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  1. Doesn't take much of a bump when the actual contacts at the guitar end of the cable can move when the Jack housing is not moving. Maybe I just imagined the whole thing. :-)
  2. The VDI cable disconnect issue: I think I may have found the issue here. The cables I bought don't have the shrink tubing ( sweetwater vdi cable ). Mine both have a black knurled "nut" shown by the red arrows and if those aren't tight, the jack inside can move in an out. This may have been causing my disconnects if the cable was bumped in that area.
  3. Something odd today: I have a Helix patch where the custom tuning is the same for all snapshots ( each string set one semi-tone up). Today in one snapshot it was playing correctly, but in another the tuning appeared to be standard despite the patch showing "custom" with +1 on all strings. When the patch is dictating which guitar and tuning the variax should produce, does it matter where the alt tuning knob on the guitar is set ( Model, Standard , etc ) ? Flipping that knob ( can't remember now if it was to model or standard ) fixed the issue.
  4. Made a change to Custom 1-4 in workbench, but it has no volume in the helix patch... oddly it works in another patch ...I suppose I just need to shut everything down and probably run workbench or Helix edit not both at the same time ... Strat body with P90 Bridge pickup??? Restarted Helix, still no volume on that model
  5. Indianrock2020

    Max VDI cable length

    I'm just going to try the 25 footer I've been using over the last year. It will get me 10 ft out in front of the stage anyway -- good enough to see if the sound techs are toasting my tones.
  6. Indianrock2020

    Patch for Gibson 335

    I can certainly try some different cabs, but I used those with similar amps for two years and it worked well for modern church music, which is where the owner is using his 335. When he flips to the bridge pickup it's pretty good--- he just won't stay there :-) Our tones go from clean to medium crunch, rarely anything more aggressive and I set the patches up that way.
  7. Indianrock2020

    Patch for Gibson 335

    Sold my 500x and created two patches for the new user. He plays a Gibson 335 and usually insists on using the neck pickup. Just wondering if there is anything about that particular guitar type that I would need to take into account when choose amp models, mics and cabs??? Not sure where he runs his tone pots. I tested the patches with my James Tyler Variax 59 using the onboard humbuckers, thinking I could get close to what he needed that way. The patches were dual amp -- the one he tested was using the AC30 TB and a Marshall Pre amp . The two cab/mic combinations in use were as shown below ( Meambobbo's favorite ) . Other than that nothing weird about the patch but even with the bass on the two amps roledl to zero, and low cut on the cabs pushed up a bit, his tone was too bassy to cut through a band mix. Treble, cut and presence were tried at 5-7. I got him to try the bridge pickup briefly, which of course was much better, but he won't stick with that. The patch had the basic "overdrive" and the tube driver assigned to a couple of footswitches. Those sound poor ( flubby ) on the neck pickup also. Uber V-30 4x12 57 on axis XXL 4x12 121 Ribbon
  8. Indianrock2020

    Max VDI cable length

    Three comments on this from over on Facebook: The power isn't converted to digital.. I think you can power web cameras and such over Cat-5 for a good long length. 25 feet is the documented limit. Although it’s the same cable as Ethernet it is not a network protocol. They use 4 pair of wire, one for variax, one for mags, one for power, one for control messages ^what Ron said. Using twisted pair cable and RJ45 connectors does not automatically mean it’s a computer network protocol. Many non-LAN compatible devices use Cat5/5e/6 cabling and RJ45 connections. (For example, cue monitor systems.) In the IT world 300’ before any loss, even with POE
  9. Indianrock2020

    Max VDI cable length

    Thanks Cruisinon
  10. I have two 25-foot VDI cables from Amazon, but was thinking of getting a longer one ( 50 ft ) for the rare times I want to wander off the stage out into the room to see how I'm doing in the band mix at rehearsal. I only run VDI and use the JTV/Helix functionality so never use a 1/4 inch cable and wireless isn't an option. How long can such cables be before you lose signal quality.? I guess the question is whether the VDI cable is only carrying digital signals --- so JTV converts analog to digital on the way to the Helix and vice versa https://btpa.com/98-030-004-XXX.html
  11. Indianrock2020

    VDI Cable jack disconnects

    When you set a jtv59 on a guitar stand it's difficult to avoid having the cable move around within a few inches of the jack.... 95% of the time this is not been a problem but it is disconcerting because that connection is critical , especially when you're Helix patches have a lot of variax specific programming
  12. I have two of these to use with my JTV59 and Helix. The only issue has been that if bumped, the cable end that plugs into the guitar can lose connection. Usually I just push it slightly in and all is well, but I'm not sure if the cable jack design doesn't exactly fit the JTV socket or what. Everything has been babied with maybe an hour of guitar use per week since I bought it a year ago. Line 6 Variax Digital Interface Cable https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000JLMXSC/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Indianrock2020

    Helix Bug Reports

    That worked
  14. Indianrock2020

    Helix Bug Reports

    The new HX Edit seems to have an issue -- you can export the current setlist but not from the File menu -- it's greyed out. You can do it from the section that says Setlists Import Export
  15. Indianrock2020

    Tremelo rate controlled by expression pedal

    auto-bypass ?