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  1. Should I go with a Helix or Pod? Do they work with the FBV 3?
  2. Looking for rig setup advice or options for live performances. I play guitar in a tribute band (I play a Gibson SG or Fender Strat). Right now I have a Line 6 PowerCab and FBV 3 foot controller that I pair with an AmplfiTT for modeling. But I'm looking for recommendation for a better / more versatile option instead of the TT. Thanks
  3. I was wondering if the Amplifi-TT has the flexibility to model alternative tuning like Drop D (D A D G B E), or 1/2 down or open A, etc. I believe one of the presets is an octave down.
  4. Do you use a pre-amp with your Amplifi-TT to get better sound?
  5. Do I need a preamp if I'm connecting my Guild acoustic guitar with a Seymour Duncan soundhole pickup through a Amplifi TT to my Powercab? What speaker or other settings do you use?
  6. I had the unfortunate luck that my FBV3 Controller and PowerCab were damaged by a water leak in my home while I was away. Has anyone experienced water/liquid on their controller? You know like a beer at a gig? How waterproof are these controllers? Mine is currently drying out in the afternoon sun? Any advice for drying out the device? (like rice on a smartphone)? I have a gig next week. Any special test I should run? Thanks all!
  7. I've love experimenting with all my new Line 6 gear, but I'm having a simple problem (or user error :-P ). I'm trying to create a loop with my FBV3 board and the videos all look so simple. It appears that the "Function" switch on my footboard is not engaging. By that I mean when I press the Function switch the LED around the switch should light up in white or some other colors. It does not. I may be doing something wrong. but I don't think that I am. (Setup Guitar and FBV3 plugged into->AmplifiTT plugged into->PowerCab) Hopefully, it's something simple to fix/correct.
  8. I have the Amplifi-TT modeler and I just got the PowerCab 112. Together they are awesome! I want to connect it to my Marshall G50RCD Tube amp to the setup. Can anyone recommend the proper gear and connections to make this work?
  9. I spoke with the Support Team at Line 6. You need to connect the PowerCab to the Amplifi-TT Main Outs Left jack and NOT the Amp Out jack. Make sure you have the best sound and good balance (PowerCab Volume LED turning Yellow), press the Master Volume knob on the Amplifi-TT to activate its Secondary Function, then set your guitar level up as high as desired. The setup sounds awesome!
  10. Any answers on this community? Tonight I hooked up my new FBV3 to the Amplifi-TT to the PowerCab as it says in the instructions, but the volume was extremely low even with the volume on the PowerCab turned up to the max. My guitar is connected to the Amplifi TT. I must be doing something wrong. I'm going to search the internet, read the manual, etc. Do you have any videos or information to share on the subject?
  11. So does the FBV Express MKII work with the Amplifi TT? Similar to the opening post, I want us it to change banks on the Amplifi TT.
  12. I just got my TT a month ago and starting to work it out. I tried to DL Tones for a song in my music library and got the dreaded "Oops we've encountered and error: Invalid token" message. Then it disappeared. I get the same message when I try to do a tone search or switch between search and Now Playing. What do I need to do to get this going? Pretty frustrating.... I'm using an Android Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the latest OS update (March 1, 2020. And I have update the SW on my Amplifi TT to the latest version as well with the Line 6 updater tool on my W10 laptop.
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