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  1. I’m glad no gigs are happening right now, but I do use this for studio work a couple times a week at least. I hope they can send me a in it ASAP, even if it’s a loaner, so I can get back and running ASAP.
  2. I got it from a friend in a trade. He bought it last year and only used it twice (wasn’t his cup of tea). He provided me the original receipt and I registered the hardware on my line6 account. It says I have basic warranty for a couple years.
  3. So randomly today, my Helix will not power on. I turned it on and the usual Helix splash screen came up, and then a few seconds later it looked all warped/glitchy, and then there was nothing but a blank screen (see pic attached). I just got this/registered it in February and opened a support ticket. Anyone else have the same issue or anything similar? I realllly don't want to have to buy another one, and hope Line6 can fix/replace this unit! -Andrew
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