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  1. So I received these today. They appear considerably longer than the originals. No issues there? Better reception???
  2. Thank you! Unfortunately the shipping is more than the antennas!
  3. As the title says. Damaged an antenna and it seems to cut my range significantly. I see a lot of similar antennas on the market in the 10-20 dollar a pair range. Are they all the same so long as they’re BNC connectors???
  4. Noticed last night my G50 cutting out, about 50' away from my board. We had a pretty crowded gig and I'm sure I lost line of sight of the board. I do run on power saver. Would running full power increase range and prevent drop outs? I get about a gig out of batteries at full power. They're rechargable so really, not an issue.
  5. I will try the shorted cable. All involved units are plugged into a furman P1800 AR voltage regulator. I will verify firmware is up to date as well. The problem happened one time, at a venue I played with the same wireless before.
  6. The noise happened both with and without cable connected to the transmitter. It also happened with 2 different transmitters and cables. I'm not in the same state as the rig right now to test but I will try that.
  7. I bought the 150 (450 out the door at GC) and its performing as advertised. I load up my playlists and jam along to practice and I bring it to rehearsal because its easy. No problem in volume jamming along with a drummer, keyboard player, bass, 4 vocal mics and a PA. For what it cost, Im good with it. If i HAD to gig with it (I never will, but if I had to) I'd get by just fine I suspect. Anyone else? Reading lots of com[plaints here. Some valid, others a bit unrealistic. It was 450 bucks, Fractal Axe FX II and similar will set you back considerably more. This is prosumer stuff, take it for what it is.
  8. putting the phone in airplane mode will ensure it does "little else"
  9. Last gig, my 2 year old flawless G90 was putting out some funky noise. Here's a detailed synapsis. Line6 G90>TC Electric Gsystem 4CM to triple rec. with no transmitter powered on, no niose. With wireless unit removed from the signal chain and guitar>cable>G system input, no niose. As soon as I powered up a transmitter, high pitched noise and input to the G System was on fire. Switching out transmitters proved same probem. Any help? Sounds like a beat rackmounted receiver.
  10. To say this amp is for karaoke guitar players and only that is disingenuous and pretty far off base. This serves as a good backup amp and an excellent practice amp. If my main 5 figure rig hiccups at a gig, I know I have this relatively inexpensive solution ready to go so I can finish my gig.
  11. ditto. any help here. I found keeping the phone very close to the amp helps.
  12. Ive found on the iphone after getting a call I need to resync the app. Hardly a life altering event for me, personally.
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