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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone. I have a problem with my PODxt. I bought in shop much years ago a PODxt, a Bass PODxt and a FBV Express (this is not MKII). I used both POD with my FBV Express without problem, until one day, various years after, I thought to register here only my PODxt and downloaded some sounds of others users here. Well, since then, my PODxt stopped working with my FBV Express, however my Bass PODxt working perfectly with my FBV Express, like it always did. I think that the problem appeared when I registered my PODxt here. The result: the FBV express get the changes from the PODxt but the PODxt don´t get the changes from the FBV Express, a serious problem, the FBV Express no working with the PODxt. The Line6 support told me that is a problem unknown here and that I could make it one factory reset ti the PODxt and I did it. The PODxt only has the factory sounds now but the problem persit. The Line6 support send me to places with many links with solutions of problems of the others users, but that doesn´t help me. Could somebody help me, please?. Thank you so much, greetings form Spain.
  2. Hey! Seems like it doesn't exist on the website, and also doesn't give me the option to download it in Line6 Monkey (the pedal is hooked up properly and is being detected by my computer/monkey). Any suggestions? Lena
  3. Hi all, Having a bit of a problem :) All my Line 6 gear has the very latest firmware updates installed. I have a Spider IV 75W amp, FBV Express Mk II foot controller and a PODxt. The FBV Express Mk II foot controller works fine with the Spider IV amp and everything switches as it should. BUT when plugging the FBV Express Mk II foot controller into the PODxt it successfully switches channels within a bank BUT there is no LED indication on the foot pedal as to which channel has been selected. Also, the tuner facility isn't called up and in fact the tuner display only illuminates briefly when plugging in, and from then on is blank! Finally, plugging the FBV Express Mk II back into the Spider IV amp and it all works OK - including the tuner facility and the tuner display on the pedal. I'm wondering, if there is a particular combination of firmware for each product I should be looking for and using?? Has anyone succeeded in making the FBV Express Mk II and the PODxt work successfully with each other - and if so what versions of firmware are you running? Oh, I've swopped the CAT5 lead and also calibrated the swell pedal itself but it makes no difference :) Here's hoping anyone can comment!
  4. Hi Hope someone can help. I have a spider V 60 and an FBV Express MK11 and I cannot get it to control the quick loop on the amp. There are several u-tube vids of controlling the quick loop on a spider IV but nothing on the Spider V. Hopefully it can do this as thats one of the main reasons I brought the FBV. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I have recently aquired an used X3 (bean) with a FBV Express MkII controller. This all works fine, but when I configure the pedal control in GearBox to "Both Tones", "1 1=twk|2=vol" and "2 1=twk|2=vol" and under Tweak "Mod:Mix" under both, the footswitch pedal does not actually alter the Mix option for the Modulation (which is enabled) on both Tones (Dual enabled). I tried other options for Tweak and they don't seem to react either. When the settings are on 1=w/v|2=twk for example, the footswitch pedal does alter the volume and can switch Wah on. Anybody any idea? I can tweak the pedal settings with FBV Controller but that should only be used if the controller is connected with USB to the PC. The controller works with the network cable on the bean.
  6. Does the FBV ethernet port use the industry standards for POE (Power over Ethernet)? Can I just buy a typical "POE Injector" and use that to power the FBV Express MKII and just use it as a USB midi controller to stand alone devices?
  7. I own a POD HD500 and use it for church performance. Since I lead worship near the pastor's podium, the HD500 is just too large for me to keep up front where I can change it, so I've just been using one setting at all times and using a wireless system. I purchase an FBV Express MKII because I thought I read that it was compatible with the HD500, however, before it arrived at my doorstep I realized that it in fact was NOT compatible. I've seen many posts about using the HD500 as a MIDI controller to control other things, but I haven't seen anything concerning using another MIDI device to control the HD500. Is it possible to control it using another MIDI device? If so, any recommendations on a small MIDI footswitch with expression pedal? The FBV Express MKII would have been the perfect size if it had been compatible, but most of the MIDI controllers I see with expression pedals are as large or larger than my POD. Thanks for your time!
  8. My FBV express Mk2 when hooked up to my amplifi 75 used to change through ABCD on bank selected. Now it will always go back to bank 1 and does the ABCD Channels. It will not stay in the bank selected. Is this due to the new pedal board?? Not happy as when in Bank 20 for the blues channels volume works wha works but soon as change to ABCD it goes back to the bank 1 tried updating going back to defaults and still Bank 1 ABCD. This sucks as it was very helpful now seems like I have to use the iPad if not in bank 1. Please bring out an update or tell me how to fix the problem. As I own a spider 4 75 and a hd500. On a army pension and hate to have wasted money on my FBV express 2. Or are you pushing us to spend more money on your new 100 board. Not impressed, may as well go to fender tube with stomp boxes. Please help tried everything, used to just plug in the back and the Bank you where on was the one that you could change each channel.
  9. What's the difference between the 'FBV Express MKII' & the old one 'FBV Express' , beside the USB thing? is there any perfomance differences? (like maybe MKII can change patches [A B C D] faster & smoother than the old one ; the MKII pedal has more responsive ; etc) I just got the old one, 'FBV Express' & it worked well with my POD HD Pro X Do I need to get the new one (MKII) ?
  10. Anyone know what the functions of the FBV Express and FBV Shortboard are with this amp?
  11. Considering getting the above to use in the house. However, I tend to play in different tunings and as I understand it the tuner on 15 and 30 watters only tune to EADGBE. My question is will the display on the FBV ExpressExpress MKII show other notes?
  12. After a coupla weeks of trying to get the FBV Express MKII to control the Bender (Whammy) effect on my Amplifi 75, Line 6 Support hit me back and confirmed the Bender effect currently isn't controllable by the FBV Express MKII expression pedal. Seems a bit odd...hopefully they'll add that functionality in a future iOS update. --RH << I have just tested this over here and confirmed with my Amplifi expert and currently the Bender is not controllable by the expression pedal. You can, however, assign the Bender to the FX knob on the amp. I'm sorry this functionality is not there, but I can't speak towards when and if it will be available at this time. You can create a feature request for this functionality at Again, sorry about this, but please feel free to voice any additional questions, comments or concerns. >>
  13. Just bought an FBV Express MKII to use with my Amplifi 75. I'm not getting a very smooth sweep when using the foot pedal with the wah and Bender sounds (i.e. in the case of the wah, I'm getting more of an immediate bump in the wah rather than a smooth transition). Anyone have any thoughts? I've already calibrated the FBV Express MKII. Thanks, --R
  14. I'm having trouble with my delay getting out of sync. Last week when I was playing live I noticed that the tap tempo on my FBV Express was slightly slow in its response between my tap and the amp. Later I sat down with the iPad and tried to tap the tempo directly on the delay pedal interface and found that the timing was all over the place. I was playing a song that was 75 bpm but even though I was tapping on each down beat the tempo on the pedal would constantly change - I got 72.4, 73.2, 73.7, etc. the closest I got was 74.6 bpm which is pretty good but later in the song I was off enough to notice. I cannot see that there is a way to just dial in the bpm so I guess I'm limited to tapping the tempo, then trying to readjust midsong. Is this the nature of delay in general? If it is, the response time between the tap and the effect should be tighter. It seems that with digital tech we should be able to nail this. So I guess there are really two questions here: 1. Is anyone else experiencing sluggish response through the FBV? This is happening to me even when switching banks and tuning. AND 2. How do I get the right tempo on my delay? Any advice is appreciated!
  15. how can i change the presets in my Aplifi 75, to use them with my express pedal? i want to send my 4 favorite tones to the Amp permanently. I do not find any manual for the iOS App.
  16. What's up.. I just got a spider iv 150 and a fbv express. I downloaded the software and upgraded both products. Calibrated the pedal and what not. With the user bank on 01 Arachnophobia when I click my wah pedal on it turns to a pitch pedal. Can anyone tell me how to change the effect form pitch to wah?? I have read the manuals and the answer still eludes me. Kinda frustrated at this point.
  17. I am wondering if I can vary the level of the volume pedal, right now its min on the heel and max on the toe, but is there anyway to change that so you can have like 50% on the heel and 100% on the toe.
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