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  1. Having similar problems. Mine worked for last year. Now it will only change channels ABCD on bank one. Even when manually changing banks as soon as u push on ABCD it goes to Bank one every time. Must be from update. As has always worked. And yes mine is slow now to change.
  2. Thanks. I guess that would be under Forums?? First time user at this type of programming or whatever you call it lol. Thanks again.
  3. My FBV express Mk2 when hooked up to my amplifi 75 used to change through ABCD on bank selected. Now it will always go back to bank 1 and does the ABCD Channels. It will not stay in the bank selected. Is this due to the new pedal board?? Not happy as when in Bank 20 for the blues channels volume works wha works but soon as change to ABCD it goes back to the bank 1 tried updating going back to defaults and still Bank 1 ABCD. This sucks as it was very helpful now seems like I have to use the iPad if not in bank 1. Please bring out an update or tell me how to fix the problem. As I own a spider 4 75 and a hd500. On a army pension and hate to have wasted money on my FBV express 2. Or are you pushing us to spend more money on your new 100 board. Not impressed, may as well go to fender tube with stomp boxes. Please help tried everything, used to just plug in the back and the Bank you where on was the one that you could change each channel.
  4. I have a spider IV 75 with FBV pedal. When using hd 500, switch to empty channel on Amp and push manual. Then using the hd500 board can be used with its presets and so on. So until I can afford a DI tube amp. This seems to work gives large variety plus great with Riffworks program. Thought this May come In handy, letting u get even more from your line 6 amp and pedal set ups. My acoustics I use an Ibanez Toubadour , so crisp for your acoustics just don't let anyone plug a heavy distorted electric into it. Fantastic clear sounds I use the line 6 Verbizzla pedal with it opening up great reverb and amp has chorus and reverb. But also handles 3phase mic plug in on different channel so can mix treble, mid and bass for each channel. Love my spider, goes with custom Strat with custom pick ups and Squire Strat Classic Vibe 50s SS, ALSO ibanez ART100. Acoustics Martin, Takamine G series with TK40 pre amp added. In Australia have not had the chance to try Variaxe guitar, but would love to try one. Army pensioner so it's all planning lol. Want the DI Tube amp with Variaxe guitar to match. I could be so lucky. Hope this helps others.
  5. Hi I love Line6 gear, I'm a Army Pensioner now and music is the only thing that didn't leave me after my service. I bought Spider IV 75 with a Verbzilla and FBV express pedal and a pocket pod. Last thing I got was POD HD500 as this was last of my payout from Army, I was really upset to find the board 500 didn't let me change sounds on spider. I find if I put it on manual the Amp, it seems to be doing the sounds ok I think but no other way to test it. I'd like to be able to use all my sounds. Love your gear but totally broke now, just Veterans pension. Looks like I should have gone a dt50 amp, but no way I can afford it as live in Australia prices alittle higher. I tell everyone how much I love your gear. Just upset that the POD HD500 was last of money being over $600. I have registered all my gear, just upset as thought the spider IV 75 was THE AMP to have as I play acoustic Martin and electric Ibanez ART100. Love to have one of your signature guitars. Well if any more help would love to hear from anyone, or can line6 put an upgrade tso can be used with hd500 and spider IV 75. As have to change channel manual as got wrong peddle FBV express. Please I would love to promote your stuff to my mates in forces and the little band we trying to get going. Please if u ever have any comps for different AMP and or great looking guitar or FBV short board lol. I be that lucky lmao never. But is manual the only way to set spider onto.
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