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  1. The hope is that others will take the survey. If I was Walter Matthau, I'd throw a dead fish in the back seat of cruisinon2's car. :-)
  2. Indianrock2020

    3sigma electric impulses- anyone tried them?

    LOL. I doubt the PA front of house speakers where I play are doing the Helix justice. That and volunteer sound techs keeping your buried in the mix.
  3. Indianrock2020

    3sigma electric impulses- anyone tried them?

    So far I only bought the PRS and LP IRs to use with my Strat. I might get the Strat IRs to see if it improves my James Tyler Variax JTV59 through the Helix when going for a "strattier" sound. But yes, there's just no substitute for hearing your gear and setting up your patches at gig volume.
  4. I just completed this survey. They asked many questions about pros, cons and things we'd like to see.
  5. Indianrock2020

    3sigma electric impulses- anyone tried them?

    For a live mix, I couldn't tell enough difference between Andy's humbucker, sigma IR or split humbucker to worry about. I had the split functionality on a Carvin AE185 I used to own and never thought it matched what my 74 strat produced. There's more to the sound than just the pickups ( maple neck etc etc ) In my case, today, I'm actually going the other way, using the Sigma PRS and Les Paul IRs to fatten up the tone on my strat. As far as my JTV59 variax --- great guitar and so flexible with the Helix ---- but still doesn't nail the strat tone 100%
  6. Indianrock2020

    3sigma electric impulses- anyone tried them?

    "split" ??
  7. Indianrock2020

    Helix total control of Variax

    New Features (Firmware 2.80) Not out yet. Variax String Level—Helix can now remotely adjust the level of each guitar string on a connected Variax independently. From the Input > Multi or Input > Variax block, press PAGE > three times and turn Knobs 1-6 to adjust each string’s level. Just like with any amp, cab, or effect, String Level can be quickly assigned to footswitches, expression pedals, or even Snapshots. "Wait. You mean I can assign the expression pedal to swell in the volume of strings 3, 4, 5, and 6? And I can turn down the top two strings for the verse (Snapshot 1) and bring them back in for the chorus (Snapshot 2)? And if the high E is too shrill I can back its volume down to 82%?" Yes.
  8. Indianrock2020

    3sigma electric impulses- anyone tried them?

    As far as I know you use 48 khz for Helix https://www.celestionplus.com/ir-instructions/
  9. Indianrock2020

    3sigma electric impulses- anyone tried them?

    Here's how I'm using those 3 sigma guitar impulses. The 3 sigma IR is the first thing in path A. The IR in path B is a cab IR.
  10. Indianrock2020

    3sigma electric impulses- anyone tried them?

    Just now seeing this. So you can use this towards the front of your signal chain/patch and also have cab IRs after the amp? I'm interested in ( occasionally ) beefing up the tone from my partscaster with Lace Sensor Gold pickups. Not sure if I want more of a P90s "beef" or a humbucker's but guess I'd need both the PRS and Les Paul electric impulses from 3 Sigma.
  11. Indianrock2020

    USB Audio Player for Android

    I tested the Helix and Android phone into a dual input direct box. It worked. Would a small powered mixer on stage work better ---- no doubt, but the arrangement in the photo needs to external power. From the developer of that USB driver for Android: "Unless someone send us a Helix, then I don't think so. We have too few customers with a Helix to go out and buy one. Looking at the forums, the Helix is also not perfect with iOS." In my limited experience with an Iphone and the Apple camera kit, it works.
  12. Indianrock2020

    USB Audio Player for Android

    Actually I already have this so just need a passive ( preferably ) direct box that takes a 1/4 ( helix ) and XLR input and combines them. Or I could start using the Helix XLR out since we never run phantom on my channel.
  13. Indianrock2020

    USB Audio Player for Android

    And yet, on IOS it works. There must be a device that could be substituted for a direct box that would pass the Helix output to FOH AND allow a phone to play music via a 1/8 ( 3.5 mm ) cable. This is really all I'm trying to accomplish during rehearsal occasionally.
  14. Indianrock2020

    USB Audio Player for Android

    Got excited about this for Android audio to Helix over usb, then read the list of unsupported devices. :-) That's not the only audio situation where Android let me down. I had even bought a refurbished Iphone and camera kit to use just for this purpose, but it wasn't from a reputable dealer and the touchscreen just went south. I know there is a solution using various send return jacks but after buying the needed cables, decided it was too much trouble.:-) Ba http://www.extreamsd.com/index.php/technology/usb-audio-driver?fbclid=IwAR2a8HCeYw6Yi91wWdyhRbEvZTx5NUxwcBdLtS5Fi6ekxFEX1JTH2mofBPg
  15. I'll just have to test as we don't know exactly what the programming in the Helix is doing. This is beginning to remind me of another issue where as compression ( and drive? ) go up, the tonal differences between models/amps etc seem to go down (using JTV59 with Helix ). It's possible that with 100% string volume, and lately +3 db on each model's preset volume, followed by a leading compressor in each Helix patch, that I'm over compressing before the signal even reaches the amp.