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  1. Okay, I picked one up, and I'm really pleased with both my Torpedo CAB and acoustic...Thanks for your input SteveFrance.
  2. Hi all It's Been awhile. Just a quick question? I own a Torpedo CAB and I recently discovered some SIGMA acoustic guitar IRS. I was really considering purchasing a separate acoustic guitar amp for my acoustic, but then I got to looking at the Line6 Power CAB. I also have a few pre amp pedals which I use in conjunction with my torpedo CAB and they sound real good through my studio monitors. At low volumes, my acoustic also sounds decent using my Torpedo CAB and studio monitors, but it's hard to tell being the volume is low.. My train of thought was that by having a Powercab, I could use it for both electric and acoustic guitar situations when I play out. I really like the potential versatility. Does anyone here use or have used the Powercab as an acoustic guitar amp using IRS? .Your thoughts? Thanks ahead.
  3. Hey thanks for the input both of you...I'm off work for another few weeks, so it's experimentation time..I'll try straight in, as well as a created effects loop. In all reality, I'll only be running a few at a time anyways, so straight in may be the answer. Love that vision trick Brazzy!...This what's frustrating me a little bit. Having to strain my eyes down, and deep edit if I want to tweak...Nothing like having physical knobs..More tangible. Here's what I ended up purchasing Colonel http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/10812/Guitars/Accessories/Pedal_Train/Junior_Pedal_Board_with_Soft_Case.htm They really soak you for it though..At least up here...It includes all the Velcro tape to attach to rails, with lots left-over for the pedals themselves. As far as power supply, I just went with the boss pcm adapter and daisy chain...Now the daisy chain isn't long enough to fit all my pedals, so I may have to run 2 separate chains..Thankfully the Boss NS-2 which I bought has the option of feeding other pedals. Thank you Kiijji I'm too lazy to register and submit the idea, but maybe someone from Line 6 will read this..I really think that a more stripped down smaller unit with just amp and cabinet models may sell..It's so easy to scroll up and down to select just amps, and yes keep the effects loop in..All the Dsp can be dedicated to just amps..Not so much more amps, but improvements if possible...Keep the knobs on top..Volume, presence, master etc. and those "Fs" keys could be downsized to one row. There are a lot of people out there that hang onto their fave or boutique pedals that wouldn't mind plugging it in and keeping it simple..
  4. Had G.A.S and recently built up a full blown pedal board..My reasoning was that although I'm an HD 500 owner, I wanted a more simple set-up to travel with to go with my combo amp for quick weekend jams...What turned out to be a simple little set up became well you know the story.. Anyways, I love the easy tweak ability of external effects, and I'm entertaining the idea of creating a set list of just amp models. Is it a matter of just creating an effects loop in hd edit? Would you use the effects loop on the 500 for modulation only, and still run the overdrive/dist. etc. in front of the pod like a traditional amp? I know I'm being a little ridiculous, but my eye sight is starting to slip, and in a dark rehearsal space I'm missing those knobbies on real pedals.The pod is great, but it's missing that tweaking on the fly cabability IMO. Say what you want about deep editing. I may make a suggestion to Line 6...how about a stripped down unit with pure amp models only?..They can focus all their dsp on crisp tones, and let people plug their own effects into them.
  5. Are you sure Coleco, not Yamaha bought out Line 6?..This should make the Sears catalogue Wish list Christmas toy edition sandwiched between the Mattel line and Barbie dolls. On behalf of serious musicians everywhere, a big thumbs down.
  6. Okay, so at one point after one of the past updates, my Variax 500 stopped working through the digital cable (forget the update number)..As a result I couldn't get into workbench through my pod 500..All this time I thought it was my guitar, so I finally brought it in and the tech could not find anything wrong with the guitar..The cable is fine as well as the guitar, so he asked me to bring in my pod which I haven't done yet....After reading this thread, I'm just wondering if a re-flash of my pod and the latest update will fix this...I thought I read that this was one of the issues they addressed with this.Again, all this time I thought it was my guitar, but fingers crossed it could very well be some buggy thing with the pod.. This also gets me thinking...Are we really there yet with the technology? I realize that the variax 500 is getting old now, but is the technology just seems too un-stable and buggy to be relied on?..I equate this to when cars first started having computers, and sensors.All the problems people had before it was ironed out..Anyways, that's a different subject...As far as new amp models go, I just can't think of anything other than mybe some sort of real clean for acoustic plug in perhaps..We have enough amps...Maybe a model pack that people can purchase.Focus on the imrovements to what we already have (e.q's, bug fixes,etc.). L-6 don't owe new models to us for free.
  7. sloppyfingers


    I'm only speaking for myself, but about 9 years ago I got this shiny thing called "Guitar Port"..It was the kewlest thing ever..I still have it, and it doesn't owe me a cent..1Close to 20 years ago I remember thinking that one day we'll be able to have effects run from our computers (i believe it was already happening then).I never dreamt that this new technology called amp modelling will be on our pc's exceeding my dreams of running effecs. Fast forward to today, and I swear i can run 5 guitarists out of my apartment if i include my home stereo system as one of the power sources for said modelling devices. I have the basic gearbox, and now Jam vox software.Basically through Guitar Port, I now have the option of running Gear box or Jam vox. On my i pod touch I have I -rig, and now that my wife bought me an I pad mini, I had to go out and buy the latest.I -rig Hd to run amplitube on it. I upgraded my pod xt to the hd 500 about three years ago, and to really truth be told my Marshall combo is good enough on it's own without running modellers in front of it. Why would I model a Marshall into a Marshall anyways..My hd 500 does sound great with my 4x12 and marshall rack power amp though. Look I'm not bragging about my gear..it's actually a lil sad that i buy into the latest and greatest shiny gadgets that come out (it is fun though !). The point is that I personally will not be trading in my hd 500 for the 500x.I don't run duel amps..The 500 has enough processing power for me. I spent two weeks this past winter finally programming this thing properly. At some point we have to say "screw it" and stick to what we got until it dies. Yes I'm trying to convince myself and resist the urge, but I'm sure that this is it as far as amplication goes for me..knowing my nature, I'm surprised that I'm not all over the 500x..I must of been cured finally! The pod hd 500 is a great unit, so why change up? Rambling on now over
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