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  1. You might try "The Line 6 MIDI MAD SCIENTIST CLUB" on Facebook. I just joined and haven't explored it yet. I'll stay in touch. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1149598418555545/
  2. I haven't had the chance to try it yet.
  3. Mine just died for no reason. One day it wound not power on at all. Did all the troubleshooting I could without opening it up. Wish I knew what caused this. It has never been moved and I have used it the same way since it was purchased. Still waiting for service center to open up from Covid-19. Line 6 sent me a loner just as every thing was shut down.
  4. Will USB midi work from Ipad Pro to Helix? Then midi cable to VL3? Or is integrating Ipad a different animal?
  5. I too have a Helix and VL3 and am interested in options for having them work together.
  6. Please let me know which out you get. I to want to purchase one. Thanks.
  7. I did something really stupid by putting in a longer screw for Schaller Security Strap Locks without checking how the PCB board was situated. I bought the guitar used so I don't believe Line 6 would warranty this type of repair. Any advice on repair or replacement of the PCB Board would be greatly appreciated. Pictures are posted on the Line 6 facebook page. I couldn't get them to post here. Line 6 James Tyler Variax JTV-89F Main PCB - 35-00-0320 G11 Rev. C The screw damaged the FET on the board. Does anyone know the FET part number?
  8. Filled mine out. Commented as extensively as space provided. Hope this is a sign of improvements to come.
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