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  1. Hello - I followed the instructions in Line6 website to upgrade but my computer crashed during the upgrade process. Now my Helix floor displays "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" with :-3 error code on the top left corner. Should I send the unit back? I was planning on playing with it all weekend and now I am screwed. It seems the update progress was about 50% when the computer crashed. I tried uploading pictures here but does not work, will try to reply with pictures. Thanks for your help.
  2. Before I start - I've already updated the firmware on my Stomp (3.50), and HX Edit is on the latest version (3.51). I've also restored the factory settings on the device itself by holding down the two right pedals and turning on the unit. Additionally, I've uninstalled and reinstalled HX Edit. Nothing has worked so far. My computer is running the latest version of macOS Ventura 13.2.1. My issue is - anytime I try to import a new preset into HX Edit and subsequently onto HX Stomp, HX Edit crashes entirely and I have to relaunch. I've tried dragging and dropping presets onto a New Preset slot, selecting a New Preset slot and clicking Import, and File -> Import Preset - all to the same effect. I've attached three screenshots of the issue, so hopefully that helps. The preset I attempt to import in the video is from Alex Strabala's Matchless HX Stomp series. It is clearly marked as an HX Stomp preset. Hoping someone else has experienced this and resolved it. Super frustrating, as part of the reason I purchased the Stomp was to load custom presets from creators. If I can't figure this out, I'm not sure why I'd use the unit. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi peeps. Just recorded a video. Hope you find it useful.
  4. The two common usage issues seen with Helix Native are: After a full Helix Native license is authorized, Helix Native is in Trial Mode when opened within a DAW. Helix Native is crashing when attempting to open on an audio track within a DAW. What has helped many users in either situation is the following: Disable WiFi Launch your DAW Insert Helix Native on a track. The login page should pop up. Turn on WiFi. When you sign in, Native gets reauthorized. CPU usage: Another common issue that may be noticed on some systems, is Helix Native's CPU usage reading higher percentage than what would be expected. Helix Native is a CPU intensive plug-in, some of our systems show readings between 27-30%, the actual usage meter will vary from system to system. Increasing the H/W playback buffer size, in your DAWs settings that can reduce CPU to a degree.
  5. Although the AMPLIFi is still available for purchase, it is no longer being developed, meaning we will not release any new firmware or software for it. The AMPLIFi Remote app is free to download. When installing AMPLIFi Remote, it warns that it was developed for an older version of Android and may not work correctly. Android versions 11, 12 and 13, etc. do not function as expected with the Amplifi Remote app.
  6. Although the Firehawk 1500 is still available for purchase, it is no longer being developed, meaning we will not release any new firmware or software for it. The Firehawk Remote app is free to download. When installing Firehawk Remote it warns that it was developed for an older version of Android and may not work correctly.
  7. Happened with every firmware version. After some use, when moving a block in hx edit crashes the connection with the helix fx, the unit freezes. Then i have to reboot the unit to reconect. No usb hub. Is this a known issue?
  8. We've had some reports of Spider Remote 2.0 failing to launch or crashing on Windows 10 systems. This does not affect all Windows 10 systems. If you encounter this issue, we suggest that you ensure that the latest version of the .net framework from Microsoft is installed on your computer. If it is and you still are having trouble, try reinstalling/repairing your Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable. Some users have found it helpful to install the most current version of C++ Redistributable, as well as both versions of the Visual C++ 2013 version: Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable x86 Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable x64 If that does not help, please contact our support staff at
  9. Hello guys, I hope someone sees this because I am at a loss as to how to fix this issue I'm having... I recently moved into a new apartment and ever since my HX Stomp has been acting up. Almost every time I turn it off, my entire system freezes (kind of). This means: everything disconnects, all bluetooth devices are thrown out and my external HDD is disconnected (scary!!!). Essentially I causing me to have to hard-restart my Mac (Retina, Late 2015) via the Power-Button. I'm afraid the Stomp is gonna fry my system, is there anything I can do? Is this issue even known? I hope someone can help me because I really love my HX Stomp but I can't use it via USB if this keeps up... Thank you in advance.
  10. My Spider V Remote program on my windows 10 PC keeps crashing whenever I change the presets. This particularly happens the most when i mess with the cabinet settings for some reason, but it occasionally happens when I change the other settings as well. I've factory reset and updated my amp but this hasn't solved the problem. The message that comes up is "Spider V is not responding". I've also tried running the program in administrator mode and in windows 8 compatibility mode. Help would be appreciated.
  11. If Helix Native / HX Edit crashes or loads with an empty screen on your Windows computer, check to see that your system drive is assigned to Disk 0. We have seen numerous reports of this working for customers running into this problem, as shown in this forum post: The workaround was found and reported by user Camelot_One, and his post goes into detail on checking your drives and ways to rearrange them so that one of them shows as Disk 0. Microsoft Surface Book/Surface Pro users and HX Edit: Some users have reported that ejecting their internal memory card slot on the Surface book/Surface Pro has helped solve this issue. If HX Edit is having trouble opening, it's a possible work-around.
  12. Like the title says, Windows 10 kept crashing multiple times today when I tried to record someting i Reaper. It just went to blue screen. VERY ANOYING. I´ve seen simular threads like this but without a fix. How do I fix this? I´ve reinstalled Line 6 drivers aswell as Windows for sound. No results. The pod HD500 is my only recording interface.
  13. Hello, hello. First posting on the forum, so yay. Too bad it's for an ugly, annoying issue: Using Windows 8.1, I'm consistently being stuck with a BSOD when recording / monitoring through Cubase. It happens at random, really. Sometimes I could be working for forty-five minutes to an hour or two, and other times I'll be slapped with that big, aggravating " :( " in a matter of minutes. The problem is always cited as "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED L6PODHD564.sys" Computer collects information to prevent data loss, blah blah blah... is supposed to restart automatically, but never does. I've looked around the web a bit before showing up, and apparently it's a driver conflict? There are known issues with Logitech webcams and the HD500 drivers, but having disconnected / disabled the webcam, I still run into frequent BSOD's. I've made sure all of my drivers are up-to-date, and I've checked all of m L6 stuff to make sure that it, too, is updated... but it's turning out to be pretty fruitless. And I am stumped. Anyone have anything that they could put forward to this? I realize that Cubase is really good at finding faults to crash on, and that Windows 8.1 is... pretty new, but my hope is that I'm overlooking a simple solution. Any help is appreciated! Note: I'm using a standard ACER Aspire E1-522-7843. Spec-sheet here:
  14. Was updating the firmware last night when my iPad suddenly crashed, went to the boot screen with the apple logo and restarted. Since then my amplifi has been a complete brick. When I turn it on all 4 tone lights flash continuously. If I try to restore the amp to factory settings, the lights all light up solid. I can't use anything, Bluetooth won't work, volume knob won't work, guitar won't work. Anyone have any suggestions?! Desperate here because I am supposed to record all day tomorrow.
  15. Just updated the Remote App on my iPhone 5s with latest iOS and it crashes on launch.
  16. HX Edit 2.51 crashes on my MacBook Pro 2012 running OS 10.8.5 whenever I turn on my Helix LT. This happened before I upgraded the LT to from firmware 2.30 to 2.50 and after I upgraded to 2.50. For you computer nerds (like me :) ) the crash report states that there was an uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException'. I was able to run the previous version on HX Edit just fine, and there is nothing stating that OS 10.8 is incompatible with HX Edit 2.51. Does anyone have a fix for this (without just stating to try uprading to a newer OS, please).... Thanks!!! P.S.: I upgraded to firmware 2.5 using Windows 7 on a Bootcamp installation, in case anyone is wondering.
  17. help!!!! i got my HX stomp set up happy abt the sound and staff updated Mac OS Mojave then my HX stomp is not working while its the USB interface of Logic Pro X Video: as shown in the video it keeps switching to tuner i can still hear sounds from logic coming out from HX stomp but i cant hear anything/ record anything via HX stomp as the interface... what should I do ........ HELP~~~~
  18. I'm having an issue with my POD HD500x in which when I open up my DAW (Ableton Live 9) configured to use the POD so I can record, it crashes my computer pretty much every time. The information on the blue screen tells me that it the error is: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_OR_LESS_EQUAL(l6podhd5se64.sys), so I think it may be a driver issue. However, I've updated everything on my POD again after doing a factory reset (USB Firmware, Flash memory, Drivers) and Monkey shows that it's all up to date, but this has not resolved anything. I've done pretty much everything I could with Monkey. I've also used memtest to check my ram in case that is the issue but I don't think it is. It still crashes every time, either after a bit of messing around or recording or editing, or it crashes immediately upon opening up another program, although sometimes the error is KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE. So pretty much I have been unable to use my POD to record anything and I don't know what the issue is or how to fix it. Searching the support knowledge base told me to uninstall the driver usbfilter.sys but my computer is not an AMD. The list of USB drivers I have in System32>Drivers is usbccgp.sys, usbcir.sys, usbd.sys, usbehci.sys, usbhub.sys, USBHUB3.SYS, usbohci.sys, usbport.sys, usbprint.sys, usbrmp.sys, SUBSTOR.SYS, usbuhci.sys, usbvideo.sys, USBXHCI.SYS. Thank you.
  19. Hey guys, Not sure if anyone has experienced this , but every time I have the Helix LT plugged into my computer (USB is plugged in order to use the HX editor, but device is actually running into my Daw through my saffire sound card) the Helix screen freezes and I have to restart it. It is rather annoying and it has meant that I have been unable to use the Helix to record (or just about anything) so any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  20. Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2016 OSX High Sierra Logic Pro X 10.4.1 Helix Edit 2.5.2 Helix Firmware 2.5.4 We had a problem with our Helix when all of a sudden it would crash when connected into a Logic Session. We discovered that it was tied to Logic's Control Surfaces when, in Logic, we selected "Logic Pro X-->Control Surfaces-->Bypass All Control Surfaces". This would allow the Helix to connect to the computer without crashing, but be unusable in Logic. We then found a Logic Pro forum post referencing how to reset the control surfaces preference. To do this, we Quit Logic. We went to "User Library (Finder-->Go-->[Hold Alt/Option] Library)-->Preferences" and deleted the file "" When we restarted Logic and connected the HELIX, everything was working again! Hope this helps others with our problem.
  21. mobile pod crash every time when i click "music", dose anyone has the same problem? device: sonic port vx and iPad
  22. Took delivery of a Firehawk FX yesterday and overall I am extremely impressed. However I am experiencing a lot of crashes with the app which is running on an iPhone 8 with the latest iOS (11.2.2) Every time it crashes (6 times in 2 days use) I have to wait for the pedal to finish syncing. I notice that the app hasn't been updated in 8 months, have Line 6 been neglecting it in the wake of Helix?
  23. I run Mixcraft 8 Pro on a PC (Win 10) and have the known issue that when switching presets a few times, Mixcraft crashes. I found that if I have the first setlist that opens in Native be the one I want to work in, AND if I have Native "off" when changing to a diff preset in that setlist, I can't crash it - I tried! Once I change to a diff setlist, it crashes after a very small number of times switching presets even with Native not active. I was skeptical of this, so I've tried it a couple days in a row, and it's consistent for me.
  24. I upgraded my mac to OS Sierra but now my Toneport UX8 doesn't work anymore. I have already updated drivers but still crash my mac. When a new drivers release will be available for download? Thanks and regards, Andrea
  25. Hello dear users, Do one of you know a proper way to unplug the Line 6 Pod Studio (UX2) from a Mac ? Because sometimes it cause a crash, and restart the computer. Thank you in advance !
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