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  1. The proof is in the completely average tones in the demo videos so far, lol. Everyone's got different ears, I don't hear anything to suggest this is worth the cost outside the ability to run four signal chains. Modelers are pretty much as real as real gets without having tubes and speaker cabs, from Mooer to Fractal. If NDSP wants to wow people, show what you can do with all that power besides stock rock tones with a little delay.
  2. Aww, I just read no momentary switches....LAME
  3. I 100% have better things to do when I'm not at work (which is the only place I'm in front of a computer with enough time to even visit these forums) than prove to strangers on the internet things I already know to be true. Literally any modeling device of the last 6-7 years could pull those tone with a comparable cab model/IR.
  4. That video really just sounds ok. I wanna see what kind of cool stuff you can do with four DSP cores, how the switching setup works, what a four amp rig sounds like, what it can do with an expression pedal connected. So far all the demos have been tones similar to what one can pull from a Firehawk FX with some IRs after it, minimal FX (and nothing unique or all that powerful considering what they're advertising for processing power), and the screen looks slow compared to even budget cell phones. Should have stuck with the crazy ad hype train and waited until there was more to the software to start showing it off at trade shows and doing audio demos.
  5. 1 post on a modeling user forum (brand-endorsed, no less) saying "Grrr, modeling is confusing and I love my tube amps."......
  6. Are the four "pick your own" blocks freely configurable in the signal chain?
  7. You could update it easily to a djent band name . . . "Nebula Cortex Thunder"...and now you're a prog-core band!
  8. Besides the "smaller than LT, bigger than stomp" form factor so many people have been asking for, plus a built-in expression pedal, plus app editing, plus third-party IR loading outside the direct HX line.... This is going to replace my FHFX as a backup as long as they made the signal chain freely configurable. I'm still mad that some smart guy made the comp block on the Firehawk permanently stuck behind the amp model, which makes no sense for live use.
  9. That video was really lame, it seems like most of the device only exists as a programmed VST-type thing on a computer at the moment. I wouldn't expect him to know much about FX outside amps, compression, and distortion, though, being a BASSIST and all. There isn't even a real FX/Amp model list, and judging from the video those things are not even close to finished. I was a lot more excited about he possibilities when I was thought that the Archetype plugins were gonna be included. If this does well I see dual-pedal-sized "Cortex Artist" pedals loaded with the VST suites, so maybe smart in marketing, though. I already have enough ITB guitar processing stuff, and buying a $100-$200 add-on for a $1600 pedal is a freaking joke. "Biomimetic" sounds about on par with L6's advertising campaign for Amplifi, lol.... "The Guitar amp Reinvented" or whatever the hell it was.
  10. As an experiment, try jamming some foam under the strings between the bridge and the tailpiece and behind the nut. If that doesn't cure it, it's most likely a loose pickup mount screw/spring.
  11. Stay late after practice so you can use the rehearsal room. I wouldn't trust software to estimate FM adjustments, because the adjustments will be based on the hardware you're using and the tones/EQ shape you're going for.
  12. To get away with selling a mono IEM system they'd have to price it well below what the G10S sells for. Most people are going to want a stereo option, even if they never use. IMO wireless needs to move away from 2.4GHz anyways, as that band is loaded as it is. I can't even use my G30 system live anymore unless we're playing in a basement or something. Every venue I've tried to use it in the last year and half or so, as soon as there's more than 25-30 people in there I get interference like crazy between venue wi fi and all the cell phones.
  13. I've always been of the mindset that no matter what amp I'm playing through, there's really only three cabs I'd want. Marshall 1960 slant, Mesa OS, or a Vader 4x12. As long as I can find IR packs that make good use of one of those cabs, it's usually a pretty quick process. There definitely is the ability to get sucked into that rabbit hole, especially if you're chasing down album tones, or you want every song in a covers set to be nearly identical to the original recording, or you're not familiar with the gear being used in the IR. It's probably easier for me because I almost exclusively play original music, in two closely-tied styles. I tend to treat my IRs/cabs like a fixed piece of the chain, so when I find something I like I will build my tones to get what I want out of the cab, instead of find a cab/mic combo to get me the sound I'm after. For my use, I find IRs to be much quicker, and much better sounding, but mostly because of the lack of cone/edge distance parameter (and its harder to get a mix of them into one block to save on routing/DSP so I can stay on one preset all night).
  14. The cabs are "fine", but without a cone/edge distance parameter, the only way to get really satisfying tones for me is either mixing two cabs and messing with mics for 20 minutes, or just grabbing an ML Soundlabs IR of the cab or cabs I like and dropping it in, maybe setting the low cut, and bam, there it is.
  15. I've seen too many other performers try to bring new gear/setups on stage without the full rehearsal workup and it almost always ends badly. From what I've experienced, even "pros" don't spend as much time trying to eliminate issues before they arise as myself (and now my bandmates, because I'm not dealing with their BS at sound check either). I don't even use a new patch live until I've run it at live volumes in rehearsal at least 3-4 times just to make sure all the switching is right, all the routing is right, etc. I feel like that's not a common approach though, and given the nonchalance of most musicians I've met, I can almost guarantee it, lol.
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