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Spider V MkII Factory Presets list


The list can also be downloaded as a spreadsheet: Spider_V_PresetBundleMkII_2.0_Final.xlsx


    Preset Name Preset Label
Bank 01 A Clean Basics
  B Crunch Basics
  C Dirt Basics
  D Lead Basics
Bank 02 A Chorus Clean Clean Amps
  B Deluxe Clean Clean Amps
  C Cavernous Clean Clean Amps
  D Sparkle Clean Clean Amps
Bank 03 A Tweed Crunch Crunch Amps
  B Super O Crunch Crunch Amps
  C Vintage Crunch Crunch Amps
  D Cali Crunch Crunch Amps
Bank 04 A Chime A 15 Class A Amps
  B Top Boost Chime Class A Amps
  C Fawn Chime Class A Amps
  D Chieftan Chime Class A Amps
Bank 05 A Brit Plexi '45 British Amps
  B Brit J-800 British Amps
  C Brit J-900 Dist British Amps
  D British JTS  British Amps
Bank 06 A 90s SLO High Gain Amps
  B Angel P-Ball High Gain Amps
  C Brown High Gain Amps
  D Treadplate High Gain Amps
Bank 07 A Acoustic Sim Electric Guitar
  B Piezo Pickup Acoustic Guitar
  C Variax Acoustic Acoustic Guitar
  D Tube Preamp Acoustic Guitar
Bank 08 A Fuzz Box Line 6 Custom
  B Insane Line 6 Custom
  C Spinal Puppet Line 6 Custom
  D Chemical X Line 6 Custom
Bank 09 A Bayou Line 6 Custom
  B Throttle Line 6 Custom
  C Mood Line 6 Custom
  D Boutique Line 6 Custom
Bank 10 A FX: Phase Air FX 
  B FX: Rotary FX 
  C FX: Auto Wah FX 
  D FX: U-Vibe FX 
Bank 11 A Teen Spirit Songs
  B As You Are Songs
  C Everlong Songs
  D No One Knows Songs
Bank 12 A Day Tripper Songs
  B Fortunate Son Songs
  C Fire Woman Songs
  D Killer Queen Songs
Bank 13 A Barracuda Songs
  B Another Thing Songs
  C Motor City Songs
  D Wayward Son Songs
Bank 14 A Dream On Songs
  B Lights Songs
  C Little Wing (SRV) Songs
  D Peace of Mind Songs
Bank 15 A Jungle $lash Songs
  B Puppet Master Songs
  C Hangar 18 Songs
  D Cowboys From Heck Songs
Bank 16 A The Trooper Songs
  B Tom Sawyer Songs
  C Iron Man Songs
  D Smokey Waters Songs
Bank 17 A One Bourbon... Songs
  B Crossfire Songs
  C Just Got Paid Songs
  D Long Dist Blues Songs
Bank 18 A MSG In A Bottle Songs
  B Zqualung Songs
  C Sweet Home... Songs
  D Rising Sun Songs
Bank 19 A Pull Me Under Songs
  B Talkin Bout Love Songs
  C Surfing Alien Songs
  D Afterlife Songs
Bank 20 A Heartbreaker Songs
  B Say It Ain't So Songs
  C ParanoidAndroid Songs
  D Shiny Diamond Songs
Bank 21 A Chop Suey! Songs
  B You Were Here Songs
  C Octave Nation Songs
  D Sober Songs
Bank 22 A Thunder Clean Bill Kelliher
  B Burly Rhythm Bill Kelliher
  C Galaktikon Lead Brendon Small
  D Thunderhorse Brendon Small
Bank 23 A Canadian Clean Devin Townsend
  B Devy Metal Devin Townsend
  C Dynamic Seas Dustin Kensrue
  D Big Riff Dustin Kensrue
Bank 24 A Best Friends Girl Elliot Easton
  B What You Need Elliot Easton
  C Post Apocalypse Jade Puget
  D Post Punk Jade Puget
Bank 25 A Bowman Clean James Bowman
  B Bowman Dirty James Bowman
  C Obsidian Jeff Loomis
  D The Shining Jeff Loomis
Bank 26 A Pumpkinized Clean FX Jeff Schroeder
  B Pumpkinized Lead Jeff Schroeder
  C Monument Chunk John Browne
  D Dragonglass John Browne
Bank 27 A JS Clean Josh Smith
  B JS Lead Josh Smith
  C Dreamy Clean Lincoln Brewster
  D Linc Dirty Lincoln Brewster
Bank 28 A AC Nerdy Matt Scannell
  B Wicked Clean Matt Scannell
  C Ola Clean Ola Englund
  D Ola Lead Ola Englund
Bank 29 A Oz Clean Oz Noy
  B Oz Dirty Oz Noy
  C Ambient Acoustic Paul Richards
  D Acoustic Blues Paul Richards
Bank 30 A Fluff Deluxe Ryan "Fluff" Bruce
  B Fluff Big Chug Ryan "Fluff" Bruce
  C Clean Your Room Steve Pedulla
  D Dirt Street Steve Pedulla
Bank 31 A Dub-ya Push Stevic McKay
  B Sugar Skulls Stevic McKay
  C Low Rez Fred Vernon Reid
  D Plateu of Leng Vernon Reid
Bank 32 A User 1 Spider V MkII
  B User 2 Spider V MkII
  C User 3 Spider V MkII
  D User 4 Spider V MkII

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