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  1. fenderbenderlax

    Volume loss with Wah engaged

    Thanks a lot for the detailed reply...my bad but I'm using snapshots and not presets...my main snapshot is my rhythm tone and the lead tone just turns on the wah and delay.... The wah is my first pedal coming in and the delay is towards the end just before the reverb...I'm not using the delay in parallel...I did try out a couple of different wahs and somehow the volume just drowns in the mix...one solution I came up with was boosting about 7db in the output block...then it does stand out a bit...I have not tried the different pedal positions and how it sounds...will do that next...
  2. fenderbenderlax

    Using same FX loop in two independent paths

    Interesting idea...I will try that..I guess what you are suggesting is to start with path 1a) magnetic and path 1b) modeled pull path 1b into the main line and run the FX loop after...I will try that and report back...thanks guys
  3. fenderbenderlax

    Using same FX loop in two independent paths

    thanks Phil...makes complete sense...I guess I will have to use a modeled distortion then for one of the paths...
  4. fenderbenderlax

    Using same FX loop in two independent paths

    HI Folks, I'm plugging in a distortion pedal into FXloop 3 of the helix. I'm running two parallel paths with one path using the Variax magnetics and the other using the Variax modeled sounds and would like to place this distortion block in both paths. However, I'm only able to place the loop in one of the two paths. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks
  5. fenderbenderlax

    Volume loss with Wah engaged

    HI All, I noticed at practice last week that when I engage my solo preset (which engages a way and a delay), the sound thins out considerably and the solo is lost in the mix. I tried to compensate with a 6 db gain boost at the end of the chain but it did not make any difference. If I disengage the wah then the solo is cutting through the mix. Is there something on the Wah controls that I'm messing up? I usually use the Fassel wah in the default settings. Thanks
  6. fenderbenderlax

    Helix with Fishman Triple Play/Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 routine

    Good choice!! You should be pretty happy with it...
  7. fenderbenderlax

    Powercab with Tube Amp

    Thanks amsdenj...I'm still contemplating the Powercab (it is just so expensive) :-)...
  8. fenderbenderlax

    Channel switching blackstar ht 60 mkii

    I use a voodoo labs control switcher to switch channels on my amp...it is quite effective and gets the job done...you can control aspects of your amp through midi (the switcher has four jacks for relay signals)..
  9. fenderbenderlax

    Powercab with Tube Amp

    Hi All, I'm toying with the idea of getting a Powercab to go along with my helix. At present I'm running a pseudo two amp rig using a Tube amp into a traditional guitar cabinet and the helix modeled amp into a Headrush FRFR. It works fine although I'm not particularly pleased with the sounds from the Headrush. I was thinking of getting the Powercab 112 plus. I have a couple of questions though a) Can I connect my Tube amp into the Powercab using a load box. Specifically Amp out --> Captor Load box --> Line out (dry) from the captor into the Powercab for use with some of the speaker sims? b) Would the Powercab be a significant upgrade from the Headrush if I were to use it alone with the Helix (especially given the difference in headroom). Thanks
  10. fenderbenderlax

    HX effects, Loadbox and 4CM

    No sure why you would need that...if you are using an independent compressor pedal...you would do Guitar --> compressor --> HX FX guitar in. This would then mean that the compressor is applied to both paths...alternatively, if you are using the modeled compressors within the HX you would need to use a separate block... Actually there might be a simpler approach which should work even with one path...again I can do this in the Helix...I'm assuming this is possible with the HX as well... Path 1: Guitar in --> compressor --> drive --> gain block -->Modulation --> fx loop --> Delay ---> Reverb --> 1/4 inch out Now the gain block is just there for you to pull a separate path...if you drag the gain block down you will now be able to create separate path...put your IR in there and then delete the gain block ...output the to send 2... you will not need to duplicate any of the effects that you place before the FX loop in this case in the separate path...
  11. fenderbenderlax

    Problem : HX Effects Wet/Dry with an FX Loop

    How about this Create two separate paths on the HX with one dedicated to each path. Your cabling can be as follows Amp 1 - (the one you want to use the FX loop on) Cabling: Guitar in --> HX guitar input --> HX FX Send 1 --> Amp1 Guitar in --> Amp1 FX Loop Send --> HX FX Return 1--> HX Left Out --> Amp1 FX Return Path 1 in HX FX : Input guitar --> add pre FX loop effects -> FX loop 1 block --> Post loop effects --> Output to 1/4 inch Amp 2 - (Dry amp) Cabling: HX FX Loop Send 2 --> Amp2 Guitar in Path 2 in HX FX : Input Guitar --> drive pedals on HX --> Output to Send 2 on
  12. fenderbenderlax

    HX effects, Loadbox and 4CM

    I don't own a HX effects unit but I believe it supports Cabinet IR's (I might be totally wrong here)...but if it does then what you could do is send the line out from the Captor into a separate return and run it through a separate path...so basically this is what you would need to do Assuming the 4 CM method is used Step 1: Path 1 --> Dedicated for all effects pre and post loop as described by rd2k above Step 2: Run the line out from the Captor into a second return (I believe the HX FX has two FX loops) Step 3: Path 2 on HX FX --> input from Return 2 --> CAB IR --> Output to FOH. Hopefully this should work...
  13. fenderbenderlax

    Do controllers use up blocks?

    Nope...u can assign the parameter to an expression pedal but no need for a block...
  14. fenderbenderlax

    Drop tuning using Pitch Block

    thanks man...We use four different tunings...plus I have some whammy applications as well
  15. fenderbenderlax

    MIDI CC with Snapshots

    wow....thanks for the detailed walk through...it is super helpful...I will try it out either later today or tomorrow....seems like this is going to be painful to go through our 40 song setlist...wonder if there is an easier approach...not to mention, I'm currently only using the the midi out to control the amp switcher...but plan to take the midi out of the switcher into the midi in for the DigiTech Whammy DT and assign both Whammy and Pitch drop settings for presets as well...the fun is just starting...