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  1. The issue with having to resync was not the defining issue to return it. There are several points I have for returning it, a few of which I listed with the primary being that I feel it was not ready for prime time when they released it. But, if it is to be completely controlled by bluetooth, one should not have to go through reconfiguring the sync just because they change the ios device they are using (I am taking into consideration that each device has been previously used with that particular AMPLIFI). You should be able to flip the power switch on and walk across the room, or as far as your cord will let you, and start playing.
  2. I also saw where I had to completely resync the AMPLIFi when changing between iPad and iPhone. I have a small $50 bluetooth speaker that goes between the two ios devices without a problem, why can't an amp I paid $400 do the same? I have already returned my AMPLIFi back to Guitar Center. The AMPLIFi has the potential to be something much better, but I don't want to own it while it is still under development. It almost seems as though it was rushed to market for NAMM. I will keep the app on my phone and watch for updates to see how it develops in the future and may buy the 150 watt version if they make it fully functional. One of the things I would like to see would be to get the USB port working. You should be able to manage the AMPLIFi with your computer and I would also like to be able to record directly through the USB port. I think management through the USB port is a must. Being entirely dependent on a wireless device invites disaster. Well not disaster, but loss of ability to edit. I would also like to see a much larger library of presets that you can browse. Maybe a professionally developed library and not one entirely dependent on the users to build. Nothing against other people settings, but there was much to be desired in the few I messed with.
  3. It would be nice to have a library that you can just browse without having to enter an artist or song. I believe I remember Line 6 having library you could browse for I think it was called Gearbox or something like that.
  4. I saw the amp flash update 1.00.5 and applied it. I didn't do thorough testing, but in the little bit of testing I did, it appeared to be more stable. JoeDogInKC, I saw your post about the ABCD button not working and turned to amp back on to see and you are correct, it no longer works. Two steps forward and ones step back. I will give it another week or so before I decide whether to keep the amp or not. I think a few months down the road they will have the kinks ironed out and hopefully do more for the app to make it better, but I don't know if I want to hold on to the amp while they finish developing it.
  5. I believe the 75 says 8 inch custom speaker and the 150 says 12 inch custom Celestion speaker. At least that was what I last read.
  6. I think that the stereo part comes into play more for streaming your music from your ios device. I have the 75 watt version and it sounds pretty nice. I am a little concerned with it only having the 8 inch speaker, but I still have a lot of experimenting to do. At the current time, I am kind of stuck on a bug in the app that is bothering me and have been focusing on trying to narrow down the causes of the app disconnecting from the amp. I have a post talking about that.
  7. Yes I was using the power button with the effects, but it doesn't hurt to ask. After using the new version of the app, 1.00.1, it appears that it did not fix the issue. I played with the amp some more last night and found that it the app loses connection mostly when changing the parameters in an effect. It seemed to happen most in the Mod and Delay effects. Surprisingly it appears to happen most when using just and amp emulation and one effect. As I had said before, I would go into an effect that I was using and try to make some changes. I would notice that the changes weren't doing anything to modify the sound. I would go back to the menu and it would say that the amp was not connect. I would kill the app by double clicking on the home button and swiping up on the AMPLIFi app to make it disappear. I would then restart the app and it would connect to the amp and everything would work correctly again. I am a little disappointed that I have not heard from Line 6 support on the ticket I submitted. They say that they respond within 3 business days and it has only been 2 days, but I really would like to know if this is a known issue and if they are working on a fix for it.
  8. There was an update to the app today. I hope to test it tonight and see if it fixes the problem.
  9. I went out and bought the 75 watt version today. I was there asking about it before Guitar Center was even able to unpack their delivery. I played with it for long enough in the store to see that I wanted it. I got it home this evening and started checking out every amp and effect one by one. When I got to the Mod effects I noticed that when I changed effects, nothing was happening sound wise. I am using an iPhone 5S ios 7.0.4. I made sure all apps were closed and tried again and still the effects were not changing. I did a hard reboot on the phone and picked up where I left off. After making a few changes, the sounds stopped changing. I started poking around the app and found that it said it was not connected to the amp. I checked the bluetooth connections in the phone and it said it was connected to the amp. I opened up the music app on my phone and started a song and it was playing through the amp which proved the phone was synced to the amp. Problem is that even though the connection between the phone and amp appeared to be solid, the app would lose connection with the amp. Doesn't make sense unless there is a bug in the app. I will say that the amp sounded great, as long as it was working properly. I even ran an 8 string through it and the 8 inch speaker handled it without a problem and it didn't sound muddy at all. I didn't crank it, but at a low volume it sounds great. This was my one fear with this amp. If you have problems with the app, you are dead in the water other than the 4 presets that are in the amp itself.
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