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  1. Crashes on opening on my iPhone 4s, but works just fine on my iPad Mini (in fact, several bugs fixed!). BUT I have not updated the iPad to iOS 7.1.1 yet. I think I'll wait a little longer, just in case.
  2. I guess that's the major downside of being dependent on the app for pretty much all functionality. Without it the Amplifi is just a great Bluetooth speaker. Hopefully (maybe) they can get that USB port working with a PC as a "backup" method of editing and navigating tones?
  3. Love using mine at home to practice. Use it at church (mic'ed). Used it at a wedding for my acoustic and for streaming wedding music via Bluetooth. Works for me!
  4. I agree, though I don't feel the "custom speaker" in the 75 is as clear as the Celestion in the 150!
  5. I don't have a lot of disposable income so when it came time for me to buy an amp I could gig with I went with a Spider IV 30 with a handful of on-board effects which meant I didn't have to spend a lot on pedals. I got a lot of flak from purists about playing through digital models/effects but for $99 on eBay I think I got a good deal. After a while I started to feel limited by this set up so when Amplifi came along (I already had an iPad) it was actually a huge step up. If I hadn't already owned an iPad I probably would've just passed this one by, but I did so I didn't. I'm a happy "early adopter" but not because I just go out and buy every new thing. This amp has everything I need (and then some) so use it and I like it!
  6. Ok. Yeah I see that - but that assumes you're running through a clean amp (i.e. all effects are preamp). My question is why can't we as users decide to put each block wherever we want? It seems silly to me that we can move only certain ones. Especially since what is being shown as promo material is not accurate (and I know that's often the case). This is just something that made me sit up and say "hey, wait a minute!"
  7. Yeah I tried that too. Still didn't work. If you look at the pic you can see markers on the chain which indicate where things can be moved to.
  8. I came across GP mag's review of the Amplifi (April issue) and saw their photo of the app's UI. Hopefully you can see it; glossy pages don't photograph well! What I noticed was that it shows eq and compression at the end of the chain. That's funny because on mine I can't move those two from where they are. I just thought that's the way it is. Is it just me? Can anyone else move these? I'd love to eq and compress at the end!
  9. Yes. That does work - most of the time. It's a pain. I say sometimes because sometimes I have to restart the app several times. I also noticed there's a lot of lag time in the app - so maybe it's just really lagging on that function and I'm too impatient to wait for it. I experience lag with my tap tempo for delay. Hopefully a bug fix in the future?
  10. Using the ms feature instead of note works great! I may never go back to the tap tempo. The delay responds directly to your attack rather than to a preset tempo, but the feedback responds to the ms timing so there's no need to reset the tempo every so often during a song. Of course if you have a physical pedal it might not be practical to set the ms between each song in a live setting. However, with the Amplifi app I can save each one according to the song and just pull it up when it's time. Learn something new everyday!
  11. Yes it's up to date. Sometimes my "Tuner" and "level" buttons are grayed out too. Does anyone know if I delete the app and reinstall will I lose my tones or are those stored in the cloud?
  12. Mines out even with a tone selected.
  13. My "Save to Hardware" function is grayed out - can't use it. Can't upload tones to the amp. Anyone know why?
  14. Sounds like a good idea. I'll try it. If I use ms timing, how do I sync it with the tempo of the music? Same way - tap tempo? Won't that have the same issue if I'm getting sluggish response from my FBV? Sorry for all the noob questions, but I'm coming from a spider iv 30 where everything was pretty much done for me. I get that but when I play live we use a click track so I still have to get as close as possible. Thanks for the responses! Gonna try Rowbi's suggestion tomorrow.
  15. I'm having trouble with my delay getting out of sync. Last week when I was playing live I noticed that the tap tempo on my FBV Express was slightly slow in its response between my tap and the amp. Later I sat down with the iPad and tried to tap the tempo directly on the delay pedal interface and found that the timing was all over the place. I was playing a song that was 75 bpm but even though I was tapping on each down beat the tempo on the pedal would constantly change - I got 72.4, 73.2, 73.7, etc. the closest I got was 74.6 bpm which is pretty good but later in the song I was off enough to notice. I cannot see that there is a way to just dial in the bpm so I guess I'm limited to tapping the tempo, then trying to readjust midsong. Is this the nature of delay in general? If it is, the response time between the tap and the effect should be tighter. It seems that with digital tech we should be able to nail this. So I guess there are really two questions here: 1. Is anyone else experiencing sluggish response through the FBV? This is happening to me even when switching banks and tuning. AND 2. How do I get the right tempo on my delay? Any advice is appreciated!
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