just purchased a spiderIII 150 for my 15yr old son and tried a fbv express mkI but it didn't work. Do I need the mkII and would this require a pod or work just plugged into the combo? Thanks, Alan
  8. Hi, I've got a Cry Baby 535q Wah Pedal sits between my guitar & my Pod X3. I've read that e.g. it might be better to have the Wah pedal sitting somewhere other than between my guitar & (in my case) my Pod X3. Has anyone got any advice on any advantages using the Wah on the FBV Express MKII might give me over my current set up. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I've got a Cry Baby 535q Wah Pedal sits between my guitar & my Pod X3. I've read that e.g. it might be better to have the Wah pedal sitting somewhere other than between my guitar & (in my case) my Pod X3. Has anyone got any advice on any advantages using the Wah on the FBV Express MKII might give me over my current set up. Thanks.
  10. How long does the Reinitializing device takes. It has been stuck her for over two hovers. What to do?
  11. I own a POD HD500 and use it for church performance. Since I lead worship near the pastor's podium, the HD500 is just too large for me to keep up front where I can change it, so I've just been using one setting at all times and using a wireless system. I purchase an FBV Express MKII because I thought I read that it was compatible with the HD500, however, before it arrived at my doorstep I realized that it in fact was NOT compatible. I've seen many posts about using the HD500 as a MIDI controller to control other things, but I haven't seen anything concerning using another MIDI device to control the HD500. Is it possible to control it using another MIDI device? If so, any recommendations on a small MIDI footswitch with expression pedal? The FBV Express MKII would have been the perfect size if it had been compatible, but most of the MIDI controllers I see with expression pedals are as large or larger than my POD. Thanks for your time!
  12. Hi everyone, I purchased FBV Express MkII and I want change settings on Line6 FBV Control. And here I have big problem. I can do new settings and save their in My Document ( on Windows 7 ) but I can't use this settings on my MkII. I don't see any options in this program which let mi save my settings on my board. I use this pedal with my spider IV 75. How I can do this? Everybody knows? Thanks for answers. I'm sorry for my English but I'm from Poland. :)
  13. I'm using my POD HD Pro for live but when switching tones there is too big of a delay when I stomp on the fbv express mkii.... (doesn't sound natural.. takes too long to switch tones) Is there anyway to fix this?
  14. Hi! I did a firmware upgrade to my spider IV 75 through a fvb mkII pedalboard. The proceder seemed correct. The new efects sounds great, but the pedalboard didn't work again. The display doesn't light anymore and none of the pedals work. It is unable to connect to the computer vía USB. It isn't recognized by the monkey. Any similar experience? Any idea? Could the update file be corrupted? Maybe the routine to manage the pedalboard is not complete? Would a factory reset fix the problem? Thank you and excuse my poor english
  15. I'm thinking about getting the Pod HD (bean) and the FBV EXPRESS MkII. I don't really need the full HD500/X floorboard. So, can an FBV EXPRESS MkII control a Pod HD (bean) and another MIDI device over USB via a computer? Long version: I want to have a Behringer DEQ2496 (a fancy programmable digital EQ) connected to the Pod HD via S/PDIF (via Coax/RCA to optical converter or RCA to AES/BEU adapter) and change with the patch changes on the Pod HD. It could help with dialing in some patches. Now, I know the Pod HD (bean) doesn't have MIDI connectors. The FBV EXPRESS MkII manual says that it will send MIDI via USB and (at least with the X3) could be connected through a computer and send MIDI changes between the Pod and the floorboard (over USB). Can it also send changes to the DEQ2496 (via MIDI adapter connected to the computer)? It sounds like you can't connect the floorboard to the Pod via Cat5 and use USB on the floorboard at the same time, so USB all around would be required. The Pod HD isn't sending MIDI over USB, right? So the floorboard (and computer) has to be in the mix to change both devices. Short version: So all 3 devices would be connected through a computer. Hit a pad on the floorboard and have the bean change patch and the DEQ2496 change to the appropriate EQ patch. Anybody tried anything like that? I've done a little MIDI software dev stuff - so if the devices are sending/receiving anything across MIDI (via USB) - I can probably sync them up. It would be nice if it just worked, though. I played with DEQ2496 on an X3 Live years ago and it worked well and helped dial in the sound a bunch. Of course, you didn't need the computer in between. I'd guess it would work with the HD500/X easily, too. Searching on the FBV EXPRESS MkII (on this forum) doesn't instill a lot of confidence that it works well with the Pod HD (bean), though. I'd just like some patch switching, control the looper, and have the expression pedal. Any thoughts? Chris
  16. Hello. I was wondering if I can get some help. I am trying to get a good wah sound from my rig. The problem is that the wah sound is "topping out" when the FBV expression pedal is at about 70%. How can I adjust the amount of wah on custom presets. I can't seem to find where to adjust the wah percentage (from 0%-100%). I have looked through the manual and I must be missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steven D
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